I will never be late again PT 3

The candles were lit and there was champagne in a bucket. She opened the door with a flourish and stood there with her hand high on the edge of the door. His eyes went wide. He grabbed her and tried to kiss her but she pulled away. "Hold on cowboy." She said under her breath. "Come on in." She stood in front of him and did a turn. "Do you like my outfit?" "I sure do," he said running his hand over the shiny red patent leather. "Where is your man friend?" He asked. "He's in the bedroom waiting on us." "

What do you mean?" She walked up to him and put her arms around his neck and kissed him hard on the mouth. I'm going to make him watch you fuck me, do you mind?" "No, I don't." "It's his punishment for keeping me waiting." She took his jacket off, then his tie, shirt and ran her nails down his chest. She knelt in front of him and unbuckled his belt and pulled down his slacks. His cock was sticking through his shorts stiff as a board. "I like this," she cooed.

She pulled his shorts down then began stroking his cock and balls with both hands. She stood up and pulled him over to the sofa and pushed him down. She poured the champagne and handed him a glass. "So he's going to be in the room with us while we fuck?" he inquired. "Yes. He's watching us now. Seeing us together will make him hard as a rock and will make him really jealous. When you leave, he will go wild." She scooted over and laid against the arm. She swung her leg up on top of the cushion. "Let me show you what he likes best about me." She pulled her panties down and he pulled them off her legs. She had one foot on the floor and the other on the cushion. He looked for a minute then buried his face between her legs. "That's what I wanted. I want your mouth all over me baby. That's what turns me on most. A tongue in my pussy."

She was writhing and squirming as she held his head between her legs. She was busy unlacing the bustier and she pulled her tits out. "Don't forget these," she said. He kissed his way up her stomach and went wild on her tits. He sucked and licked and bit her for a long time. She loved it. I watched the look of pleasure on her face. He stopped and motioned for her to turn over. She held the arm of the sofa and tilted her ass upward toward him. He knelt behind her and began kissing her ass and licking it.

He ran his face all over it and pulled her cheeks back with his thumbs and began licking her from top to bottom. I have never seen two people more turned on in my life. She pulled away from him and stood. "That's enough foreplay. I want my man to get a closer look. She pulled him by the hand into the bedroom. He grinned when he saw me. She had him push the chair back where it was facing the bed. All she was wearing was her garter belt, stocking and those boots.

She climbed on the bed and held her arms out wide. "Come to bed, lover." He literally ran to the bed. I watched as she stroked his cock and balls. Then she licked his shaft and then licked his balls. He was going crazy. She looked toward me. "You want to see this go inside of me baby?" She laughed. "Look at it. Look how hard and stiff it is." She pulled him down toward me with his head on the edge of the bed. She straddled him and bent over facing away. "Eat me baby." I watched him lick her and suck her. I have never seen it done with so much intensity before. He sucked her lips and licked her clit. He pulled her ass cheeks back and began licking her. She was squirming and yelling like I had never seen her before.

She moved backward and guided his dick up into her and she rocked back and forth and rotated her hips. She looked at me and winked. "Can you see, lover? Can you see me with this dick in me? Is that what you begged me to let you see? Tell him what to do to me!" I could not say anything. "Tell him!" she screamed. "Move so I can see better!" I yelled. She stopped him and laughed. She jumped up and untied me then pushed me down on the bench at the foot of the bed. She swung her legs over me and sat on my face rubbing her cunt all over me. She raised up. "Fuck me from behind, so he can see." I felt him move up behind me and I watched his cock go up in her. He slammed her hard. The both yelled. Every time she rotated her hips her pussy brushed against my face.

ти"Can you see it now? Watch him! Look at that cock inside of me!" She screamed. I saw his grip tighten on her hips and he slammed her hard and I knew he climaxed. So did she. They were both sweating and out of breath. I watched his cock slide limp out of her.

She got up, put her robe on and led him out to the living room. I crept to the door. She sipped champagne as he dressed. She thanked him for playing with us and being such a good sport. He kissed her on the cheek and left. I jumped on to the bed and laid against the pillows. She walked toward me and took my face in her hands and kissed me softly on the lips, then my face. "Baby was it good for you? Were you turned on?" "Oh yes."

Well, I just remembered you are the only one who hasn't cum yet. What shall I do for you?
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