I just wrote to say I Love You

I walk up behind you, wrapping my arms around you. Hugging you tightly against me, leaning down and kissing your ears so gently. My warm breath playing over your sensitive skin as I whisper "I love you" in your ear and across your cheek. You jump at my first touch, but quickly settle back into my embrace. The feel of your body against mine is wonderful; I shall never tire of it. Your hands come up and cover mine around your midsection. A small moan of content escapes from your throat as you feel and hear my whispered sentiment. Standing, cheek to cheek. I turn my head to you and kiss your ear, then your cheek. Gently, lightly. Moving forward as I turn your body towards me. My lips placing soft firm kisses along your cheek, your jaw, your chin. Facing me now, my arms still wrapped around you keeping you close. My eyes looking deep into yours. I see your soul sweetheart. I feel your passion in your eyes. My heart calls out to yours across the vision of the emotional spectrum, touching and reaching yours. We are joined; physically, emotionally and spiritually. We will always be together even when we are apart.

My kisses reach your lips. Our eyes narrow on each other, speaking without saying a word. Your lips are responding by parting ever so slightly. Our tongues slip out to meet each other. Sliding across one another, slipping into the others mouth. Exchanging a sense of desire that only two people in love could exchange. I feel small electrical charges go through me as we kiss; the same feelings I felt the first day we kissed, and have felt every day since then.

My hug eases, and turns into a caress over your back. I feel your hands roaming over mine. Bringing my hands up along your back, over your neck, and up through your hair, pulling your mouth harder to mine. Our tongues slipping deeper into each other's mouths. Your hands come up along my arms, caressing over my ears, my head, into my hair. You pull me into you as we kiss also. We can feel the electricity building in our bodies. Our love for each other growing stronger every day.

As we kiss, our hands continue to roam and caress. Our hands moving and sliding down each other's bodies. Causing the other to react and respond. Goosebumps starting to rise on our skin as our light caresses and soft kisses excite the others body. My body responds to your stimulations, causing me to know it will turn out with wonderful results. Your body responding to my efforts, letting you know that even more wonderful feelings are to come. Our lips part, giving us each a chance to catch our breath. I take advantage of the moment, and continue kissing you, along your cheek and jaw, back over your ear, then down your neck to your shoulder. My hands caressing along your arms, followed by me putting soft lovingly light kisses along every inch. I feel your body shudder, silently telling me that you enjoy it. I know form past experiences that if I keep this up, I may likely make you cum without even touching you more sexually. Knowing this, I continue my efforts.
I kneel down in front of you, my hands lifting your shirt, pushing it up as I kiss across your stomach. Licking at your navel, sucking on it. Kissing it and then moving along your sexy belly. Working my way up, pushing your shirt higher. My hands lifting your shirt up to your neck, fully exposing your entire chest. My kisses following upwards, over and around your entire chest, finally finding and sucking on your hardened nipples. Flicking them with my tongue, licking over them. Grabbing them between my lips, tugging in them, sucking firmly. My teeth graze over them, knowing it drives you crazy. Another moan escapes from inside you. Your hands come up and hold my head to your chest. I continue to tease and excite your nipples with my mouth, and then begin my inevitable journey downward. Kissing back down your chest, back along your sexy stomach. Pausing at your navel again. Sticking my tongue inside, licking it, then sucking on it. I stay there, sucking hard. When I leave, you have a very dark, signature love mark, indicating to any who may see this semi intimate region of your body that you have been claimed, that you belong to me.

I kneel down, lowering your pants again as I kiss every inch that becomes exposed. Running my hands down your legs pushing your pants down, then caressing back up. Raising the goose bumps again at my light sexually charged touch. Coming up to your hips, my hands caressing over your buttocks, kneading them, squeezing them, pinching them. I turn you away; kissing along the back, then up over your cheeks. My hands running up your back, caressing you. Firmly pushing, indicating for you to bend forward. You do, spreading your legs to remain standing. My hands coming back to your sexy bottom, massaging your buttocks, spreading them apart. I put soft gentle kisses right at the top of you split. Then slowly run my kisses and tongue down along your cheeks, slipping between them occasionally. Your body again shivers at this; I know it is one of your weaknesses. I intend to make you cum, without touching anything sexually. It is my goal, my plan, my desire. I hear you moaning, gasping, and panting. I know you want a release. I push your buttocks fully open. I lick along your inner cheeks, slowing and moving gently and tenderly as I approach your small dark portal. I give it a lick. Then another, harder lick. Your body shivers. You reach out to balance yourself. I kiss you there, then again, and another. I bring my hands down, my fingers gently but firmly rub you there. The wetness form my kisses making my fingers glide easily over your button. I push gently but firmly, sliding a finger inside. You moan out loud. I know how much you love this, even if you don't want to admit it. Sliding my finger inside, I kiss all around the point of entry. Licking to add lubrication. I begin sliding my finger in and out slowly. I feel you almost ready. I remove my finger, and replace it with my tongue. Sliding my tongue deeply inside. My lips pressing against your hot skin. Wiggling my tongue inside, making sure you can feel it. I then begin humming against your ass. You can take no more, and begin cumming. Your body racked with your orgasm. Shaking intensely. I smile, slipping my tongue out. Caressing your body as you slowly come down from your high. I bring you to your knees in front of me. I take your head and face in my hands. Kissing you deeply, passionately.

Holding your face, looking directly in your eyes. I smile and say lustfully, "I Love you baby".
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