I Want You Babe (part 4 of 5)
I am not sure what has come over me lately. I always want you, but it has been more intense lately. All I need to do is think of you or look at you and my body starts to respond. My nipples get hard, my heart races, my pussy starts to get wet and aches for you. Are you aware of what you are doing to me? Sometimes I know you are by the look in your eyes. And other times I think you are totally unaware. But tonight is not one of those times. Tonight you know I need you and want you.

You take my hand and lead me to the bedroom. You start to kiss me. Sweetly at first then more and more passionately. Frantic kisses, ones that speak of desire and need. My arms around your neck pressed close enough to feel how much you want me, how hard your cock is getting. Your arms around me cupping and squeezing my ass. Rubbing me against your hard shaft. I gasp and reach down to cup you in my hand but you say "not yet, my love" and push my hand away.

Your hands drift downward to my breasts you cup them in your hands, squeeze them tightly as you know I like. Your palms against my rock hard nipples. You kiss down to my neck, you lick, nibble, and suck hard. I know you are marking me with your love bites and that thrills me. I rub your shoulders and back, stroking you. That is not really what I want to be stroking, but I do not have your permission to touch your cock yet, so I must wait. I love it when you take charge like this, it gets me so excited, and you know it.

You lift my shirt and strip it from my body. Your hands on my breasts rubbing, pinching, pleasing. You trail kisses down my neck and chest to my nipples, then lick and suck them. Feasting like a man who has not eaten in months. It is so erotic. I can feel my pussy get wetter and wetter, soaking my panties. You pause for a minute and we rip each others clothes off, not worrying about finesse or if they even survive, just the need to get each other naked as soon as possible.

You push me down onto the bed on my back, joining me there. Crawling up my body, your tongue licking me as you go. You reach my pussy and bury your face in it. Swirling your tongue around my clit, sucking it into your mouth, stabbing your tongue into me, tongue fucking me. I cum shockingly hard and fast, moaning loudly. My juices flood out out of me into your mouth and onto your face. You move up my body to my face, look deeply into my eyes and grab the back of my head, pull me to your lips, and kiss me deeply. I can taste myself on your lips.

Your hard shaft is at the entrance of my pussy and before I can even register this, you start to enter me. Very slowly feeding inch after inch of your large rock hard cock into me. The sensation is incredible and I cum again barely as soon as you enter me. My muscles contracting so hard you have to still for a minute as no movement is possible. You finish feeding my hungry cunt as soon as you can move again, slamming the last couple inches into me. "Ahhhhhhhh babe", I cry out.You grab both my wrists in your one hand and hold my arms above my head as you keep thrusting in and out of me, slowly and sensually. My body building and building, reaching for another orgasm. I am almost there and you pull out of me. I must have made some disappointed sound as you tell me "don't worry my love, you are going to love this." Telling me to stand up you bend me over the bed. You thrust back into my pussy in one fluid motion burying yourself deep inside of me. Immediately you start moving again alternating between short strokes and long ones.

I feel a pressure on my asshole and soon feel you pressing your thumb inside my ass while you are drilling my pussy. You push harder until your thumb is all the way in my ass. "Oh yes!" I cry and start to cum again. I beg you "Bill babe, please fuck my ass, PLEASE" I look behind me and you have a tube of lube in your hand. You take some and rub it all over your cock and then put some on my ass and on your fingers. You tell me "spread your ass cheeks for me, my love", of course I do. First you insert one finger into my tight hole, stroking in and out. I am moaning the whole time. Then you add another finger stroking in and out and stretching me. I am pushing back to meet your fingers, I am getting more and more excited. I feel your big cock head at the entrance to my ass, pushing slightly you start to enter my ass. You are pretty large so it is a very tight fit. You gently push further and further into me and tell me to play with my pussy for you. Rub my clit."Ahhhhhhhhhhh you are finally all the way in, buried deep in my ass and it feels incredible. You still for a moment, allowing my body to adjust to your size.

You start to move. Thrusting in and out of my ass, slowly and gently for the first little bit. Then you start to go faster and more forcefully. I am feeling so full. Your cock stretching me so deliciously. I tell you "FUCK ME HARDER BILL, DO IT BABE." You grab a hold of my hips and ram in and out of my ass nice and hard, and I slam my ass back onto you. Our bodies pound together forcefully, your balls hit my clit with every stroke into me. I am going wild like I always do during anal. I know the visual you are getting, your cock moving in and out of my ass, it jiggling every time our bodies come together, it must be quite an erotic sight. I am moaning, talking dirty, really slamming back onto your cock. I want as much as you can give me, as nasty and raw as you can give it. There is just something about anal that unlocks the sexual animal in me much more than any other way.

I feel that familiar building, my body searching, reaching for release. It hits and I am cumming so hard and violently I scream, I am moaning, saying "oh fuck" over and over again. My orgasm seems to go on forever, by the end I am not even making sense anymore. My pussy gushes cum and juices all down your balls, upper thighs and lands on the bedspread forming a small puddle. You moan saying "I am going to cum" and I beg you "cum all over my face babe, shoot your load all over me."

You pull out of me, push me down onto my knees in front of your cock. You stroke your shaft, now coated with my juices. I watch all your muscles tightening, your hand is flying and cum starts running out, but that is not your true orgasm, as just a few seconds later you are moaning and with a deep groan start shooting jet after jet of cum all over my face, landing warm and thick and sticky. Some even dripped out landing on my tits. I quickly scoop that up with my fingers, bring them to my mouth and lick all of your salty sweet cum off my fingers, looking into your eyes the whole time I am doing it. Your eyes which were already dark with passion darken even more, which of course makes me even naughtier and I take your cock, run it through the cum on my face and lick and suck it clean after each swipe. There is so much cum on my face it takes a while to accomplish this, but you don't seem to mind as you watch me intently, your gaze scorching me.

Once my face is as clean as it is going to get like this, I bathe your cock with my tongue, licking every drop off of you.You moan and pull me up to you kissing me deeply and passionately Apparently you REALLY like it when I am naughty. I laughingly think to myself "I definitely have to keep this in mind for future encounters."
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