I will not be late again - PT 2
She took my hand and threaded us through the crowd. She kept in her role the entire time--not speaking, ignoring me, acting angry. When we got to the room she started to swipe the card but stopped. "Kiss my ass." She said without turning. I didn't know what to do in the hall. I looked around. "I'm not going to tell you again." She turned toward me. "Kneel behind me, lift up my skirt and kiss my ass." I moved behind her and knelt on the green flowered carpet. When I slid my hands up her calves, I almost climaxed.

I pulled her skirt up and I went crazy kissing her bare ass and licking it. She pushed me back then opened the door. I followed her. She pulled me into the bedroom. "I want you to dress me. She put her arms around my neck and pressed herself against me. "You don't get to kiss me tonight". She lifted up my chin. "For your punishment, you have to watch that man from the bar fuck me and enjoy me because you kept me waiting."

"Undress me." I noticed she had several outfits laid out across the bed. When she was naked, I went to grab her but she pulled away. "No. What shall I wear for our guest?" She held up a white leather teddy and held it in front of her. "No. What would you like me to wear?" My eyes went to the red PVC corset. "Ah, yes, it's new. She held it up. "I will look great in this, won't I?" I helped her on with it and laced it up the front. I helped her on with her white lace stockings and fastened the garters. She handed me a pair of red PVC panties. I held them down and she stepped into them and I slid them up her legs into place.

They had a slit in them and I could see her smooth, thick pussy lips. She pointed to a pair of tall white leather boots. I knelt behind her and zipped them up the back. She turned. "Your replacement is on his way up. Is there anything you want to do to me before he gets here?" I didn't know what to say.

"Lay on the floor." She demanded. She slid her toe between my legs and rubbed my balls with her boot. She moved her foot and heel up and pressed against my cock. She moved. She had a foot on either side of my arms. "I know you want to lick me, don't you? Don't you?" She yelled. She was pulling the panties apart and pulling out her lips. She sat on my chest with her knees beside my head. "Tell me what you want. Beg me." She said. "Please let me stick my tongue in your cunt." I blurted out. She started laughing. She rubbed it over my lips and pressed it over my nose. Then got up. "Get your clothes off." I started undressing and got down to the white panties I was wearing. She pulled up a chair with arms and began tying my arms and wrists with a thick cord, then my ankles. She faced the chair toward the bed.

She stood behind me and spoke into my ear. "I want you to watch me get pleasured. I want you to watch the look on my face and see the pleasure I'm feeling, knowing that could be you fucking me if you hadn't been late. I want you to watch everything he does to me." We both jumped when the knock came at the door. "Oh, great, our guest is here." She pushed the chair beside the door and was careful to leave the door open a crack so I had a view of the living room. "Don' you say a word."
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