If You Were Here
If you were here, we would be on my loveseat, you sitting, me straddling your lap, facing you, our arms wrapped around each other, holding tight. Your heart pressed against mine, finally united, they beat as one. Reveling in the ability to touch after being deprived so long. Your hands stroking lightly up and down my back make me tremble in your arms. Your stunning blue eyes mesmerize me as your lips move closer and closer until they meet mine. A feather light touch at first, a mere whisper of sensation, that slides into light nibbling kisses, teasing me, making me crave more. Your hands thread through my hair, you pull me to you, your lips claim mine, tongue sliding against the seam of my lips demanding entry, I gasp and you have the opening you seek, your tongue sweeps into my mouth, caressing mine, deepening the kiss as I moan. Man can you kiss! I feel my vagina getting wet as our kiss seems to go on forever. Your hard length is pressed against my pussy in the position we are in. You pull your lips from mine, both of us breathing heavy, our chests heaving. I stand up, grabbing your hand I lead you up the stairs to my bedroom, where our long journey as lovers begins.

Entering the room, you pull me to you for another soul stirring kiss, our tongues twine around each other like ivy up the side of a building. Our bodies pressed tightly together, no light can be seen between us, they align so perfectly. My hand cups your balls, I can feel your hard length also wanting to say hello, as I gently squeeze your sack, running my nails over them as I feel your hips start to undulate slowly. Your hands cup my breasts, massaging and kneading them through my blouse, our movements unhurried as we stroke and caress. We slowly undress each other, each kissing what we reveal, leaving our jeans, your boxers and my panties for last. We stand before each other naked and unafraid, each of us drinking in the sight of the other finally revealed.

Seeing your cock for the first time standing at attention like a soldier waiting to go forth and conquer, so many adjectives float through my mind, beautiful, gorgeous, perfect. But the one that is my favorite, is mine. I can tell you love what you see as well, as your dick twitches, flexing up toward your abdomen. What a flattering reaction, no words needed! I sink to my knees before you, gaze into your eyes, captivated momentarily by the desire and need revealed in them, knowing that surely mine are a mirror image. I continue watching you as I run my tongue up the length of your hard shaft, your eyes drift closed as you moan deeply. I swirl my tongue around and around your purple pronounced head, paying special attention to the ridge, which I know you love. My lips wrap tightly around your cap, the heat from my mouth surrounds you as I take you into me. Slowly you go deeper and deeper into my mouth, my tongue never still, moving over and around your hard cock, wanting to give you as much pleasure as possible. Applying intensely fierce suction as I suck you into my mouth over and over again, never wanting to let you go. Your balls touch my chin as I bury you in my throat, moaning around your hard shaft, loving how totally you fill my mouth. Loud slurping, sucking sounds fill the room as I take your balls into my hand, massaging them, rolling in my hands, lightly squeezing as I continue to love you with my mouth. You pull out with a loud pop, and a disappointed sound escapes from me, like a child would make when you take their favorite toy away, which makes you chuckle.

You gently lower me to our bed, your strong body pressed close. Your hands caress down my body, your touch love personified. Your lips descend on mine, our tongues, breath mingle as your finger strokes against my silky soft lips, your mouth catching my sigh of pleasure. Your lips trail kisses down my body until you reach my bare mound, seeing close up and in person what until now has only been seen in pictures. My lips, pale pink, frilly, delicate, like soft petals of a flower, your tongue parts them as you sensually lick up the length of my pussy, my sigh of pleasure reaching your ears. You lick up and down my pussy, then up to my clit, licking, sucking, nibbling. My hands on your head, holding you to me as I writhe in pleasure. Your tongue delves into my hot wet vagina, pushing into me over and over, then a finger goes in as you lick up my lips to my clit, sucking it into your mouth, you add another finger. My hips undulate against your mouth, my breathing getting harsh, hot urgent moans sweetly filling your ears. Your fingers getting squeezed tighter and tighter, you suck my clit hard and flick it with your tongue. Your fingers get squeezed incredibly tight as my loud moans fill your ears, and my cum floods out onto your fingers and hand. You lap at my pussy, licking and sucking all my sweet nectar that you have created, into your mouth. Your tongue dives in over and over not wanting to miss a single drop of my love juice.

You kiss up my body and devour my lips, I taste my sweet pussy on yours, your tongue dancing with mine in my mouth, building the desire and need higher and higher. Lovers in our hearts and minds for a while now, but bodies as yet unclaimed. Unclaimed no more, my hips lift up to receive you, to take you in. My lips and walls parting, stretching to allow you entrance, deeper than any man has been before, then closing around you to hold you tight, molding to your hard length, just like a hand in a glove. We're lost in each others eyes as you start to move. Your movements slow, deep, hard, bringing pleasure untold as I fly apart around you, my muscles rippling around your cock, squeezing you tight as my orgasm flows through my body. My sweet cries music to your ears. You continue to thrust into me, your movements unhurried, sensual, the pleasure building and building, my pussy getting tighter and tighter as I meet you stroke for stroke. You take my arms, raise them over my head, holding them pinned to the bed as your hips drive your hard cock into me again and again, my eyes closed for the moment, the pleasure too intense to keep them open. You lower your head, kissing me hotly, your mouth catching my cries as I explode, this time even more intensely than the last, my pussy squeezing you so tight you have to push even harder to keep moving into me. My clit and pussy so sensitive now, my orgasms coming so close to one another I can't tell where one ends and the other begins, just a never ending wave of pleasure, my cries almost constant now, hoarse. My arms around you, hands on your back, stroking, grasping, nails lightly, and sometimes not so lightly raking down it, my legs wrapped around your waist, heels on your muscular butt, I can feel your muscles contracting as you thrust into me. Your tempo increases your cock driving into me faster and harder. I feel you swell, I softly plead in your ear, my voice husky, thick with passion, "cum for me babe, fill my pussy with your hot, thick cum. PLEASE" This request you happily grant, groaning loudly you slam into me burying your long, thick cock as deep as you can. Your orgasm rocks you, thick ropes of cum spew out of your dick, pulsating as wave after wave of pleasure washes over you, a seemingly never ending sea of cum shooting out of you, flooding me. Feeling your powerful bursts of cum hitting my walls pushes me over the edge yet again, I scream as I join you in a mind blowing orgasm, my body rocking against yours. Such intense pleasure I have never known. Our bodies finally spent, you collapse against me, I love the feel of the weight of your body on top of mine. You wrap your arms around me and turn, pulling me with you, my head on your shoulder, my hand on your heart stroking your chest, feeling the hair tickle my fingers. There is nowhere in this world I would rather be than wrapped in your arms, and I know that will never change. We both drift off, smiles on our faces, happy and content to finally be in the arms of the one we love.

Can you hear my heart crying out for you? Can you feel my need? If you were here.... God, how I wish you were here.

This story is specially dedicated to all the lovers that due to circumstances beyond their control are apart from the one they love, like I am this Valentines Day.

For those of you lucky enough to be with the one you love, enjoy every moment, treasure it, savor it. As some of us would give everything to be in your shoes! Have some o's for me!!! LOL.
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