I Want You Babe - part 2
I take your hand and say "let's trade places babe." You stand up and we start kissing again our tongues rubbing against each other. By the time our kiss finally ends we are both a little breathless. I trail my hand down your muscular body until I reach your belt. I unbuckle it and undo your pants then push them along with your underwear down and then take them off. You strip off your shirt. You are now in front of me in all your naked glory. My breath catches as I look, just like it always does. You are built like a boxer, muscular but not bulging, light hair on your chest and stomach with a happy trail leading to your shaved cock. Your body is so perfect to me. Your 9' long and 4" thick cock still amazes and thrills me every time I see it. And your huge ball sac, tight against your body just completes the mouth watering package. I am a very lucky woman, so much to love and all for me.

I remove my cum soaked panties, hand then to you and say "here babe, why don't you suck the cum off my panties while I suck your cock?" You put them to your nose inhaling my scent and and say "with pleasure babe" and put them into your mouth. My jaw drops, I had suggested it but never thought you would actually do it. Apparently there are still some things that I don't know about you. But this surprise is kind of hot. I take my bra and heels off and am now as naked as you are. I push the chair a little closer to you and touch my tongue to your huge purple cap, I start swirling my tongue around coating it with my saliva then start sucking just your large cap for the moment. I am licking it and sucking it and really getting excited. Then just when you think I am never going to truly suck your cock I engulf you fully into my hot greedy mouth. You moan and that fans the flames of my desire, I start sucking you with abandon. I suck harder and harder and faster and faster then slow and suck you all the way to the base of your cock, deep throating you. I stay there for a minute licking all around the base. I then slowly work my way back up your cock sucking hard, alot of suction and when I get to the top let you come out of my mouth with a pop.

I look up at you and our eyes meet, yours are dark with passion and need, and I know that mine are a mirror image. Still looking at you I lick my way down to your balls and suck one into my mouth licking all around it as it was still in my mouth. I then pay the same attention to your other ball. I lick back up to the base of your cock. I cup my lips against the side of your cock and glide my mouth up and down. I lick my way back up to your cap again and start running my tongue along the underside of it, like I know you love. The look in your eyes is scorching hot and makes my pussy clench. I can't get enough of your cock and take you back into my mouth, moaning deep in my throat. This time I suck you slowly and sensually, savoring the feel of your large cock in my mouth, cupping your balls in my hand, gently squeezing them.

As always happens though, I start to get more and more excited and can no longer keep up the slow pace I have started, and it is not long until I am sucking you with abandon again. I reach behind you, grabbing your perfect ass in my hands and pull you even deeper into my mouth. You start to thrust into my mouth, I can feel your ass muscles tightening as you move. That is so very sexy. I reach down between my legs and stick my middle finger into my pussy to collect some of the sweet moisture that has collected. Once my finger is nice and wet, I reach around you and start rubbing it on your asshole. I look up at you, questions in my eyes, you moan and say "oh yes baby, do it." I slowly rub all around your rim, teasing you then place my finger on your hole with just the slightest pressure, just enough to let you know that I am there and to build your anticipation. Then I slowly start to push my finger into you, going in just a tiny bit and coming back out and repeating the process slowly and sensually until my whole finger is inside of your tight hole. I start thrusting in and out of you in perfect unison with your thrusts into my mouth. We play in this way for a time, the flames of desire burning brighter and hotter each minute that passes. You pull out of my mouth with a popping sound and say "babe I can't wait anymore, I just have to fuck you." I gasp, moaning I tell you "oh yes babe, I need you so much, please don't make me wait any longer."

You grab me by the shoulders and pull me to my feet, yanking me up tight against your body trapping your rock hard cock between us. You grab a hold of my hair and pull my head back, again we are kissing, our lips and hands desperate for each other. Lips, tongues hands building the flames between us until it is like a runaway forest fire. I am almost sobbing, "please babe, please I need you NOW!" You give an almost evil little chuckle and tell me "don't worry I will give you everything you want and need and then some Christina, the night is still young."
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