I love you my Brother
I love you my Brother

My name is Bryan, I am 22 years old, my height is 5.9',I have dirty blonde hair, and my wieght is 165 pound, my body was build because I spend so much time in the gym.

One night someone knocked on my room door and it was my brother Andy, we are twin so we have the same face and body form, but he dyed his hair into jet black color.

He saw me was sitting on the sofa under a window in my room, and I was looking at my ex girlfriend's photo with my sad face. "Oh come on it was 2 weeks ago, just let her go, Bryan!" , "I can't, too many sweet memories between us, Andy" , "well you don't need to be sad anymore Bryan, I will entertain you".

Then, he suddenly sit next to me on the sofa, he took away my ex girlfriend's photo from my hand, "you know Bryan, you don't need this anymore!" His eyes at my blue sleeveless shirt then to my white short, then he moves his lips coler to my lips, "Oh my god! Andy!! What the hell you are doing!" He seems don't care about what I said, he grabs my neck and begins to kiss me on my lips. I feel the new sensation and I feel my body is getting hot, I moan a little bit. Then he pull his lips. Then Andy said, "I know you will like it my Brother" as he winked his eyes at me.

I think he can see the lust in my eyes now, he licks his lips, then he grab my sleeveless shirt and take it off, he begins to caress my wide muscular chest and kiss my neck, "Ooh yeah" I said it loudly. He runs his fingers on my left hard nipple then he moves his lips to my right nipple, he let out his moan then keep sucking and biting my right nipple. I don't know why but suddenly I push his shoulder and take his face to me. I kiss him passionately, I bite his under lip, then I try to insert my tongue into his mouth. Our tongue meet and lick each other. "Bryan" he says my name with his alluring voice, my hands pull his tight black shirt, the I pinch a little bit to his brownish hard nipple. He moans loudly,then he kneels down and pulls my short in one move (I don't wear any underwear that night). his eyes open wider when he sees my precum oozing on my cock tip. "Wow, Bryan I like your cock".

My cock was hard like a steel and the head was red, he smiles then he licks the head and he knows how to twirl his tongue around the head and take my 7" fully erect into his wanting mouth. As I close my eyes I can feel the hot and wet sensation of his mouth covering my cock. "Ooh Andy keep it up!" I grab his head and start pumping it. Andy moans. His right hand cupping my balls and massage it while his left hand caressing my thigh. I feel my cock start throbbing. "Andy, I come...Ooooh yeah!!!" I shoot load after load to his mouth, he swallow all of my cum, then he smiles and kiss me. Andy shares my hot juice from his mouth to me. I really surprised it taste great and I like it. "So, will you forget your stupid ex girlfriend?", "Of course Andy! Damn I never feel like this before!", "Ooh I love you my Brother" and we start kissing again.
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