I Want You Babe (part 5 of 6)
You get home and the house is very quiet. You call out "are you here my love." I respond "I'm up in the bedroom." You climb the stairs up to our room and open the door. Candles are placed throughout the room their scent filling the room with a pleasant, sensuous aroma. You see me and stop in your tracks. I am in a purple see through lace negligee. It is very low cut and leaves the top part of my breasts spilling out. The rest of it hugs my curves perfectly.

The tender, loving way you are looking at me takes my breath away. Whenever I think of you or see you I can't help but marvel at how lucky I was that we found each other. You move towards me, your eyes never leaving mine the whole time. Your gaze is scorching me and I feel myself blushing. Reaching me you take my head in your hands and start kissing me tenderly, then with more and more heat. Our tongues tangling in a sensual dance. My arms snake around your neck, my hands running through your hair. You pull me closer and I can feel your desire, it gives me chills. I huskily ask "want to take a shower babe? I will help if you want me to. I can wash your...... back and anything else you would like." You tell me "I would love to shower with you, my love."

I start the water and adjust it to the temperature that you like. You come into the bathroom, give me a quick kiss as you pass by and climb into the shower. I strip out of my negligee quickly and join you in the shower. You are facing the shower head, your back towards me. I caress your back from the top all the way to your well muscled butt. I grab the soap and work it into a rich luxurious foam I start at your neck and work my way down your back, cleansing and massaging at the same time. I pay special attention where I feel knots and massage them away, my touch both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. I stop when I get to your perfect looking butt.We will both have to wait a little bit for this. Then I bend over and start at your feet and work my way up. Running my soapy hands over your feet, then the back of your calves, then thighs. I know from the way you are moving your hips that you want more, but you are going to have to wait a while yet.

I tell you to turn and I lather up the soap in my hands again and start at your neck and work my way down to your chest, then your stomach, looking into your eyes the whole time and occasionally stealing a kiss. I know where you want me to wash next, but that is not in my plan for the moment. I squat down and wash your feet again, then the front of your calves, then thighs. Then I get my hands all soapy again and wash your balls, massaging them and squeezing them in my hands,and then your cock. I stroke you a few times making sure you are nice and clean. By now you are rock hard and thrusting into my hand while I stroke you. But not yet babe. I stop and tell you to turn to rinse off.

I soap my hands up really good again and rub them all over your ass, starting at the outside areas working my way in. I tell you, "bend over just a little and spread your ass cheeks for me babe." You do so. I rub my soapy fingers over your asshole. You moan. I get a little bolder and insert a soapy finger into your ass just a little at first and then come back out. More soap, then slowly I insert my finger back into your ass. Fingering it slowly and sensually. You are pushing back against me, I add another finger. You groan with pleasure. Your breathing is harsher now, more rapid and I can feel your muscles tightening against my fingers. I stop, don't want you to cum quite yet.I tell you to turn and rinse off, then turn with your back to me again.

I grab a towel from the linen closet and put it on the floor of the shower. I kneel and kiss your one cheek and then the other. Then I give a long lick up the center of your crack. I circle my tongue all around the rim of your dark hole. I keep circling and circling, you are moaning and say how good it feels. Then with the flat of my tongue I lick across your asshole, lapping at it like a cat with a bowl of cream. I have you turn slightly, more towards me. I go to lick again but this time I let my tongue go slightly into your hole. Then the next time more into you, and the next time even more.Now my tongue is as deep as I can get, I wiggle it around some, then start tongue fucking your ass, over and over I penetrate you with my tongue. I reach around and grab your hard shaft and start stroking you with the same rhythm of my tongue snaking in and out of your ass. I roll my tongue to make it a little harder and stab it into your ass over and over. My tongue and stroking of your cock getting faster and faster. Your hips are moving, unable to stay still. You say "oh baby you're gonna make me cum." I move so I can be in front of you, then suck your cock into my mouth. You stroke into my mouth a few times, then with a loud groan grab the back of my head, thrusting yourself deep into my throat and explode forcefully. I swallow time after time, a little surprised at how much you have cum, but definitely pleased.

We finish our showers. I stay in the shower for the moment to not drip on the floor. I pull you towards me and start slowly drying your body, kissing every part of you once it is dry. When I am finished I step out of the tub and you start drying me off. You pay special attention to my breasts, the feel of the towel rubbing against them makes my nipples get hard. You dry the rest of my body leaving my pussy for last. You rub the towel over and over on my clit, the slightly rougher texture of the towel sensitizing it. You throw the towel aside and pull me close for a kiss that leaves me weak in the knees, one full of passion and love. My arms around your neck, yours on my butt holding me close. Our kiss seems to go on forever, but when it does end, you take my hand and lead me to the bedroom.

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