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Tom and I have been dating for some time now casually and now I felt ready for him. He arranged for a car to come pick me up at promptly 6:30. It took me 2 hours to decided what to wear from my jewelry, to my dress, to my heels. I figured with a car coming we are going somewhere that required extra care in my choice of clothing. I chose a mid thigh length sapphire blue dress that had thick straps with a low square neckline, black 4 inch heels with a large jewel, and simple silver small bangles with a small necklace.

I hear the car pull up and I snag my purse ans fly out the door. He steps out and grabs me, kisses me for a minute, then escorts me to our seat in the back of the beautiful large sedan. Our driver greets us and proceeds to get us to the restaurant. I have never been to this place before so I am excited and can't wait to see what the hooplah is all about. We sit there talking and just looking around as we get to the downtown historic area. Suddenly, we pull up to one of the hottest japanese restaurants in town. "Are you serious? we're going here?!" I exclaim. "Yep.... the best sushi around, and very romantic wink wink!" He's so funny I think. We go in and he has our reservation in the little showroom area where we are all around the sushi prep area at a bar-like table. He sits me down, scoots me in, and sits next to me.

We order and chat with some other people at the table too until it is ready. Once the food was delivered, it was gorgeous. I knew I just had to try it. I dip a little in the soy sauce and Tom laughs as the other half falls apart on my plate once I bit into and and takes his napkin shoving it jokingly into my dress looking like a bib. We laugh and hold hands during the meal occasionally feeding each other a piece. I was sitting through the meal almost forgetting how bad I wanted him from the gentle music playing and the nice constantly entertaining conversation.

Once he pays, he calls our driver and we are picked up. Tom opens his mouth to say go back to his place, and I say,"back to my home please." Tom glances at me with a curious enjoyment and just says,"ok." As we are driving back I start kissing him with my hands wrapped around his neck. I slide my leg over his and very slowly grind as he holds it in place at my knee. I'm enjoying viciously biting his tongue and smooching. It seems like no time at all before we get home and I fix my dress to get out. We tip the driver and go inside. We both sit down on the couch and resume with the making out. I position myself back onto his leg as he leans back and gets comfortable giving me more to work with. My hands make their way to his belt and start to play with the loops. He stops and looks at me making his way down to my chest. I say,"I think I want to go take a little shower." He says he will wait and I lean into his ear and whisper,"You know, I am leaving the door wide open, and the curtain too. Just in case you want to join in." He leans his head back and gives a little "whew" then tells me to go for it.

I head off to the bathroom and start undressing. I get my jewelry and shoes off and hear a little creak. I see him in the mirror but he doesn't see me so I decided to taunt him. I slowly unzip and slip the dress down the hang it up on a hook. I go to my bra hooks and pop them one by one keeping my back to him the whole time. My little voyeur thinks he's soooo sneaky, so I will be sneaky too. I slip my panties off and toss them aside with my foot, then slide back the curtain and step in. As I slide it halfway, I look at him looking around at the decor and turn on the water. I make it fairly warm and then turn on the sound effects. I give little moan of satisfaction as the water runs down. Then I start humming as I lather up my hair and grab the alufa.... show time. I look back at him again and he tries to act sheepish as a joke and I stand there absolutely uncovered by the curtain and squirt some of my light citrus body wash on the fluffy alufa and squish it up. I look at him as he locks in my glaze and put in on my shoulders. I go shoulder to shoulder and my neck and he groans like he is saying, "oh come on!" in his head. I had my fun and then make my way down. One hand soaps up and the other one rubs it in circles. I get to my hips and turn some so he can see everything all wet and whitish. He starts to unzip his pants and I see him take his cock out between the flaps of his boxers and pants. I keep up my little rubbing and put both legs up. Each one gets soapy from my ankle to a lip, then the other ankle up. He starts stroking and I rinse out my hair making sure the water rinses off only my hair and back. He walks up to my tub and puts his hand out with three fingers starting at my neck and ever so gently making their way down to one breast. He rubs it up and down giving little pinch here and there then moves down to my hip. I let him rub around a little bit more on my slippery body, then hold his hand as I get down into the tub. I grab his cock and bring him closer toward me. I pull his pants and underwear down around his thighs and give it a little rub before I put it in my mouth. I look up at him as I bob him in ans out. He loves me boldly looking him in the eye as I prime myself to deepthroat him. He then puts his other hand on the back of my head and gathers some hair, then holds a little. I feel him start to push as I take him all in. He starts pushing harder and harder until I gag. He is now taking full control and pushes into me. He stays for a minute as I look at him and roll my eyes back totally enjoying the feel of being soapy and face fucked. He is a delicious man. He then brings my head up and grabs my showerhead rinsing me off. He takes a towel, pulls his pants up enough to walk and wraps me up in it. He kisses me and walks me to the bedroom. He lays me down on my bed and proceeds to undress. I look at him letting my towel fall off and draw up me legs spreading them.

He spends no time between getting his clothes off and getting into me. He positions himself and gives tiny pushes inching in. He flings the rest of the towel off, then rips the rest of it from under me. He wraps his arms under my legs and pulls me closer to the edge where he is standing and holds me just under my knees. I prop back up on my elbows letting my whole body be rocked back and forth, tits bouncing and ass rolling. He likes seeing it all move and makes his thrusts shorter and now go in a circular motion as he sticks to my still mostly wet skin. Round and round I love it. He picks me up and sets me against the wall. He turns me around, grabs my hips to pull me away some, and gets back in. I am bending just a little while he thrust in so hard he lifts me off the ground. I yell with delight as he almost pulls out and pushes holding me in place. He pounds me for several minutes, then stays in and pushes me against the wall. One hand stays on my front hip as the other slides back down to my pussy. He slides a finger down feeling for my clit and runs it round and round. He rest his head on my shoulder and we both moan; him at rubbing my wet naked body and me at him unwavering as he holds me against the wall. I'm starting to build up and squirm a little uncontrollably rocking back and him going on rhythm with me. He is slowly sliding in and out again trying to make me cum faster. He bites my ear and starts jiggling his hand roughly as I starts uncontrollably breathing faster and moaning. He suddenly pulls out and rubs, pushes in, rubs and keeps going. I cum and then feel something hit my ass and thighs. I look back and it is his cum spraying me string after string. He backs off of me letting my ear go and grabs my ass, kissing me. We get the towel, he wraps around me, and we go out to get some water. He pulls me back onto the couch and just looks me up and down as we sip the cool glasses.
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