I did it in public.
A few years ago I was invited to an outdoor gathering of nudists. I was amazed at all the different people and their actions. Most were normal looking and even though they chose to be nude acted with a certain degree of modesty. Others went about flaunting the so called private parts of their bodies. Some men were even walking around with hardons. I was in that group.

My friend who had invited me was talking to a young lady with an ass to die for. So round and delectable looking my hardon got even harder. She had lovely legs with thighs that didn't touch, even right up at crotch. I first saw her from behind and I could see some pussy hair dangling down in the little space between her thighs. She was tall with lovely long legs and as I walked up to her I saw that that my protruding cock could just fit between those thighs and be right up against her pussy.

My friend was facing me and gave me a little wink. I assumed that meant to keep coming. I did and he sort of moved around a little so she kept her back to me.

I walked right up to her and my cock just happened to slip between her thighs. She jumped a little and my friend reached out and patted her arm and said, "Easy Hon, that's just my buddy Ron."

I reached around her and cupped her tits in my hands and I felt her squeeze her thighs together. I wasn't in her, but my cock was right up against her pussy. I moved back and forth a little and she spread her legs a little and moved with me.

I could feel her wetness on my dick. My friend kept up the conversation with her and she didn't miss a beat as we stood there doing our mini bump and grind.

She adjusted her stance and I bent my knees a little so that my dick was pointing upward. I could feel my dick head slipping back and forth between her wet pussy lips and in a few more strokes it slipped right in.

She had stopped talking and started making a soft moaning sound as I grabbed her hips and really put it to her. I felt the beginnings of that wonderful feeling and knew that within a minute I would be blowing my load up into her. Her pussy was alternately gripping and releasing my cock and she really let out a long low moan that matched mine as we both came.

My friend was just standing there watching as he used his right hand to pump out his own load.

We uncoupled and she headed in the direction of a bathroom. It was then I noticed a small group standing around us. The men all had hardons, some even had a woman's lips locked around their hard shafts and there was one guy with a video camera recording it all.

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