I Lay There In Silence
I lay there in silence; darkness, waiting for him to come into my room again. There were footsteps in the corridor, getting closer. Mum and Dad were out for the third time this week, nobody would hear me shout or cry, so there was no point. Instead I would have to endure this terrible torture again that I had been suffering for the past two nights. I was tired and sick to the stomach. My brother was supposed to take care of me; instead he was sexually assaulting me when we were alone in the house.

Finally the footsteps came to a standstill, and I held my breath as I heard the door handle turn and my door open. The door then closed behind him again, and then nothing but breathing; heavy breathing.

"Are you awake?" His voice made my heart sink. He was my brother! I loved him.

I decided to stay quiet to keep my dignity. After all, if I was asleep, I could do nothing to stop it, right? He said nothing for a few seconds and then he slowly walked toward me. I could feel his stare penetrating my face and body. He moved to a sitting position on the edge of my bed, still staring. I didn't stir at first because I somehow thought he might see sense and leave me alone, but when I felt him touch my leg over my duvet, I made it look like I was awakening. I sensed him smiling and his grip tightened, rubbing me through the covers, his hand forcefully moving up toward my thigh. I pulled my legs up to meet my belly and cuddled myself, silently crying, but so that he would not hear.

I hadn't said a single word to him since he came into my room two nights ago and made me suck him, and last night when he forced me lay there whilst he licked me down there until I squirmed because it was a strange sensation that I couldn't quite work out. Tonight I was sure he would do something different to me and I was petrified to say the least. Once he worked out that I was now awake, he pulled himself up toward me and invited himself to join me under my duvet next to me. I kept my eyes tight shut; he stroked my face. I struggled to restrain myself from pulling away and making a run for it, but I couldn't summon the strength to move away from his touch. I wanted so much for him to take me into his arms and kiss my forehead, telling me I had been having a really bad nightmare and that he was there for me, but that never happened.

He tilted my chin upward and gently shook me, which I knew was a sign that he wanted me to look at him, which I obeyed only too quickly. There was not a lot of light coming in from my window, so it was difficult to make out his expression, but I could just about make out his eyes making me freeze to the very spot. He was such a beautiful person to me, even after everything he had done, and was about to do. In that moment I knew what I had to do. I needed to tell him how much I loved him and that I wanted him back as a brother again, without all of this upset. I was going to do it, after all, he was still my brother, and he wouldn't hurt me because of it.

He continued to stroke my face whilst keeping his breathing relatively calm; compared to mine, which had sky rocketed through the roof with pure fear of what he would say to what I was about to come out with.

"Please," I whispered "I don't want you to do this anymore. I want to go back to being your sister without all of these things that I don't want. I love you so much and I want to be happy again." I immediately regretted opening my mouth and saying that nonsense... after all, if he cared about what I had to say then this wouldn't be happening in the first place. He sighed, shaking his head, then he let go of my face and propped himself up on his elbow, supporting his head with his big hand.

"You know, you're not allowed to tell me what to do. I'm a lot older than you and you don't know anything about this stuff. Now, I do love you, very much, but the love I have for you is different than the love you have for me. You love me so much that you look up to me and need protecting. You trust me and think that I am the best brother ever. Now, the love I have for you is pretty much the same; I look to you as the best sister ever. I look at you and want to protect you. But the one difference is which you don't seem to understand, is that I like you in a way that makes me want to just kiss you all over your body. I want to share sweat with you and I want to hear you moan because of me. I want to fuck you. I want you to want to be fucked; hard sometimes, slowly at other times."

"After last night I went back to my room and I touched myself to sleep because I could still taste your sweet wetness in my mouth. The night before I touched myself to sleep because I kept thinking about how good it was to place my hard dick in your mouth. I need more this time, because I don't just want to go home and fantasize what it would be like to fuck you, I want to really fuck you so that I can jack off anytime I like and remember the feel of being so far up inside you. Mum and Dad go out for a reason; it's fate that we have this time alone. Now, please be quiet; I'd like to remember this with you keeping your mouth shut, rather than you struggling... or you could always decide to enjoy it and relax a little. One more thing, this will not be the last time; once I've been deep inside you once, the next time won't hurt as much, I promise. So just be still now, okay baby? Be silent for me."

My breath hitched as I hung off every word he just said. I could hardly think, let alone fight for him to get away. His words washed through my brain and swam around in me, not leaving. Before I knew it, he was kneeling over me, straddling me, pulling my pyjama shirt up and over my head, leaving me lying there naked and needing somebody to rescue me, fast. He then moved his hands hungrily over my breasts, kneading my flesh, pulling at my skin like an animal. My mouth opened to respond in some form, but I could not seem to muster any words at all. He had completely taken over my body. Ripping through me like a tiger scratching against a tree. All too fast, his mouth was sucking at my nipples, which were unbelievably turning hard under his spell. I was screaming in my mind, screaming until I felt my heart and head hurt from it.

After he had finished slowly licking around my nipples and all around my chest, he dragged himself upward and suddenly his face was right in front of mine; completely out of breath. He moved in fast and kissed me, easing his tongue into my mouth gently, probing my teeth and gums, exploring my mouth for the first time. I was so lost in thought that I almost didn't notice his hands slide down, unzip his jeans and release his extremely large and scary hard on. I tried to pull back, but my head was stuck between him and the pillow. I was trapped and I would just have to accept this was going to happen to me tonight. He kept me down by his body weight alone, whilst he ravenously tore my bedtime shorts down and left them helpless at my ankles, along with my underwear.

Realizing that I was just going to lie back and take it, he relaxed a little and gave me some slack. I felt a hand weaving around my legs as a boa constrictor would do, moving towards my most private areas. I should have been less scared of him being close to those parts, after last night, but that was his face, and this was going to be his hand. Then, before I could react, he pushed a few fingers inside of me, and wiggled them around violently. I went to cry out, but was soon stopped by a hand over my mouth and nose. I couldn't believe that my brother was now cutting off my air supply as well as raping me.

I couldn't breathe for a few moments, and then he thankfully removed his hand away from my face. I could feel his stare once again, but closed my eyes to shield myself. His fingers stayed inside of me; while he threatened me to be silent otherwise he was going to hurt me and hurt me bad. The sad truth is that I believed him. He scared me and chilled me to my core, not how he used to make me feel at all. He was soon ramming into me again with his long fingers before no time, and I was just lying there and taking it like a defenseless animal would. I grabbed the bed sheets below me and clung onto them to absorb at least some of the pain and shame of which was happening to me.

I endured his fingers for all of a few minutes before he pulled out and slid them down and hovered over my other private hole with which I was not at all comfortable with him being near. I made an attempt to say something but I felt his body tense towards me, and I quieted myself before any real offending words escaped me. He gently rubbed my arse hole and slowly and gently inserted one finger, twisting it along the way. I cringed and bit my tongue at the feel; it was vile, but not as vile as when he added another two fingers alongside the original one. I clamped my teeth around my tongue even harder as I desperately tried to trail my mind into better things and wonderful memories.

Then, after a gut wrenching few moments, he shifted on the bed, pulled his fingers out and soon his head was between my legs; his tongue probing my clitoris and entering my slit ravenously. He wriggled and vibrated his wet tongue around inside me, and I could even feel the cold steely texture of his tongue bar against the inside wall of my vagina. My breathing started to quicken as I didn't think that I could take anymore. His nose was pressed firmly against my clit as his tongue and teeth devoured my entire lower parts. His tongue would quickly dart from one hole to the other, but the worst part was when he rolled out his tongue straight into my arse hole, and licked all around my rim.

It was disgusting in every sense of the word. I was shocked and saddened by this behavior coming from such a significant person in my life. Lastly, he allowed his fingers to join his tongue, and used both to try and pleasure me, but I was sick and this did not feel good at all. He would use three fingers from his hand to finger my arse, and his tongue to circle my clit.

At this point I had had enough, but thankfully he stopped. Wiping his mouth, he slunk up the bed again, and told me to kiss him so that I could taste myself, and moan into his mouth while I was doing it. Not wanting to be bruised or beaten, I scarcely nodded before he moved in to kiss me, his tongue entering my mouth caressing my own, with a nasty taste. I tried to moan as best as I could, given the current situation.

The taste was horrible and I gagged twice, but I still carried on regardless. Before pulling away, he bit onto my lip and tugged it away with his, leaving me to taste a small amount of blood for a while after.
"I'm going to fuck you now, okay? And I'm telling you now that you had better be quiet. If you make one single noise, I'm going to rape you harder and harder and eventually I'll be fucking you so god damn hard that you won't even be able to walk tomorrow without it hurting your sweet tight little pussy. Got it?"

I nodded up at him, gulping with fear. My privates naturally tensed and tightened as I was frightened and I was not relaxed at all with this. I even contemplated on how quick I could run downstairs and grab the phone, dial 999 and hang up before he caught me. I would never get the chance to though, so I was just willing to allow this I suppose, for now anyway. I pulled myself out of my wayward thoughts, to find my brother placing the end of his penis on the entrance to my body. But he sighed and laughed, informing me that I was not nearly enough wet for his huge dick to fit inside me without trouble.

So he shoved a few fingers into my mouth and commanded me to suck and spit all over them, which I did, and when I had finished, he pulled them out, leaving a cold wet spit trail falling over my chin and neck. With his now dripping fingers, he rubbed them over my vagina and over his length, finishing off with a small incision of a finger, to wet my passage. Kindly, he wiped the spit from my mouth, chin and neck, before falling with his body onto me, making it difficult to breathe. Moving himself towards my entrance once more, he let go and cupped my face, his nose touching mine.

"Promise me that you won't tell anyone." He breathed.

"I promise." I lied.

"Good girl. Just, take deep breathes okay. That's it. That's good. Deep... slow... breathes."

His dick started to move inside me, very slowly as he were savoring this moment, and locking it into his head for future arousal. I breathed in, shocked at how big and strange he felt moving into me.

"You are so tight... so fucking tight."

I was barely able to tell how much further he had left to insert into me. The pain was awful, but this wasn't all yet. Still he moved in further, filling me slowly, slowly, slowly until I felt him break through my virginity, and I felt his balls against my bum cheeks. He was completely inside of me. It felt painful and wrong and scary. He was still cupping my face, breathing hungrily against my lips; the feeling of complete heaven on his part, and the feeling of complete devastation on mine.

"You feel so damn good. Oh my god, I can't believe how tight you are. You're so warm as well, so wet and ready for me."

I felt a tear fall from my eye, down my face, and landing on my shoulder. I was back to biting my tongue again, literally, and then he started to move. It didn't hurt as much when he pushed into me, but as he pulled back out to push in again, it hurt a lot. I could feel the skin of his dick scraping my insides and bruising me, tearing at my walls. I could have sworn I felt him reach right up and touch my stomach as he pushed in for the third time, but something changed, and he was moving faster. I hadn't made a single audible sound and yet he was raping me harder now. He let go of my face, and held himself up over me on his elbows, giving him more control of how he was sticking into me. Then he started talking dirty.

"You are Mine now. I am going to take you in this way every night that we are alone, until you're stretched, ready, and waiting for me to come and get you. You'll get wet thinking about me during the day, and you'll feel alone and horny at nights when I can't be here. You'll spend all your time thinking about me fucking you in every way possible, and you'll practice blow jobs to please me. I'll make you gag but you won't care because you'll want to make me happy. I'm going to cum in your mouth, your arse, your face, your chest, your back, but now, your pussy, and you're going to fucking love it."

I listened to him, but I wasn't really paying attention, as I was too focused on my own pain. He moved in and out faster and faster, until I finally had enough and screamed as loud as I could so that somebody would hopefully hear, and call the police. He didn't say a word; he just covered my mouth and carried on ramming into me fiercely. His nails were dug into my cheeks, forcing me to stay quiet, but I kicked my legs out annoyingly to make him stop. My brother stopped straight away, and without making a sound, slapped me so hard across the face that I started to cry and beg for him to stop.

I even told him that I liked it but I was just a bit sore, just so that he would understand me even if it was lies, but it didn't work. He got off me, up and out of bed, turning my bedroom light on, temporarily blinding me from everything. When I blinked and took him in, he was stood there in just his t-shirt and he was gazing at me with dark intent. Walking over to my side, he lifted me up underneath my armpits and dragged me over to the closed door, slamming me up against it, so that I was looking up facing him, staring down at me like an insane person.

"I didn't want to have to do this... but you've left me no choice."

I was still crying and pleading, but he was past caring now, tilting my chin up and grabbing my throat he lifted me up so that I was face to face with him. I can't express the feeling of the pain I felt. I couldn't breathe at all and I could feel my face being drained of all blood and life, until he let go and quickly grabbed my sides with his big hands, keeping me up at his level. My feet were at least a foot from the floor, hanging there pathetically like I was a rag doll in his possession. I got my breath back slowly, choking and coughing myself to sanity again, when he lowered me ever so slightly down, and once again I was feeling his dick stick into me again, but less painful this time, because I swear I was losing consciousness.

He held me, wrapping my arms around his neck and my legs around his back, so that I was tightly bolted down on his dick. The door behind me was banging into my back as he used me as if I were a sex doll. I let my head rest on his shoulder; I was too weak to fight anymore. He was pushing deep and hard into me, and I could feel blood running down my leg from my own tears and cuts down there. He began to moan and crumble beneath the weight of holding me up. I knew he was close, and then this would all be over.

"I'm going to cum so hard inside you."

I once again allowed my mind to drift towards better times, as I began to feel the full extent of his erection filling me fast. I barely made out his words of apology as his orgasm spurted into me.
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