I will never pay for shoes again
I will never pay for shoes again

Last week I went to the mall to buy me a new pair of shoes. I love dressing sexy when I go to buy a pair of shoes it makes me feel good. I had a really short Mico-Mini skirt with a really tight top on that makes my nipples really hard and huge.

I walk in to the store it was about closing time and I looked around found a few pair of shoes to try on and set down and this really cute older guy came up to me and assisted in trying on the shoes.

He lifted my leg up and he like let out a gasp, I wondered what he was doing when I realized I had no panties on. He like froze there he was looking down between my legs. I said hello, he then looked up his face was very red.

I said can I try that pair in an another, size, he sure but he didn't move I look at his crotch and he had a huge hard on. He like kind of limped away he was gone for a while then came back with the right size.

I thought mmm I will have some fun with this guy. He lifted my leg up again the slip the shoe on only this time I hiked up my skirt to show him my pussy. It was fully exposed. He couldn't keep his eyes off of my pussy plus by this time I was so wet, it was running down my leg.

I asked him much were the shoes he said nothing. Since we were the only ones in the store, I took my fingers and rubbed my juicy pussy. And then licked my fingers.

He then told me maybe we can work out a deal. He went to the front door locked it and took me by the hand in to the storage room. He like dropped to his knees and rammed his face in to my juicy pussy. He went crazy eating me we both laid down and I took out his now huge cock and started sucking it. When in minutes he shot his load deep into my throat. I tried to swallow it all but some of his cum squirted out the sides of my mouth.

Surprising to me his cock was still really hard; I got up on him and inserted his cock in my pussy. It hurt at first but as he kept lifting me up and down on it, finally went all the in. He started ramming his cock hard up my hole then he let out a moan and he shot another load in me.

My pussy was dripping cum he then set me on his face and sucked all his cum. That really turned me on and I exploded into his mouth. That night I went to buy a pair of shoes, but I went home with a well fucked pussy and (3) pairs of new shoes. As I left, he told me same time next week. I said hell yes.
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