In My Dreams
I came to see you My Dreams, and when I entered I saw you sitting in a chair.i approached you from behind and covered your eyes, leaning in, I kissed the nape of your neck and worked my way up behind your ear. Soft moans...followed by approval..."oh yes!" escapes your grinning lips.

My hands moved upwards towards your breasts and caressed them gently, they reacted getting hard and erect, like erasers atop of a pencil. Standing behind you, I helped you up to wrap my arms around you, and felt your belly quiver with excitement.

I removed your top and again caressed your braless breasts. Then my hand moved downward between your thighs and felt the wetness coming from your pussy. Your arms slowly swept their way around me as you reached to neat my dock in your cupped hands. "Oh my!" You exclaimed excitedly which was strange as you knew my cocks' response to will.

Reaching down I slide your panties down your legs and dropped them at your feet for you to kick them aside. Again I felt the wetness of your pussy and quickly noticed that your womanly nectar had begun to ooze its way down your quivering legs making it hard for you to stand upright.

I turned you around to see you in all your nakedness, and to my surprise... it Was not you. "Who are you?" I asked. Don't worry, it's ok, I'm Pandora, and Gemini wanted you to have me." "Gemini speaks highly of you and now it seems I know you quite well." With that said Pandora undressed me slowly and when she lowered my briefs, my hard cock popped out of its net.

She caressed my manhood with her soft hands and looked it over meticulously teasing me with her fingertips. Pandora whispered devilishly, cocka have a mind of their own, and I find them quite fascinating." She brought her head close and opened her mouth to guide me in. I felt the warmth of her mouth and tongue as she teasingly licked its sensitive head softly.

I began to moan as her mouth engulfed my cock to no end. Slowly she moves her head up and down my dock and then increased her rhythm faster and faster. My balls started to tense, and I pulled myself away from her mouth and picked her up gently. She wa fragile and light as. Feather with her long dArk hair falling behind her.

She told me "Take me into Gemini's room, I want you to take me in her bed." And I did as I was commanded. We entered the room and I laid her on the bed.
I parted her thighs in preparation of diving into uncharted seas. I licked my way from mis thigh up to her pussy. Since they were sisters, I wa in for a treat when I reached her vagina. I wondered if they Tate's the same. Sweet smells emanated from her pussyas I licked all around her lips as she moved her hips up to meet my tongue.

As I circled her clit, she moved her hips. Faster and faster producing loud moans that increased into screams of passion. I latched onto Pandora's clit turning her into a mad woman. Her heavy breaths turned into moans, then into blissful cries of "FUCK ME, FUCK ME!"

Moving up her body, I entered her... in and and to not hurt her but she grabbed my ass and wrapped her legs around me and pulling my dock deeper into her. She forced me deeper into her pussy having nearly reached her cervix when she cried out that she was coming. I tried to break the inevitable and stop her natural orgasmic progression when she quickly drenches my cock with her juices causing me to fuck her with wild abandon.

Thrust after thrust I pushed in and out of her pussy as her hip gyrations matched my multiple piston strokes. Orgasmic cries of, "YES ...YES ...YES... filled the room as our lovemaking continued.the slapping of our hips and Pandora's screams urges me on faster no faster.suddenly her whole body began to shake and quiver as her cuming overtook her.

My balls felt it to as Pandora yelled, I'M CUMING ... I'M CUMING," just as waves of orgasms hit her, I drove deeper into her and released my cum, spurt after spurt saturating her pussy.

When we finished, her gyrating body went limp into a calm exhausting position and she passed out. I rolled off her of her and noticed my cuming slowly oozing out of the crest between her thighs and onto the sheets. I was lying on my back wondering why Gemini wanted this to happen when I then heard a voice call out of the darkness, "My turn!" I then saw Gemini come forward out of the darkness totally naked. She crawled over Pandora to reach me and kisses my lips. Having tasted her sister on me, she the whispered to me,
"When she wakes up she can join us."

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