I made love to my son while my daughter watched
"Make love to mom, it's the least we can do for her, after all, we'll be in the bedroom a lot more now," Candy whispered.

I wasn't supposed to hear that, but what does it matter, then Jack got on top of me and kissed me once. Candy threw him a condom and looked at me for a minute.

"You wanna make love mom?" Jack asked.

"I'm guessing your wife is OK with said events?" I asked.

"Very OK with it," Jack replied.

"Then absolutely," I said.

He got off me and put on the condom. A little mother/son sex is good every now and then. As he had the condom on, he got on top of me, he looked at me just how he looked at his sister, no bullshit, I knew I shouldn't have been surprised, but I was. He was in love with her, not me, but he still had that look in his eyes, I mean that 'I love you so much' look I guess would be the best way to describe it.

"Come on Jack, you can kiss her, I'll just take it out on you later," Candy said.

So he kissed me right there and then, and it lasted for over 2 minutes. He never ever kissed me for that long before, and for some odd reason, Candy was OK with it. She was just like her mom, she couldn't resist but to have her nice and soft fingers find their way right between her moist pussy lips that were dripping more and more.

"Come on big brother, show our mom how much you love her," Candy said.

He grabbed my hands and began thrusting his cock as hard as he could on the floor, which was a little difficult, but he still was more than able to satisfy me though. I couldn't believe how good my boobs felt leaning up against his chest, I mean it was paradise. I wrapped my arms around him and made he wasn't about to go anywhere, even if he did cum. He kept thrusting his cock in and out of my swollen pussy, a little slowly but still very erotic and sexy as well. I looked over at Candy and she too looked like she just got out of the shower masturbating like there is no tomorrow or next week either. Every single inch of Jack's nice cock was inside me and it seemed to be getting longer it felt anyway.

"You gotta take this cock inside you every time you have sex Candy?" I asked.

"Yes, and I love it," Candy replied.

He was thrusting his nice cock inside my pussy just how I saw him do it to my daughter so many times before, obviously having sex with my son was a turn on to no end but at the same I knew Candy had to be feeling it a bit, as in I was fucking her husband and no one likes seeing that, so I invited her to come over and join us for a little while.

"Come here Candy," I said.

She wasted no time to come over with us and have some fun. She got on the floor with me, but that's not quite what I had in mind though.

"No, get over there right in front of me," I said.

She did just that as Jack got off me. I was on my knees and turned over towards my very sexy daughter, she was laying there on her back with her legs arched and a very wet pussy. I had bar none ever seen such a wonderful and sexy woman in my life. I very slowly leaned down and began licking my own daughter's pussy. When it was so damn easy for me to just do that, that was when I knew I was crazy about my kids, I mean I loved them to absolutely no end, they were my pride, joy and some joy you could say. I spread out Candy's moist and sexy pussy lips quite a bit for the most part, as in I mean just about as far as they would go. She began moaning really loudly.

"Oh fuck me mom, I love you so much," Candy said.

I knew exactly how she felt on that, because I felt the same way. As I've said before, Candy was the only woman I had ever been with, and somehow I was satisfying her to end as well, as if it took almost no effort what's so ever. Anyway, i was doing this as Jack was thrusting his huge dick in and out of my pussy as well, so we were one big happy sexual family together. He was slamming me probably as hard as he could, given that this was turning out to be one hot threesome.

"Oh fuck yes my son, make mommy love you just how she loves your sister," I said as I moaned a bit.

I stuck my tongue probably as far as it would go inside my dear daughter's pussy, I was moving it around ever so slowly and with each movement, I could just tell that she was getting closer and closer to climaxing. As she began moving around a bit as she laid down, I put mt hands onto her boobs to try and calm her down even just a little bit.

"Oh mom, if you were any other woman, I'd slap you for feeling me up like that," Candy said.

"I'll take that under advisement," I replied.

I fucked my daughter like no bodies business for what seemed like hours, hours and then a few more hours after that, no bullshit. Of course my face was absolutely drenched with her juices, I saw her cum quite a few times before, so I knew what was in store for me and I wasn't gonna wait forever, so I gave it my all. I stuck it in there as deep as I could, I didn't have a tongue as long as Gene Simmions' tongue, but still pretty long though. She was moving around almost uncontrollably truth be told.

"Oh fuck yes mom!!" Candy screamed.

And with that, my ace was about to be sprayed like a big firesmen hose hooked to a hydrant, she sprayed my face faster than ever, she of course came in my face quite a few times before, but that time was as Barney Stintson would say Legen- wait for it, -dary! She couldn't resist but to crawl down a bit and get directly under me. We made out as mother and daughter as my son and her husband/brother continued to thrust his cock in and out of my very sore, yet moist pussy.

"So, you like kissing your mom still?" I asked Candy.

"Where did you get that idea?" Candy asked.

We made out a little more and then Jack began moaning just a bit, it was more than obvious that he was about to shoot.

"Shit, I'm gonna blow," Jack said.

So he pulled out and Candy and I laid down on our backs with our boobs up. He stroked his cock mercilessly for about 15 seconds and then he shot about 5 good shots all over our boobs. If we thought they were already soaked, damn, they were beyond drenched. Then of course he collapsed down on the floor with us, we had some threesomes before, but that one was for the record books.

"Have I told how much I love you kids lately?" I asked.

They just kissed each other once and then both kissed me on the lips.

"Maybe," They both replied.

"Damn, I swear sometimes you two are twins, but you are 2 years apart," I said.

Then they kissed me on my cheeks, after that we all just cuddled for a couple of minutes and tried to catch our breaths a bit. Of course after all that, Kara started fussing a bit.

"There she is, that took a little longer than I thought it would," Candy said.

So Candy got up and went to get Kara, she came back with her in her arms a minute later. She sat down with her and started feeding her, you know, breast feeding, hot. Jack got up and sat next to her and just smiled a bit as he watched. It was so heartwarming to see them together like that, they really were the perfect couple. Even after sex, they know when it's time to take care of their baby.

"Jack, mom I love you both like a brother, a mother and lovers, but can you cover up please, I don't want Kara to be exposed to this," Candy said.

"But you are naked too," Jack replied as he put a blanket over himself.

"But, I'm the mom and I do have to be at least a little naked to feed our daughter, so be a good brother/husband and listen, and share the blanket with your sister," Candy said.

So we both covered up a bit, for Kara's sake and of course he shared the blanket

"So, there is something I wanna run by you
two," I said.

"Yes?" They both asked.

"Would you two ever consider having another baby sometime?" I asked.

They both looked at each other for a minute and smiled.

"What's that about?" I asked.

"Well, actually, I'm pregnant again," Candy replied.

I just freaked with excitement right then.

"Really, are you?" I asked.

"No, but it's nice to know that you'd be happy for us," Candy replied.

"B-I-T-C-H," I said.

"Sorry, and what about you mom, didn't ever wanna give us another aunt or uncle?" Jack asked.

"Sweetie, seriously, I'm in my 50s, who the hell would wanna have a baby with me now?" I asked.

"I don't know, didn't you ever think about it over the years? I mean you had a string of boyfriends, none of them wanted to put a bun in your oven?" Candy asked.

"I guess not, but I'm in my 50s now, I got the 2 best kids a mom could ask for and they have a beautiful little girl together as well, and I couldn't possibly want more, I'm good on that subject, all I want now, is just for you to tell me that you are pregnant and actually be pregnant," I replied.

"Well, if I know me, I can get her pregnant sometime yet again, but we're gonna plan our next baby though," Jack said.

"D-A-M-N right," I replied just before I kissed him.

Before we knew it, Kara was full and needed to be burped, so Candy turned her around.

"So Candy, when you were up late making love to your brother, did you ever think you'd be sitting on the couch with us burping your daughter while we're all completely naked?" I asked.

"Not quite like this," Candy replied.

I leaned over and kissed her on the lips for about 5 seconds, and right after that Kara burped.

"Well Kara, you most love mommy's milk," I said.

"Well, she does," Candy replied as she just held Kara for a minute rocking her to sleep.

"And, have these enhanced your sex life Jack?" I asked while feeling up my own daughter.

"Well Jack, have they?" Candy asked.

"Yes, a bit, they just make me a little hornier for my hot wife, and it's just practice for when we do have another baby," Jack replied.

"But if we use birth control, doesn't that defeat the purpose of practicing though?" Candy asked.

"I guess, but we do have fun practicing though," Jack replied.

They kissed each other again.

"OK just so I'm clear, you are talking about sex right?" I asked.

They both shot me a look.

"In all seriousness, I don't think I've ever seen a couple happier or more committed to each other in my life. You two definitely have the bar set high, I mean really high. I just wonder how your kids are gonna be when they hook up," I said.

"I'm sorry, what?" Jack asked.

"Well, don't you want them to hook up and continue the incest tradition? Just saying, I think you'd both be happier if they did. I may old and senile by time that happens though, and don't even think about it," I replied.

They both just looked at me for a minute and said nothing, but of course they wanted to say something.

"Well, I should put her back down for a little while," Candy said as she got up.

She left the room and I got towards my big and strong son, I cuddled with him for a minute.

"Are you in the mood yet again sexy mom?" Jack asked.

"Maybe, but really, I'm glad one of those swimmers got into your sister's egg and got that beautiful little girl, she is absolutely adorable, I'm not just saying that either," I replied.

"Well thank you mom, I do appreciate that," Jack said.

I kissed him on the cheek for a minute and we stayed silent for a minute until Candy came back still completely naked, wow, she was a goddess.

"You two weren't about to have sex were you?" Candy asked.

"No, I would never cheat on you sis, not even with mom," Jack replied.

"Wow, I was expecting a 'No' with that tone as you had no idea what I was talking about," Candy said as she sat with us.

We all cuddled for a minute.

"And now you can uncover that thing that got me pregnant, it's OK now Kara is out of sight," Candy said as she pulled the blanket off us.

Then she just got on top of Jack, she sat on his lap with her boobs towards him. No body said anything for like 3 minutes straight and then she leaned her head towards him to kiss him once.

"I love you, you know," Candy said.

"I'm aware," Jack replied.
She nodded her head with that look.

"I love you too sis," Jack said.
They kissed again and she just leaned her head on his shoulder towards me.

"And before me, you really had never been with another woman?" Candy asked me.

"Not even one, expect for that one time I fucked my aunt," I replied.

They both just shot me a look, they obviously knew I was lying.

"What's with you two and that look? I mean damn," I said.

Then they both wrapped their arms around each other and leaned down away from me on the couch. They still weren't having sex just yet, but I could tell they wanted to, maybe they knew if they did I'd join in and they wanted just sex with the 2 of them.

"If you just want some brother/sister sex with no mom, go ahead, I won't feel left out," I said.

"Yes you will," Jack replied.

"No I won't go ahead, pound her and I won't even get off the couch," I said.

They both looked at each other for a minute and then back at me.

"No, it's OK mom, we're good on the sex for now, we just wanna cuddle together for a little while if that's OK," Jack replied.

"That's OK, you just wanna stay naked though?" I asked.

"We like it, and you can keep them off too... if you want," Candy replied.

I had no objection to that, so we all stayed naked and just watched some TV, and you'll never believe it, what we watched didn't involve sex, at all. We watched The Price is Right on TiVo for a little while. We could agree on sex, but the prices suggested my the manufacture's retail price, not so much. We got a little loud shouting and arguing.

"There is no way that car is more than $18.485, there's just no freaking way," Candy said.

"Calm down sis, you'll wake up Kara," Jack replied.

That went on for a couple hours and somehow Kara just slept right through it. As it got to be close to dinner time, they were wondering what sounded good.

"Mom anything we haven't had in awhile sound good for dinner," Candy asked me while I had a weird look on my face.

"What's wrong mom?" Jack asked.

"I don't know, I'm just not all that hungry all of the sudden, and feeling a little stomach ache I guess," I replied.

"OK, we can wait a little while," Jack said.

"But I don't think I can," I replied as I got up and headed to the bathroom.

I lifted up the seat on the toliet and just threw up, I had no idea why i felt so crappy all of the sudden, but I did.

"Are you OK mom?" Candy asked.

"A little better now, oh fuck me sideways," I replied just before I threw up again.
This went on for a few more minutes, and then in the background from all my barfing, I heard Candy ask Jack something.

"Do you think you got mom pregnant?" Candy asked as she whispered.
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