Imagine we are at a hotel pool, its late at night and there's only a few people about, we get in the hot tub I take off my shorts we kiss, you throw my shorts out of site. Your hands play, I ask you to get naked you say no, just then a couple older than us join us and sit opposite us making small talk, they can't see im naked. You whisper in my ear that you will be naked up in our room and I watch your beautiful bikini body leave the hot tub. The lady has noticed im nude as I makes small talk to her husband, her foot is playing with my cock. She takes off her bikini top,her husband gives me the wink she is attractive but Im thinking I want to get back to you. She cuddles me her boobs on my chest, my cock between her legs, I try to get up but he comes over too, trapped I don't know what to do, im too polite or nervous to be rude,her bottoms are off and so are his, I pull myself out but there's a noise of a crowd so I jump back in to avoid being seen. He holds my bum she kisses me, the crowd have gone, just as she is about to ease onto my cock I get up and run to our hotel room thinking phew that was close. Only I took to long and you are mad, you lock me out, you think I kissed her willingly, I walk naked looking for a cupboard somewhere to sleep, I bump back into that couple and they offer me a room, im too tired to think and accept there offer. They lay me on there bed in the middle his cock touching my bum my cock touching her pussy,I tell them Im not into guys, she moves into play, my cock feels her tight mouth taking my cock in and out, I feel my cock getting longer and harder. She comes up draping her boobs on my chest, my head says no im in love but my cock is too busy to listen.
My cock has a wet pussy lowered on and off it, can't stop now feels too good, I am just laying there while she rides me. We don't fuck long but long enough for me to cum in her pussy, It feels so good but I feel guilty, I close my eyes and sleep.

The Sun is shining as I wake, I feel uncomfortable, Im tied to all four corners of the bed still naked, I look up - I am not alone...... To be continued
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