I Offered You My Heart And Soul
I wish it could be different,
I wish there was another way,
If only for the sake of your children,
I would have liked to stay.

I came into your life a few years back,
When you were looking for a man,
I've tried to help anyway I could,
But I've done all that I can.

Your kids took to me from the start,
And they always called me ‘Dad.'
You even told me more than once,
That I was the best they ever had.

But you just used me from the start,
And there were signs along the way,
Cheating and lies, barely disguised,
It was the same thing every day.

I just can't go on wasting my life,
Giving you my best years,
Too many nights I ended up alone,
Lord knows I've shed some tears.

Your daughter's at a tender age,
And I hate to make her cry,
It'll be years before she understands,
Why it has to be goodbye.

Tell your son I'll miss him,
And tell your daughter too,
I'll have to say very frankly,
I hope they don't turn out like you.

I offered you my heart and soul,
And you left them on a shelf,
The time has finally come to pass,
For me to take care of myself.

Don't bother trying to look for me,
For I'll have somebody new,
The one thing I can say for sure,
Is that someone won't be you.

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