I Want You Babe (part 3)
The night is still young. I love it when you say that. It always means a long night of loving from you, and I really can't think of anything better, other than one thing, and you are smart enough to sooner or later figure that out. You are such a tease sometimes but I love that, and you know it. Taking me by the hand you start leading me towards the door and I think we are going to the bedroom, but you have other plans. Right before we reach the door you spin me around and pin me up against the wall. My breath catches and I gasp. We have talked about my desire for this but I didn't think you were paying attention, I should have known better nothing escapes your notice when it comes to me. You grab my hair and yank my head back, kissing me roughly. Gone is the considerate lover of just a few minutes ago and now the man standing before me is one filled with lust, you are a little hard looking, a little intimidating even; although this effect is dropped for just a split second while you grin and wink at me. You will take what you want and use me to satisfy your every desire, knowing that this is what I want as well.

Your hands begin to roam, touching, teasing, pinching, pleasing but always heading downward toward your ultimate goal, when you reach my pussy you slide a finger inside . It is impossibly wet,dripping. You move closer and whisper in my ear, "you are so wet for me , so ready. We are going to have to do something about that." You spin me around and put your one arm against my shoulders, pinning me against the wall. I give a moan deep in my throat as I have an idea of what is to come. You indicate a spot on the wall just at head level and tell me to put my hands on the wall. You tell me "don't take your hands off the wall or I will stop fucking you, understand?" All I can do is nod as I don't trust my voice to speak, my mouth suddenly feels like the Sahara desert. I put my hands right where you tell me to. You are behind me and I can feel your hot breath against the back of my neck. You move my hair to the side and and start kissing, licking, nipping and sucking on my neck. I moan, that turns me on so much. I privately wonder if I am going to have a hickey there when I look in the mirror. I chuckle in my head thinking "I haven't had one of those since I was a teenager, I am definitely feeling like a horny teenager tonight."

I feel your steel shaft pressed against my ass, trapped between our bodies. Pre-cum must be on your head as I feel a wetness against my cheeks. Your cock rubbing all over my ass is driving me crazy. Turning my head to look at you I gasp, the look of combined lust, love and need taking my breath away. I am feeling the same all encompassing desire for you. I beg you, "Bill, please babe, I need you so badly. PLEASE stop teasing me and fill me with your big hard cock. I need you so much." You say "spread your legs babe." I do, but apparently not as wide as you would like. Using your foot you push them wider then wider still. You tell me "arch your back babe, I want your ass sticking out."

You grab a hold of your cock and rub it up and down my slit from behind, teasing me. I say "Please no more teasing." You must know I have reached the limit of my patience saying "I agree babe" you enter me very slowly pushing through my swollen flesh, stretching me as you go until you are buried fully in my burning hot pussy.

You are filling me so completely, so perfectly, as if you were made specifically just for me. The feel of you inside me in this position is so intense, I just know I will it will not be long before I have my first of many orgasms. You pull all the way out of me and I whimper. You slam back into me and that does it. I am cumming! Moaning, pussy spasming around your shaft, squeezing you tightly. Your hips like a piston slamming in and out of my tight hole. You say "oh yeah baby, cum all over my cock." Of course you don't need to tell me that, as I couldn't help it even if I tried. Which of course I did not, lol.

You keep slamming in and out of me taking me higher and higher. I have had so many orgasms by now that I have lost count. Almost as soon as one is over you push me right back over the top and I am cumming again. Your cock is coated with my cum and my juices are dripping off of your balls. You pull out of me and I whimper. Spinning me around you tell me "get down on your knees and lick and suck all that cum off of my cock and balls right now!" Of course I do, as I am hoping you are going to fill my mouth with your creamy load soon. I lick and suck every inch of your big cock and balls lovingly and enthusiastically, like it is the last time I will ever suck you again. Moaning deep in my throat, I know you can feel the vibrations up and down your cock.

You pull me to my feet, which surprises me and push me down over the arm of the couch. I am thrilled as I get to feel you in my pussy again. I really can't get enough of you! You slam into my sensitized cunt and I scream. The feeling is so intense. I am all sensation now, no rational thought left, only the feel of your rock hard shaft ramming into me over and over again. I slam back to meet you matching you stroke for stroke. I am climbing to orgasm again, building and building. Our sweaty bodies pounding against each other.

I feel your cock getting even harder and swelling inside of me. With an animalistic groan you bury yourself deep inside of my cunt and explode. I can feel every spasm of your cock as you fill my pussy full of your cum. I feel it dripping down my inner thighs and know that you are cumming just as hard and as good as I have been. Your moaning and grunts so hot. This sets me off one more time and my pussy tightens around your cock, squeezing you tightly. Your orgasm seems to go on forever, pumping jet after jet of cum into me. Our cum mixing and combining inside of me.

When our orgasms finally subside you lay against my back, both of us trying to catch our breath and come down from the sexual high we have been on. We somehow make it onto the couch cushions this time and collapse in each others arms my head against your heart just where I always love to be. Stroking each other, kissing and doing all the things that lovers do after such an incredible sexual experience. It is amazing how wonderful sex between two people who love each other and know each other so well can be.
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