Imperfect Perfection
Matt and Rebecca lay in bed, basking in the enveloping afterglow of their mutually mind blowing orgasm. The fan spun lazily above their entwined bodies. Their breathing slowly steadied and their bodies cooled. Matt ran his finger up the length of her torso, idly tracing a path over her body.

"How was that sweetheart," he whispered right before his lips claimed her ear.

Rebecca moaned as hi shot tongue danced on her skin. Her eyes danced with merriment as she kissed his lips.

"Oh that was good," she giggled daintily before continuing. "it was almost as good as that time where you were in the shower and..." her voice trailed away as they both remembered that day.

~~~~The hot water cascaded down upon them. Rebecca had her back against the shower wall, her legs wrapped tightly around Matt's waist. Their moans echoed around the steamy shower stall as Matt thrust and pumped his manhood in and out of her hot body. His moans intensified and drowned out her cry as her leg cramped painfully.~~~~

Matt and Rebecca lay on the quilt covered bed laughing at the memory of that fateful shower sex attempt.
"You made it up to me though." Rebecca softly said. "Your fingers massaging my thigh felt good but your tongue caressing my pussy felt absolutely heavenly."

Matt's eyebrows lifted in a silent question even as he slithered down her body. "Like this," he asked as he delved between Rebecca's smooth thighs.

Rebecca's answer didn't come for quite a while as her every fiber and focus flew to Matt's questing tongue. They started out as sighs as she felt his tongue lightly tracing her pussy lips, branding her with his warm moist heat. The sighs turned to moans as his tongue pushed deep into her depths. The moans gave way to screams when his tongue began to flick over her hardened clit.

Rebecca lay quivering in his arms before she answered the question. "Yes, very much like that.....both times were incredible."
Matt smiled as she nestled into his body, small tremors still rippling through her lithe body. His sense of pride at her obvious pleasure got the best of him.

"Is this as good as the best blow job in the world?"

Rebecca buried her head against his chest as laughter rippled through her at the memory.

~~~She welcomed him into the apartment, so proud of his promotion and ready to give him a reward for his job well done. She dropped to her knees her fingers fumbling with his pants, in her effort to free his manhood. Finally freed, he sprang from his pants. She pressed her lips against his already hard cock. Looking up into his eyes she cockily announced "Congrats babe, this is your present, the best blow job in the word". Her lips parted and his cock slide into her mouth. She worked in tandem with her hands, pulling and sucking him toward his release. Suddenly they both jerked and he went deep into her mouth unexpectedly. The unexpected motion caused her to violently gag. She pulled back and immediately let out of cry of pain as she realized that her jaw had locked during her ministrations upon his cock. She tried to recover, but the best darn blow job was not to be had that night.~~

Rebecca shook her head against matt's chest still laughing but with a mixture of mortification.

Mall pulled back and with a single finger on her chin raised her face until their gazes met.

"That night was still extraordinarily sexy," Matt paused to kiss her eyelids one at a time. "You were so upset that you rode my cock with more enthusiasm than ever before. And besides, the next morning you did give me and earth shattering blow job."

Laughing outright now, Rebecca slipped down the length of his body until her head was positioned at his cock. "Just don't cum in my eye this time, she saucily tossed out, referring to the time that she got in the way and his cum had painfully shot into her opened eye causing her eye to turn red for the next 24 hours. "That pinkness was difficult to explain to my mother!"

Matt's laugh died on his lips as her mouth descended upon his throbbing manhood. Her tongue darted out on her downward stroke and licked the underside of his cock. Her teeth lightly scrapped with her ascent. Her hands danced upon his balls as her mouth worked it's magic. Her tongue swirled. Her mouth sucked. He moaned as he came closer and closer to the edge. She doubled her efforts, her enthusiasm pushing him closer and closer with each movement.

She only stopped when his hands pushed her away. She backed up and allowed his strong arms to pull her upward until she was straddling his body.

"No complete blow job?" She sighed as he slipped inside her.

Matt's eyes bored into hers as she stretched around his manhood. "No babe....this is what I want."

Rebecca grinned as her body instinctively began to rock against him.
She smiled sweetly at him as her hips undulated upon his body. "lets just not break this bed," she innocently said, referring to the bed that had collapsed during one of their previous sexual encounters.
Matt's laughter rumbled through his body. The rumble rippled through his penis and radiated through her pussy as they both laughed and gasped simultaneously.
Matt laughed a deep laugh, "Oh it couldn't be any worse than the time we were a little too exuberant and we upended the recliner we were playing upon."

"You didn't let either time slow you down though, "Rebecca countered. Matt reached up while Rebecca was talking. "You never missed a beat....." Rebecca's words died away as Matt began to tweak and pull at her hardened nipples.
The laughter and love was evident as the two bodies melded together in the age old rhythm. Matt's hand grasped Rebecca's hips, pulling her harder against him. Matt met her thrust for thrust. Not to be outdone, Rebecca reached back and gently took his balls into her hand. Their bodies swayed against each other. Their breathing became choppy and erratic.

Rebecca came first, her screams rolling through the dimly lit room. Her cries echoed through the quiet house.

Matt groaned even as his cock tingled and began to cum deep inside her. Long minutes later she lay against his heaving chest, their bodies slick with perspiration and passion.

Matt lovingly caressed her hair. "You know that hearing your wild cries when you cum turns me on like nothing else???"

Rebecca giggled, "Yeah, but the hotel didn't think it was sexy that one night we were travelling. I still can't believe that they called the cops thinking that you were hurting me because of my screams."

Matt kissed Rebecca, "Well honey, you are loud!"

Rebecca grinned and nestled into matt's warm embrace, drifting closer and closer to sleep.
"Matt?" Rebecca raised her head to look fully into his love filled eyes. When he nodded at her she continued, "Even when things don't go just as's always perfect."

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