I Wait
You come to me in my dreams, your deep sexy voice like a sorcerer's incantation I can't resist. I love you. I need you. I want you. Come to me. I can never resist that summoning, and why would I want to? Your eyes ablaze with love and desire, sweep over me. I can feel it, my love's caress. Your lips possessively claim my lips. Your hands holding my head, fingers tangled in my hair, tilting it for this volcanic kiss. Your tongue invading my mouth like a conquering warrior coming to plunder the spoils of battle. I gasp, such heat and intensity both breathtaking and thrilling. Our tongues tangle together, circling over and around each other, stroking, fanning the flames higher and higher. This kiss seems to last forever. When it finally ends we are both breathless, hearts racing, skin flushed. Our gazes lock and you almost growl one word, "mine."

My heart skips a beat at this unexpected possessive declaration. "Yes babe, only yours" I reply.

Your lips kissing, sucking down my neck, teeth grazing, raising goosebumps on my skin. Moving even lower, tongue flicking against my nipple, mouth and lips teasing me, tormenting me. Strongly sucking me into your mouth, teeth grazing, gently nibbling, then biting a little harder, a moan escapes me. You look into my eyes as you sooth the little sting with your lips and mouth. My hands holding you to me as you feast on my breasts. I feel your lips move against me and hear you say again "mine."

"Yes babe, all yours," I reply again.

Your head moves lower, your tongue tickling my navel, lower still until you reach your intended goal. Spreading my legs you settle between them, your beard tickling my inner thighs. Your tongue touches my delicate lips, a little more pressure spreads them open, more pressure still and your tongue dips inside of me, tasting my sweetness for the first time. We both moan, but obviously for different reasons. Time after time you dip your tongue into me, then add a finger, stroking, your tongue circling the hard button you have made my clit, then another finger and more stroking. Your mouth, lips, tongue and fingers play across my pussy like a master musician plays the finest instrument, bringing me to orgasm again and again. My body writhing beneath you in total ecstasy, moaning almost constantly, my hand on your head, holding you to me. You spread my lips with your fingers, tongue deep inside of me, tasting my essence. Our eyes meet and once more you say but one word, "mine."

"Oh yes babe, all yours," I reply breathily.

You move up my body, your lips meet mine and I can taste myself. I push you onto your back and now it is my turn to move down your body, my tongue tickling your navel. My lips part, tongue peeking out, then licking up the length of your cock, it slithers over and around you, then down to your balls. I gently suck one into my mouth, tongue running over your smooth skin, then over to the other giving the same loving attention. Licking up your hard shaft again, my tongue concentrates on your head, swirling over and around it time after time. Heat surrounds you as I engulf your cock in my mouth. I suck forcefully as my tongue runs over and around you, taking you deep I moan as you stretch my throat, you feel the vibrations all up your hard length. I continue to suck, my head bobbing up and down, my tongue moving over and around, not even the tiniest bit missing my tongues attention. No longer able to stay still you thrust up into my mouth, your hand on my head pushing me down. Taking your balls into my hand, I gently squeeze and massage them, running my nails lightly over them. You are moaning, thrusting faster and faster. Suddenly you stop and pull out of my mouth with a pop. I take you in my hand, licking your cock slowly, I look at you and say but one word, "mine."

"Yes my love, all yours," you reply.

You have me get on all fours and very slowly enter me from behind. This is my favorite position, I feel you so deep like this, you fill me so completely, our bodies fit perfectly together like we were especially made for one another. You push into me, I am pushing back, our bodies move as one, in perfect rhythm. Your strokes are slow and sensual, long and deep. I can feel myself building, you start to thrust faster, I build higher, you move faster still, your balls smacking against my clit each time our bodies meet. You cup my breasts in your hands, pulling me up to a kneeling position, your one hand on my breast, the other on my clit rubbing it as you are now slamming into my pussy, your balls smacking against me with every stroke. My body straining, reaching, muscles tensing, you pinch my nipple and crying out I explode. You feel my pussy flood with cum, muscles rippling over your cock, squeezing you tight. When my muscles stop their wild contractions on your dick you pull out of me, my cum running down my inner thighs, you run your fingers through it, and bring them to your mouth, licking them clean.

You have me lay on my back, to watch me as I cum next time. Spreading my legs, you get between them, you drive me crazy running your hard cock up and down my slit and over my sensitized clit. I am breathing heavy, my heart racing and any second now I am about to cum again. You thrust your rock hard cock into my pussy and I just can't help it I cum again, looking into your eyes as I do. You move fast and deep into me, your balls smacking against my ass. I reach around and grab your ass pulling you even deeper into me. You are really slamming into me now. You start to moan and I feel your cock start to throb and pulsate inside of me. I am watching you, I want to see your face as you cum. You moan loudly and long, and I can feel your cock swell and then can feel your cum hitting my walls, coating them, filling me, which makes me cum again squeezing tightly your still unloading cock. When we both finish cumming you roll beside me, wrap me in your arms and hold me tight. You kiss my temple and say "you are all mine"

"Yes babe I am yours heart, mind, body and soul, don't you know that by now?"

Wrapped in your arms I go back to dreamless sleep. I wake and look beside me, hoping this time it is not a dream. But just like every other time, that space is bare, and my heart aches as a single tear rolls down my cheek. But someday soon I know I will look over and you will be laying beside me, love shining in your eyes, a smile on your face. But until that day I wait.
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