I Saw What he Did There!
I could not believe what I was seeing! I wondered how long I could sit and look before someone saw me staring. Did nobody else notice? No, everybody was too busy. I walked by just to make sure I was seeing his screen correctly. I walked right by his desk and was certain; his cock was in his hand. He was stroking lovingly, his eyes fixed on the woman giving head on his screen.

It was early in the morning, hardly anyone was there yet. I stopped by his desk and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped and jammed a button on his keyboard. He turned and I saw that his face was bright red. I smiled indulgently at him and his expression changed from embarrassment to intrigue. I flicked my head to indicate that he should follow me, and walked away.

I walked through the exit to the parking lot, out into the fading darkness. There were no cameras. I looked behind me and he was right on my tail.
"Wait!" he said.
I kept walking I ducked behind a car and waited. As he walked by, I grabbed his hand and swung him around. I was crouched so his cock slid right into my mouth as I unzipped his pants. He groaned. I sucked hard and took him in very deep. His cock stiffened at once. As I sucked I slid my bright red lacy thong and stuffed it it his hand. It was still wet from watching him watch porn and he put it up to his mouth and sucked on it.
"Mmmhmm." he groaned again. "Get up!" he said forcefully.

He pulled my up by my jacket collar and slid his fingers inside and slid them out again. He put his fingers in his mouth and made a deliberate sucking sound. I moaned wanting to feel his thick cock inside my hot wet pussy. I didn't have to wait long. He turned me around and I leaned over the hood of a stranger's car. His cock slid slowly in and I let out a load low moan. My eyes were closed and he thrust faster and faster. I began calling out, "Fuck me, fuck me!"

I was almost ready to come. His thrusts were so hard they were almost violent. My pussy was about to burst and as my climax built I opened my eyes. As I came, I realized I was staring into the eyes of an older man sitting in the driver's seat of the car.
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