I have a great relationship with my kids
I couldn't see either one of their facial expressions, but I'd assume they were nervous and surprised faces, because that was what was on my face.

"Shit, I suppose I could have, I don't know, we were being safe though," Jack replied.

"How do you think you got me pregnant, it happened with your baby maker you got here. We were being safe for the most part and one of them still got through, and the next thing we know, we got Kara," Candy said.

"Well, that might derail some stuff if she is pregnant," Jack replied.

"It probably will, but we'll be OK, as long as we're together, we'll be fine," Candy said.

I wasn't sure what they were talking about, but I had a bigger problem right then, my stomach felt like it was on fire. A minute later they both came over to the door to see me.

"So, you still feeling bad?" Candy asked.

"You know what, we've had a lot of sex lately, what if you got me knocked up Jack?" I asked.

"I suppose i could have mom, I did get her pregnant, so it's possible," Jack replied.

They got down on their knees with me and felt my stomach, but of course didn't put too much pressure on it though given i wasn't feeling too well. I looked up towards the top cabinet and remembered there was something in there that told us that Candy was pregnant not too long ago.

"Jack, the top cabinet," I said.

He knew exactly what I was talking about, so he got one down and gave it to me. They gave me a minute alone to take the test. I took it and let them know they could come back in and in 2 minutes we knew the verdict, I saw them holding hands, they were nervous.

"What's it say?" Candy asked.

I looked at it and told them the results.

"Well, Candy, you are gonna be an aunt too," I replied as I showed the test.

They looked at it and saw it was positive, I was pregnant with my son's baby, that was one thing I didn't see coming. Really I was more thinking about the fact that he had a baby with his sister already, and how this would affect their relationship, and now so much our financial situation and the fact that I was in my 50s.

"Well shit Jack, you know how to get women pregnant, nothing can stop that baby maker, it's unstoppable," Candy said.

"Wait, you aren't mad sis?" Jack asked.

"No, why would i be mad? I had sex with her too, you can get women knocked up, and shit happens, nothing to get pissed off about, however, I'm worried about how we're gonna handle this though," Candy replied.

"Yes, I mean, I don't want this to throw a wrench into your marriage or anything like that, but, there is another baby on their way now," I said.

We all just tried to process this, I mean this was a big deal. After about a minute, I got up and hugged them both, we made not have had any idea what to do at that moment, but one thing was for sure, we had each other.

"Well Jack, will you still love our baby too?" I asked.

"Yes, of course I will mom," Jack replied.

"That's all that matters, now let's go have sex again before Kara wakes up," I said.

So I was knocked up, I wasn't about to let that screw up what we all had together, that would be a big mistake. We all sat down on the couch, with me in the middle and they both felt my stomach for a minute to feel the baby growing inside of me literally as I was leaning on my back.

"Well damn Jack, I guess your baby maker is working overtime now," Candy said.

Then they both leaned over to kiss each other right over my stomach, it was amazing really, they just found out that he got me pregnant and they weren't letting it become a problem between them. A minute later they kissed me as well, so I wouldn't feel left out I guess you could say.

"Tell mom you love her," Candy said to Jack.

So he did, Candy really liked to be the boss in the sex relationship, that turned me on a great deal.

"I love you mom, Candy told me to tell you, but I wanted to tell you though," Jack said.

"Dually noted," I replied just before I kissed him once.

I made out with both of them for a few minutes and then eventually Candy went down south a little bit with her nice fingers. They found their way in between my pussy lips and it was beyond paradise. I let out a few moans as I put my head down a bit, Jack had his tongue on my big nipples, I could only imagine what would be happening to my nipples in the months to come, I really couldn't remember too much from when I was pregnant with them for some reason. Candy started kissing my neck a bit, all just adding up quite a bit already for a big orgasm. Jack had both of my boobs in his hands and I could definitely tell that Candy had him using lotion or something.

"Damn Jack, you have the softest hands for a man I've ever felt in my life," I said.

He just looked over at his wife for a minute.

"Well, when he feels my boobs, or other parts of me like my neck, I just want some soft hands when we have sex, is that so hard to believe?" Candy asked.

I could believe that, anyway after that he continued feeling me up a bit and then Candy got down onto her knees on the floor. She got right in front of my pussy and leaned down towards it as if she was opening her first present on Christmas morning. She immediately stuck her tongue as far into my pussy as she could without even flinching, which was what I thought to be at least a little difficult, but she did it with flying colors.

"Oh my, oh yes my kids, make mommy feel good, in more ways than one," I said as I moaned.

I was getting a little sweaty already trying to just take all the pleasure, which even in our 4oth to 50th sex session it was very difficult to not just shoot like a cannon in the first 5 minutes. I never did figure out how Candy learned to eat pussy the way she did, but I didn't care. I just enjoyed the work. Then a minute later, Jack got down on the floor with Candy and got right under her pussy, so we'd be a little train, a pussy eating train, what better train is there?

"Oh my Jack, I had no idea you felt that way about me, I'm your sister after all," Candy said.

He didn't answer her, he was just enjoying having full access to his sister's pussy, not a bad deal if you ask me now anyway, you get to have amazing sex, you just have to look past the incest thing. The incest thing was getting stronger and stronger, it was like Batman going to the dark side, only it's not so dark as once imagined. I couldn't see how well he was fucking his sister, but I could only imagine how well he was eating her out, after all, I had actually seen it happen many times before.

"Jack, Jack, Jack!! Oh I love you so much!" Candy screamed.

The pleasure was just making her get a little rougher with my pussy, she was using her like she was about to lose it soon if she didn't. Of course with each movement in my pussy, I felt better and got closer and closer to causing a 'cumfall' to hit Candy's face like a bag of bricks. I looked down towards her face and it was already really wet, I mean like she just got out of a pool already, she loved it that much. I put my hands onto her head and her face just got even closer to my pussy. Her hair was soaked as well, I loved that.

"Oh sweetheart, your hair is all wet now," I said.

She didn't answer, only about a minute later, she hit my g-spot all too well which caused that cumfall to hit her face rather quickly. Then as you can imagine, the top half of her beautiful body was soaked, then of course she began moaning very loudly as well, so before it was too late, I got down on the floor and watched my son take every single drop of her cum as it came straight from her incredibly nice pussy, and it was a sight to see.

"Well, 2 down, just 1 to go, care to help sweetie?" I asked Candy.

We both got down towards his cock and she sucked on it first and of course let me do it too as well. We were gonna make him have his own personal 'cumfall' as well.

"Oh mom, I had no idea that you and Jack were so close, how long have you hid this from me?" Candy asked.

"Just a little while," I replied.

I took his whole cock into my mouth and began to deep throat him, even at my age, I could still deep throat just as well as I could when I was Candy's age. She was supposed to take a turn, but then she leaned over towards him and kissed him several times on the lips. I blew him and she kissed him for about 7 minutes straight.

Even after all this, he still held his load down, which was just beyond amazing I thought anyway, I don't know how long they lasted when they had sex, but I could only imagine that he couldn't last forever given the pleasure he was receiving. She put her arms underneath him and he wrapped his arms around her as well. They were close, you'd think they were physically attached.

"Tell me the truth, who gives better head, me or mom?" Candy asked.

He had to think about that for a minute, I still had his cock in my mouth, but I was so dying to his answer though.

"You are better sis, like I'm gonna fall into that trap," Jack said.

"Good one Jack," I replied.

I crawled up with them and laid on his left side, I put my arm over them and we were all very close.

"Well Jack, you got your sister pregnant, you got your mom pregnant, you aren't planning on getting Kara pregnant are you?" I asked.

"Candy, slap her," Jack replied.

She actually gave me a pretty gentle slap.

"You are too funny," I said.

Then all of the sudden I happen to look down towards their crotches and I saw some while liquid go up into the air a bit, I guess the deal was sealed you could say.

"Well Candy, you certainly know how to pleasure your husband," I said.

"I know a few things, I know how to make my brother love me more than a sister, I got him to pop the question, I know he really wanted to because he loved me and not just because he got me pregnant," Candy replied.

"You've come a long way from just having sex in the middle of the night, you two have a real relationship. You are married, you have a baby together, I guess all that's left is living in your own place," I said.

"Well, actually, we're not too sure we can just move out now that you are pregnant mom, I mean you are already... older... just saying, we can't just leave you now," Candy replied.

"Were you planning on moving out soon before you found out I was pregnant?" I asked.

"Yes, we were, we found a small 2 bedroom house, if you co signed for us, we could probably get it, but now, it's probably not such a great idea," Jack replied.

I felt a little bad, I knew for awhile they mainly stayed for my benefit, but after awhile, I knew they'd be fine moving even with Kara, now I was pregnant. Although it wasn't their ideal plan, it didn't matter, they stayed there with me, when I started to show a bit, we found out that I was having another girl, so Jack would still be the only guy around. And still absolutely no bullshit, we had another threesome as my new daughter Gina was 3 months old.

We all live in the same house and I mainly raise Gina and they mainly raise Kara, but we all raise the kids really, they still haven't moved out, and they are still horny as hell for each other, I'm still wondering when they are gonna tell me that I'm gonna have another incest grandchild. One thing I've thought about countless times, was it that because they thought it was so forbidden that made it so hot, and therefore, really made it last? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. I got an incest child and grandchild out of it, so I'm not complaining.
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