I went to a transsexal party
About a week ago I was feeling very horny and aroused. My hubby was out of town. I called my girl friend Janus, and told her how I was feeling; she told me she felt the same. Then she told me she thinking about going to this transsexual party, I said what?? Yeah she said these guys dress up like girls and women, there very beautiful. I said lets go,

She told me to dress slutty and I told her that would not be a problem. The party was in Laguna Beach.
I wore my 6" black stilettos, with black sequin thigh nylons, with a black mesh garter belt and some low cut see through panties. I also had a black tight silk blouse on with holes cut out so my boobs would stick out. Then I put on a black leather jacket to hide my boobs. I looked into the mirror and my pussy was throbbing. My girl friend Janus picked me up and she was dressed with hardly anything at all on. We got the party it was a huge home.

We walked in and OMG there were these beautiful girls at the party, I was like taken back at what I saw. Janus nudge me and said remember there guys there He She's. Wow they were amazing. There was this one girl (a guy) she was beautiful dressed almost like me except he had on crotch less panties and he had a huge cock sticking out. He like came right up to me and introduced himself as Jackie.

His hard cock was pressing up against my very wet pussy. I could feel it throbbing.
He or I mean she ask me to dance there were like 50 people there. We started dancing and after a few drinks my heads was spinning there I was with my panties off bent over and Jackie was fucking my asshole like crazy.

Everyone in the room was applauding. I looked over and there was my girl friend Janus sucking this guy's cock.

Then I notice there were all kinds of people at this party Transsexuals, Lesbians, Girls and some of them looked young, plus a few straight guys I guess.

After a few more drinks I ended up in one of the rooms upstairs everyone was naked including me. Except for my high heels and thigh high nylons and garter belt. I felt hands and tongues and cocks and hairy pussies all over me. Then they put me in to leather swing that was attached to the ceiling.

My hands and legs were tied to the swing. Legs spread wide. This one girl leaned me back and put my head between her legs and I started eating her like crazy. Then I felt another huge cock ram my pussy.

It wasn't guy with a cock; it was this women with a huge strap on dildo. It was at least 12" long and as thick as a beer can. I felt the head of it go in and I thought OMG this will not fit, I tried to lift my head up to say wait a minute, but this girl that I was eating just pushed down my mouth.

I could feel it go deeper and deeper up my pussy. I started to feel real pain here, I was trying to scream, but I guess she took it as I liked it.

I tried to relax as much as much as I could. My pussy went numb, I could hear a sloshing sound, She was driving it hard up me, I think I passed out cause when I a woke. There was my friend Janus, saying OMG your huge, your pussy is huge, They untied me and I took my hand and felt what was left of my pussy and my hand when all the up me. My pussy is still huge; I hope it returns to its normal shape. I could hardly walk after that.

I guess a few transsexuals fucked my asshole to because it was stretched out to. When I finally got home I ran a hot bath and just soaked in it. My pussy and ass were so sore for like a week. I know it was really painful, but I have been masturbating to what happened to me. I know if I go back I will be drinking just beer.

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