I Got An Extra Special Preview
I'm Tina, and I'm a frequent movie goer. I'm 25, I have brown hair, and B-cup boobs. I like to go to this movie theater out by the mall, and I've seen probably over 300 movies there, including the movie 300. Anyway, I usually see movies alone, but I rarely see one with a girlfriend. In April 2013, Tom Cruise starred in a movie called Oblivion. It was one I had been looking forward to, so I made sure to buy my ticket in advance. I showed up early, and got my movie snacks. In that particular cinema, all the theaters had stadium seating, so there wasn't a bad seat in the place. I went into the theater, and I was the first one there. So, I had my choice of every single seat there. I liked being up towards the top, I don't know why, it just always worked for me. I went up there, to the second to the last row and sat down.

"What a great seat," I said.

The early movie show began, and a few other people started to show up. I was a little disappointed, because I just liked having the theater mostly to myself. Just before the movie actually started, a couple holding hands came in. They appeared to be in their twenties, and they started walking towards me. They came all the up to the very last row, and they sat down, just as the lights went out. The movie began, and I really took a liking into the movie right away. About 30 minutes into the movie, I heard a noise. It sounded like something fell onto the floor, so I dismissed it. At the 50 minute mark, I decided to go up to the last row. The couple was towards the end, so I didn't think I'd bother them at the other end. I took a brief look over at them, and they seemed to be close.

I was guessing they were boyfriend and girlfriend, so I didn't think anything of it. Time went on, and I just really liked the movie. I might have been biased, because I'm a huge Tom Cruise fan. Anyway, about twenty minutes later, I heard something that sounded like a moan. I was clueless about that completely, so I looked around. I looked down a bit, and I realized something. People in the front couldn't see the people in the back at all, unless they actually turned their heads. So people like myself, or the couple, could strip if we wanted to, and the other people would have no idea. Not that I thought about stripping though. A minute later, I heard something that sounded like a moan again.

"What the hell was that?" I asked myself.

That was when I looked over towards the couple, and I found out where the moans were coming from. They coming from the guy's mouth, because his girlfriend's lips were around his cock. I assumed that they had no idea that I moved up to that row with them, why else would they think having oral was a good idea? She was on his right, so I could actually see her going up and down, as she sucked on his cock. At first I was mad, because the movie theater wasn't a hotel room, it was for movie goers. Although honestly, I understood it, I thought it was a little adventurous to have sex in public. The lights were out, so I couldn't get the best picture, but it was still a sight to see.

I felt my panties getting a little wet, and I almost envied them. I never did anything like that in public, they obviously had some guts. After watching for about five minutes, I had to put my right hand down into my panties. I had watched porn a few select times, but watching them was so much better. She was going up and down on his cock really quickly. I couldn't ask them to tell me how long his cock was, but it seemed like it was a good nine inches at least. I saw the man reached over towards the bottom of her shirt, and he took it off her. Again, I didn't have the best view, but it looked like she had a solid C-cup rack.

"Oh, yeah," I said slowly, but quietly.

By then, my eyes were completely off Tom Cruise, and completely on them. I saw his face, and I knew that face, he was about to cum. She took her mouth off his cock, and put her right hand on it. She stroked it quickly, until he came like a water fountain you see in the park. Her face was drenched, but she still put her lips onto his. They kissed for about five minutes, as she continued to stroke his cock slowly. So, it appeared that they were not done. How they did not notice me sitting about forty feet away, I'll never know. Then lucky for me, she took off her bra.

"Oh, she's letting the twins out," I said quietly.

Her bra fell to the floor, and she got onto her knees on the floor too. She pulled his pants forward, down to his ankles. His cock still appeared to be very erect, as she leaned towards him. He held his cock at the base, and she put her boobs around his cock. Oh, they weren't just gutsy, they were nuts. She began leaning back and fourth, letting his cock rub on her boobs in the process. He was one lucky dude, to have his woman do that for him in public. Obviously, that felt really good when she did that, he let something a little loud slip out.

"Oh, I fucking love it when you titty fuck me," The man said.

I imagined he did, judging from the look on his face. She went up and down numerous times, and I heard them both release some moans. They must have been buried, because they were trying to keep a low profile, but then I couldn't hold in my moans either.

"Shit," I said as I moaned.

I thought they might have heard me, but she kept going. I was sticking my fingers really deep into my pussy, and then I couldn't hold back.

"Oh, fuck," I said slowly.

It was so hard to not scream that, but I came quite a bit and my hand and panties were drenched. I even got the chair a little bit too. Somehow, they just kept going. She got up, and stood in front of him. She began undoing her shorts, and then turned around. Too bad the other people didn't turned around, they could have seen some tits. She slowly pushed down her shorts and panties, and he leaned towards her. He began licking and kissing her butt, as he was stroking his cock with his right hand.

"Oh, sit on his cock already, lady. Do it now," I said softly.

As if she heard me, she did just that. I heard her let out a nice moan, I guess his cock was a lot to take in her pussy. She let the cock go down all the way, and she laid back with him. He put her hands onto her nice rack, and they just stayed still. It was odd to me, they were having sex in public, and then they just wanted to cuddle? Well, either way, my fingers found their between my pussy lips again.

"Oh, this is so damn hot," I said softly.

She began to bounce up and down a little bit. That was what I was waiting for, I wanted to see her ride him. He moved his hands over onto her hips, and it made the entire row shake. By then, they either were just in their own world completely, or they were daring me to say something. Either way, my eyes were glued to them. It appeared it took some strength on his end, but he didn't seem to mind. I heard both of them let out some very small moans, and before long, I just could not take it anymore. Even after just masturbating again, for about three minutes, I came again.

"Shit!" I screamed softly.

I came for the second time to the couple having sex, and it looked like they were about to arrive at their breaking point too. She quickly got off him, and let him cum all over her face. She was one lucky chick, and I envied both of them. She wiped her face off just as the lights came on. They both had to hurry to get dressed. Once they were dressed, they looked over at me. Both of their faces were bright red, but I didn't say a word. They obviously knew I saw the whole thing. They just slowly looked away, and began walking towards the exit. I was disappointed I missed most of the movie, but seeing another couple have sex in public was a rare opportunity. I think they knew I wasn't going to turn them in, because they knew I liked what I saw. They walked out of theater before I even got up. Voyeurism wasn't a hobby of mine, but after seeing that, I'd definitely consider making it one. I of course had to pay to see the movie again, but now when I see movies, I'm gonna be on the lookout to see if couples are actually cuddling.
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