I Got The One Watching
****Sequal to "I Want The One Watching" This is a romantic segue, please don't rate down or comment because of the lack of sex, I promise the next one will deliver****

I got the paper with his number on it and couldn't help but think about him watching. He looked like a kid peering into a bakery window. We both wanted each other now. I put it on my table and go head to the shower. The cool water felt so good on my sticky hot body. Twenty minutes standing in there just scrubbing with my orangey scented alufa and I feel ready to go to bed. After cleaning up a bit, I finally get in bed and sleep into the late morning.

As I make my way down the hall, I see the paper sitting there and wonder when I will want to call. I just stick with my routine of lunch, tv, this and that then going outside to tend to my small garden. I dress in my tank top and comfy capris that are form fitting yet breathable, little flats and a cute hat. My tools already out there. I get to work trimming a bit and pulling some weeds, then i hear a little clunk on the fence behind me. I turn around to see Tom standing there with a smirk on his face. "What?" I ask and make my way over to the fence. "Just looking at those fffffflowers." "mhm flowers...." I laugh at hi sligh lying sarcasm. It's not enough he's pretty cute and single, but smart too. Should have gotten to know him sooner. We get to chatting about music, movies, and other generalities of life. To my surprise, we had about %95 in common. We stop talking and he casually looks at me and says, "Care to go on a little date sometime?" "sure!" I say. "When did you have in mind?" "How is this Friday let's say.... 6-ish my place?" "hmmm that will work." He nods and we both go back to our work. He will have something very nice and romantic planned I'm sure.

The rest of the week we went to work and then called each other a few minutes here and there then Friday finally came. I get ready in a nice shirt vee neck not too low, but low enough to keep his interest with some lace and a brooch at the mid bust with semi dressy skirt. I headed over and wrung the doorbell. He flings the door open gives me a little whistle and a big flirty hug. We go back into the kitchen and I lean up against the counter talking. Tom is busy at work with our meal sweating and turning me on. I watch him sprinkle the spices and moving the pots and start to help set the table. He walks by and "accidentally" brushes my behind. I keep setting up then sit down as he serves me. He serves himself and sits down next to me. He makes this amazing looking chicken and some potatoes, and something else I couldn't identify. We eat and talk just laughing and enjoying each others' company. After we finish he tells me to go sit on the sofa and he will clean up. I go over and turn the tv on tossing off my shoes just flipping until he gets there.

He turns on a movie and plops right next to me on the big comfy sofa. All during the film we comment and laugh. His hand makes it's way around my shoulder and down the rest of my arm and my head finds it's way into his chest. I eventually lay back and feel his breath on the top of my head. I have been sour on relationships but this is just so comfortable and worthy. He wraps his hands around my tummy and lays his head on my shoulder. We finish the movie ans just sit there a minute. He looks at me and kisses me lightly. His hands trace the hes of my skirt which I expected him to get into, but he is playing his cards right. I kiss him back, then get up and walk home.
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