I ran a big company for many years. I had a lot of responsibility for a lot of people and resources and I got weary of always being in charge. I had a tendency to attract women who like to be submissive and dominant depending on the mood for us both. I must admit I loved both fantasy scenarios. This one, was an enjoyable evening where I was submissive. I felt myself enjoying it more and more as the evening went on. I was in Atlanta for a meeting and had arranged to meet an old friend of mine at a beautiful hotel bar just outside the city. I was late and I had neglected to notify my friend. When I finally got to the bar, it was packed and loud. I looked for my friend and finally saw her at the bar flirting with two men. I knew I was in trouble when she scowled at me.

I couldn't get near them, so I took a stool at a tall counter across the room. She was in her element with the attention of the two men. She's an awesome woman. I am strongly attracted to curvy women with hour glass shapes. Andrea was just such a woman. She was tall, probably 5' 10", I never knew her weight. She was big, but curvy. Her stomach was flat as a board but she had wide, flaring hips. She was a blonde and had beautiful thick hair. It was usually shoulder length. She had long slender fingers and the sexiest feet I have ever seen.

She owned a chain of employment agencies and was quite successful. One interesting point. Often, when we spoke on the phone we did a lot of phone sex. We would take turns telling the other stories like we all write here on this site. On several occasions, she told me stories where I was a cuckold. These always turned me on, but we had never role played this scenario. The men were touching her and flirting with her. I'm sure one of them thought she would leave with them, or perhaps both.

One of the men had his hand on her knee and was caressing it. She was wearing a beautiful light blue shirtwaist dress and a pair of Louboutin heels. I was drooling over her cleavage from even where I sat. The heels were classy but very sexy. They were blue strappy sandals with thick straps wrapped around her ankles. I knew her stockings weren't pantyhose. I felt my phone vibrate and it was a text from her. "Get us a booth darling before these guys eat me up." One of them was caressing her face and trying to kiss her. The other had moved his hand further up her leg past the lace top of her stockings. She pulled off the stool and said her good byes and came to the booth I had gotten for us. It cost me a twenty-buck bribe to one of the servers.

She slid on her side. "You're late. You almost lost your place in line. Those two guys wanted to take me to the Palm." I started to speak but she stopped me. "Don't speak. You have really made me angry and you're going to pay for this. I got here early to see you and you left me by myself for more than an hour. Order us some drinks. I flagged the server down and ordered two Glenlevit 18's. I felt her foot between my legs. She pushed toward my cock. "Do you like my heels? One of those guys said they were 'fuck me shoes,' and I said yes." She pressed against me. "Take out your dick." She ordered. I didn't move. "It's either you take out your dick or I'm going to the Palm." I unzipped my slacks. "Now rub it on my fuck me shoes." She sneered. I knew she was exaggerating her words and expressions but it excited me. "I want to feel it on my toes." she instructed.

She removed her foot and lifted herself up in the booth. At first I couldn't tell what she was doing. She was taking her panties off. I felt her foot at my crotch again. "Here's a little present for you. "Those guys flirting with me made me really wet. Feel my panties. I hesitated. "Look," she said. "You are in trouble with me and unless you start doing what I tell you, I'm leaving with a better offer. It's your choice." I took the panties into my hand. They were soaking wet. "Smell them." I hesitated for a second. "Smell them." I bent my head down and turned inside the booth. "No! I want to see you enjoy those panties. I want to see you lick them." I did what she said and it seemed to turn her on as well. She flagged down the server and ordered refills. "Now, my little cuck, go put those panties on." I was shocked. "Go now, or I'll make you change here in this booth." I jumped up and went to the restroom. My cock was so hard I could hardly get it over my shorts. I pulled the white silk panties up and felt the fabric against my cock, then returned to the booth.

One of the guys was standing over her kissing her. He left when he saw me approaching. "That guy is a great kisser. He's really into me. He said he would never keep me waiting like you did." We sipped our drinks and talked. But she wanted to keep us both in character. "Do those panties feel good against your dick?" "Yes." "I thought you would like them. I think I'm going to dress you up when we get upstairs. Would you like that?" "No." "Oh yes you would. Move over here to my side." she instructed. I saw her hand move up her dress. "Would you like to taste this pussy again?" "Here?" "Yes, here, cuck." She brought her hand up to my lips, it was dripping. She rubbed it over my moustache, then pushed it between my lips. "Taste that cunt. That's the only reason you invited me tonight isn't it? You wanted me to let you eat me. Take me upstairs for your punishment."
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