I saw my kids doing it
My name is Tracy and I'm 49 with brown hair and eyes. I have 2 kids, a boy named Jack and a girl named Candy that are 24 and 22 now. I divorced their dad about 10 years ago and they stayed with me as their dad moved about 6 hours away. They have been looking for an apartment they could move into, but I'm not ready for them to leave even though they are adults. Their father cheated on me and I was heart broken,so I'm not about to lose them too. So I asked them to stay, they said they would for a little while anyway. At some point in time, something happened with them. I had literally no idea about it though until one Saturday night. We were all hanging out watching TV as they were really close to each other.

"So, neither one of you have anything to do tonight, you just wanna hang out with your mom?" I asked.

"You say that as if you don't like it mom," Jack replied.

"Well, I like spending time with you two, but still you are both adults and I don't want you to think you gotta stay here with your middle aged mom," I said.

"You aren't middle aged, you are like half way to middle aged," Candy replied.

"Did you see that Jack? She actually said that with a straight face, you should have her teach you that, you are gonna have a wife someday," I said.

"We'll see," Jack replied as he had a quick look at Candy.

I thought that was weird, but I dismissed it. We all just watched TV as a family for a couple more hours and when 10:30 came along I found myself tired and ready for bed.

"Well I'm gonna hit now, I'll see you two in the morning then," I said.

"OK goodnight mom, we love you," Jack replied.

"I love you both too," I said.

Then I walked to my bedroom. They were close, they even teamed up as Jack gave me 'We love you' and I didn't get an 'I love you' from both of them? That was odd too, but I dismissed it. I went to bed naked and of course had to masturbate at least once. I hadn't had sex in about 2 years then, so I masturbated whenever I could really without being addicted though. Then I went to sleep, but about at 2:00 am I woke up, I could rarely sleep all through the night. I laid there and tried to go back to sleep, but I had no luck, I thought a late night snack might help a little.

I put on a shirt and my panties right before I went out to the hallway, I wouldn't want them to come out and see me naked. As I was out there. I noticed both of their doors were closed, so they must have been sleeping. I went to the kitchen and found some pizza left over. I put some in the microwave and heated it up. I ate it in about 2 minutes, I was hungry. Once I was done, I slowly walked back to my room, but on the way back I noticed some sounds coming from Candy's room. I went closer to her door and saw her lamp was on as well.

"Candy what the fuck are you doing at 2:15 am, having some company?" I asked myself.

I wasn't sure, so I got closer to the door and heard some moaning.

"Oh yeah big brother, show me how much you love me," Candy said.

"'Big brother'? What the fuck is going on?" I asked myself.

I couldn't resist but to look in and investigate. I opened the door and I couldn't believe what I saw. Jack was on top of Candy, they were both naked and they were having sex together. It really appeared as though they were both really enjoying it too, they were in missionary position kissing each other slowly with their eyes closed. I didn't know how to feel about what I was seeing right in front of me honestly, but I knew I was turned on. My right hand found its way into my panties and I started masturbating.

My pussy had become very wet from watching them, I was feeling more than weird because of that. I stuck my fingers inside my pussy and watched my son pound my daughter like mad. I saw him put space between them and jam his cock deep into her pussy. For the first time in many years, I saw Candy's tits, and they were pretty sexy honestly, and judging from the look on Jack's face, he was quite fond of them too.

"Oh fuck yes Jack, pound me hard, so hard that I scream, I wanna scream as you make me love you even more," Candy said.

"Well we don't wanna wake mom up though, so you gotta keep it down a little," Jack replied.

"We only get to make love twice a week, you have no idea how badly I want inside me by Thursday night, we should just tell her and maybe she'll understand," Candy said.

"Well, first of all, we always make love more than twice on those 2 nights, and secondly, maybe sometime soon sis, but I'm afraid she wouldn't understand though," Jack replied just before they kissed once.

That kiss lasted for over a minute, they wrapped their arms around each other, and just continued to make sweet incestuous love.

"OK I love you, now make me cum, mom could wake up at anytime and notice us," Candy said.

"I love you too sis," Jack replied.

Then I actually saw Jack pull his 8 inch cock out and rip off the condom just to shoot his load on her stomach as she came too. It was so damn hot, I couldn't help but cum myself, I was so turned on, I came almost instantly. After that she took his cock in her hand and started making out again. Then I slowly went back to my room and of course I wasn't about to sleep a wink. My kids were having sex with each other, I was in shock. She said they could only do it twice a week, did she mean Friday and Saturday nights?

I thought about that question and quite a few others all night long. I masturbated countless times, every time it was thinking of my 2 kids that I gave birth to making love. I didn't sleep a wink and I got up at about 8:00. I went to the living room and continued to think. Jack came out around 10:00 and Candy didn't come out until 10:30, I guess they were really trying to cover their tracks. I didn't sense any sexual tension or anything like that either, so they had me fooled. The whole time I couldn't get the image of them having sex out of my head.

"So, did you two sleep OK?" I asked.

"Yes I did, you don't look like you did though, rough night?" Candy asked.

"Something like that," I replied.

The rest of that day was long, I was really tired, but then as the day went on, I could see it as plain as day. The looks that they gave each other, how nice they were to each other and every other signal too. I seriously wondered how I never saw it before. They did some brother/sister flirting I noticed as well, him telling her how pretty she was and I even noticed them checking each others butts out. At about 2:30 or so, my panties were soaked and they noticed that I was still sleepy though.

"Well mom why don't you take a nap? Jack and I will be OK for awhile," Candy said smiling.

Oh yeah, they'd just love that, but could I risk it? Would they do it when I just took a nap? Well, I decided to test them, see what they would do.

"Sure, just wake me up in a couple hours, I don't wanna sleep too long," I said.

"Sure mom," Jack replied.

Then I got up and went to my room. I really thought for sure they'd do something. So I went into my room, but didn't lay down. I stayed right up against my door and listened for awhile, but I heard nothing but the TV though. I thought they might just wait for a little while for me to 'fall asleep' I guess. So I was patient, and kept listening. Unfortunately for me, I was still really tired and they seemed to be OK waiting, so I thought I'd lay down for a few minutes. That proved to be a bad idea, I fell asleep in about 3 minutes. Then before I knew it, Jack was waking me up.

"Mom, it's been 2 hours now," Jack said.

I woke up and saw him, of course I was disappointed.

"OK thanks dude," I said.

Then he went back to the living room and I wasn't too pleased. That could have been my one chance to catch them.

"Son of a bitch, why the fuck did I lay down?" I asked myself.

I was pissed off, I thought for sure I'd catch them. So I went out there and I saw them sitting together watching a movie, once again very close to each other. She was leaning on him with her back to him while they had some big smiles, so it was at least obvious to me.

"So, what have you two been up to?" I asked as I sat down with them.

"Just watching a movie, Wedding Crashers," Candy replied.

"Oh yeah, didn't you have a crush on Vince Vaughn at one point, get freaky with him?" I asked Candy.

"Maybe, he's hot," Candy replied.

Then I saw Jack pinch her.

"Ow, be nice," Candy said.

"I'm not sorry," Jack replied.

Well it was more than obvious to me why he pinched her, but they didn't know I knew that. Then a minute later, I got my proof, I saw a condom wrapper barely sticking out under the couch, they did have sex, so I just got a little idea.

"So Candy, are you pregnant yet?" I asked.

She just had a weird look on her face and so did Jack.

"What, no, I'm not pregnant," Candy replied.

"I'm just saying we're all adults here, we all have sex and if you were pregnant, I wouldn't want you to hide it from me, I'd want you to be up front about it, I'm still your mom, you can tell me these things," I said.

"OK mom, you will be the first one to know when I'm knocked up," Candy replied.

"What about you Jack, you knock anyone up yet?" I asked.

"Nope, you don't have any grand kids yet," Jack replied.

I didn't have any concrete evidence that they were doing it, they could deny that the condom wrapper was their's, so I thought I'd catch them in the act. That night I stayed up late even though I had work the next day, but I didn't hear anything go on. They said 2 times a week, so maybe they did just mean just Saturday and Friday nights. At about 2:30 I just gave up, and went to bed.

I was disappointed, I thought for sure they'd do it, but nothing happened, so I called it a night. I thought maybe I'd look again next Friday night. Over that week I noticed the same things, the flirting and them being really close to each other a whole lot as well. So that next Friday night, we were all about to go to bed.

"Well, goodnight you two, I hope you both have a good sleep," I said.

Then they both took a quick glance at each other for a second. I knew they were gonna try it, so I gave them both a hug and went to bed. Of course I wasn't about to lay down and fall asleep again. So I stayed against the door and then around 1:00 or so, I heard some soft knocking, along with a door opening and a soft kiss.

"What took you so long?" Candy asked.

"Sorry, I just wanted to make sure mom was asleep before do it with my sister," Jack replied.

They went in there and shut the door. So I waited a minute and let them get ready. Then I opened my door slowly and went over to Candy's bedroom door. I put my head on the door and listened closely.

"Oh I fucking love you sis," Jack said.

"I love you too, now pound me already, this has been the longest week of my life," Candy replied.

I just had to get another look at them, so I opened it and saw them.Jack was on top of her once again in missionary position. So I guess they did just do it on the weekends, it was the only good time when work or me didn't screw things up. So they were forced to do it that late on the weekends, but I had to wonder of course how this started.

My kids were making love to each other, that doesn't just happen overnight. I saw them making out passionately as brother and sister and it once again that really turned me on. I had no idea why, maybe deep down I loved the idea of them being incestuous. So I put my hand back into my panties and masturbated again. I stuck my fingers into my pussy and began moaning a little. It was so damn to watch honestly.

"Tell me you love me again Jack, tell me now," Candy said.

"I love you Candy, even more than candy," Jack replied.

Then they both laughed a bit and they switched to doggie style. They faced away from the door so they didn't notice their horny mom watching them. I saw Jack's bare butt for the first time in years as well. He was really pounding Candy hard, he also began spanking her on the butt. She seemed to like it even more than he did. She was moaning a little loudly though, but how could she not, I also noticed that Jack was packing a big dick.

"Keep it down, we don't wanna wake mom up," Jack said.

"Oh who gives a shit, let her find out," Candy replied.

Then he pulled out and she got on her knees with him on the bed. Then they faced and kissed each other a few times, but they still didn't notice me though as she beganstroking his cock slowly and he began rubbing her boobs.

"She'll just know how much we love each other, that's all. If she decides to kick us out, then we can just get that apartment we found. It's still available, then we can have sex whenever we want. We can have sex in the living room at 4:00 in the afternoon if we want to," Candy said.

"That would be so nice if I could fuck my sister whenever I wanted to, that would be paradise," Jack replied.

"Well, we'll have to tell her at some point in time, but I know she won't like it though," Candy said.

"And what if I get you pregnant, then we'll have to tell her," Jack replied.

"Well, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it I guess, but then we'll have a baby together and that will be that. We'll love and take care of our baby together and we can secretly give everyone the finger that thinks incest is wrong. Besides, mom was telling us we should be upfront with that," Candy said just before they kissed.

"Very well said sis," Jack replied.

"I wanna see you cum on my stomach now Jack, will you do that for me?" Candy asked.

"Anything for my sister," Jack replied.

Then she began stroking his cock quickly and he shot his load onto her stomach. They both were trying to catch their breathes and they laid down to cuddle. Wow, I couldn't believe what I was seeing right in front of me. My kids were like in love with each other, they even cuddled with each other after sex and told each other they loved each other numerous times. I wondered if I should have said something to them right then, this was huge, really huge. They were having sex with each other on the weekends and seemed to crave it badly. They were even thinking about moving out and possibly having a baby, so I had to wonder: how late was I to this party?

"So let's tell her we wanna move, like she said we are adults now and we can do whatever we want. So let's tell her we wanna move and get that apartment," Jack said.

"I suppose we could, and she did say we were adults," Candy replied.

"We'll just have to lock the doors when we have sex, we don't want her finding out like that," Jack said.

"No shit Sherlock," Candy replied.

Yeah, sometimes a parent talking to their kids backfires, I tried to get them to admit something was going on and it backfired, now they were planning on talking to me about moving? I still debated with myself whether or not to say anything, but ultimately decided not to, I wanted to test them again and see if they would say anything to me about them moving. So I slowly made my way back to my room and laid down. Once again, I wasn't about to just go to sleep.

About 30 minutes later I heard some footsteps, I slowly opened up my door and saw Jack sneaking back into his room in his boxers. I so wasn't sure how to go about this, should I wait for them to say something, or bust them? That was the main thing I wondered about as I just laid there in bed for hours, but the next day being Saturday, I knew it was a perfect time for them to bring it up.
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