In My Next Breath
In My Next Breath

The looks that passed between us were sparked with a mixture of anger, steaming rage with a flicker of something else. It was that something else that caught my interest and drowned out the rest as I took in the woman standing before me. Commanding every inch of her petite curvy frame, wearing the hell out of a form-fitting red dress that had me wishing we were alone as she told me where to get off. I watched as her sable colored curls dancing around her head to the music of her rage as my eyes drifted down to her luscious bouncing her breasts, straining against the material of the dress, trying to get out. I found myself wondering as she called me a son-of-a-bitch to the state of her nipples. Were they large and puffy, dark in color or light and how they would taste? I imagined my mouth encasing one firm nipple, caressing it in a circular massage with the tip of my tongue as my cock increased in size to match my desire.
"Are you listening to me?"
Coming out of my trance, I was surprised to see the pint-sized spitfire standing less than a foot from me looking up into my face, for the entire world like an adorable angry kitten.
Saying nothing to the angry Kitten, in the next breath I pulled her to me, burying my hands in her curls and kissed those full deep red lips. Crushing her breasts against my chest as I cupped her right ass cheek, I wanted to put her inside my clothes and out of hers. I wanted to fuck her and be fucked by her in the worse way. It didn't matter that I was supposed to be getting married tomorrow. I had wanted this little kitten since I laid eyes on her and now that she was legal, she was going to be my last hurrah before saying I do. The kiss got all the sweeter with that thought in mind, and I held her closer wishing to be somewhere else other than this lawyer's office where she was contesting her father's Will. I had nothing to gain as I had my own, but I had come along as support for Morena Huston my soon to be wife. The kitten had objected to the unfairness of the Will, and Morena had opened her mouth and Kitten slugged her in it. I picked up Kitten and carried her screaming and hissing out of the room as the lawyers helped Morena off the floor. Trying hard not to laugh, I searched for an unoccupied room to release my arm full. Finding one dropped her on the floor and put my back to the door to keep Kitten in as she cursed me up one side and down the other. Not able to hold it back any longer I busted out laughing at the obscurity of it all and the vision of Morena with being knocked almost out. Then there was Kitten ...yes Kitten. Now with her in my arms and my mouth locked on hers, I knew that we had to get out this office or I was going to fuck her right then and there.
"You will be quiet and follow me," I whispered with no more than a breath between our lips as I release the now subdued Kitten.
Not waiting to see if she would behave I grabbed her hand and led her out of the office and out of the building never going back to where I am sure Morena was holding court. I figured that I would deal with her later right now I was more interested in dealing with this now quiet Kitten whose dark green eyes were looking at me with questions. Some I would answer other I would show her. Leading her to my car I put her in and made sure she was strapped in, I was not losing her.
"Where are you taking me?" pouting Kitten inquired as we left the parking lot and Morena behind.
I'm taking you someplace where we can talk without you punching out people Kitten and please don't try it with me. You know I will spank your ass and not in a nice way. I stated hoping not to kill the mood between us but to establish some boundaries.
She just growled that sounded more like an angry purr to me as I took the interstate leaving the city behind.
Oh and by the way, I should smack you ass for flashing me last weekend when I was at the house," remarking as the thought of her naked doing Yoga came back to mind.
I didn't flash you, and I didn't even know you were there, she said hotly
Oh so you always do Yoga naked out my pool late at night, I asked calmly as my cock was trying to rip its way through my suit trousers in response to the vision of her naked and bending that sexy curvy little body of hers in ways that just...
Yes, sometimes I do, after all, it is my home!
"Yes, baby it is your home," agreeing with her as I took the turn off the interstate moving on to local rode then a country one.
"But Kitten..."
"Stop calling me that, my name is Kassie..."
"Kitten, you knew I was there, "ignoring her demand that I use her real name and not the one that I had given her.
Where are we? Kitten now asked not to change the subject which I'm sure we would be returning to at some point.
"We are at my home, and no Morena has never been here... " I added watching as Kitten turned to look at me trying to decide to get mad or not then settling for sulking.
"Come let's go inside," I said as I parked in front of my home. It was built to blend in with nature, a three-story building that was a cross between a split level and a ranch. Leading Kitten to the outdoor foyer where she stood next to me looking around with open interest at the landscape and what she could see of the outside of the house. Entering first, I walked over and turned off the alarm dropping off my suit jacket on the sofa as I went. Turning back around knowing that she had followed me in I was surprised to see that she treated my home like her own. Kitten never wore shoes in the house, and I watch now as she at four inches less wandered barefooted around my living room. My home was masculine from the colors and tones of nature to the dark hardwood floors. Every piece of furniture was considered for someone of my height and size. I watched as she wandered over to the floor to ceiling windows around the inside court garden and then watched as she wanders out to take a seat on the stone wall around the fish pond. Leaving her to it, I went into my office and made a few phone calls.
After calming down Morena and sending her home to her meds and champagne, I told her that I would call her later. Strange though not, she hadn't asked me about Kassie-Kitten. She had to have known something, or maybe she just didn't care... a woman after my own heart.
Later when I walked back into the Livingroom and the dawn to dust light had come on I looked out into the enclosed courtyard found it empty. Walking over to sliding doors, I stepped out and listen to the voice of the night whispered to me and under that I heard a sound that I had heard once before not so long ago. I found her sitting in alcove wrapped around herself rocking slowly as she cried. Closing my eyes for a second then I opened them seeing Kassie as I had seen her the first time I that I had laid eyes on her the day after her father had died. Sitting alone in the corner of his library, crying for her loss and herself and I did what I had done then, I went and picked her up, but this time I just didn't stop withholding her while she cried. Unwrap the ball that she had put herself in I let her wrap herself around me. I let her hold on to me as I kissed her tears away and whispered things to her that were for her ears alone hoping that in time they would come to be special to her. In the middle of all this, our lips found each other, and the flame that had been dim for so long came to a full blaze bright and hot between us. Her warm small hand felt so good against the bare skin of my chest after she had to slide them up my shirt and to rip the buttons as she went.
. The scent and sight of her unhinged me and my carefully planned seduction started to come apart. I was not better as I all but torn the red dress that I had been admiring earlier from her body to leave her standing in her a matching red bra and thong. Stepping away from me into the path leading back into the house Kitten stood now in ambient and moonlight light. She was beautiful from her painted red toenails to the tips of sable brown curls. The lace of her bra and thong were like jewels against her skin draping around over and around her curves. Seemingly like they were begging to be exposed the most intimate bits of her...
‘Take them off", I said just an above a whisper but low enough to be only heard by the two of us.

‘You know why, after tonight...," the words stuck in my throat, knowing that after tomorrow things will change.
"You are asking for a last...the meal before..."
"Yes before...things change, Kitten before I have to..."
"Give me up..."
I heard her say that last bit knowing that she wasn't speaking to me but herself. The realization had just hit her even though I had known it all along.
I watched as Kassie... no Kitten's body became rigid with frustration, anger, and sorrow. I couldn't let myself think... to feel her pain would be my undoing.
Take off the rest baby and let me see you in all of your naked you did that night when you knew I would see you. I said that holding my breath as she stood there within arms-length, not across the distant close but not close enough. This time I would do more than look, wonder, and want.
Blending her head forward, allowing her long thick wavy hair to hide her face and much of her upper body she steps back more into the moonlight. Then stretch up to reach it she arched her body as she had done that night and began to move this time not doing yoga but seductively as she became to remove the last of her clothing. The bra when first, allowing her full breasts to spill out and to bounce in joy at being free from their lacey restriction. I was now able to see her nipples, and they were large and darker than her almond colored skin, and then with a slow swaying move her hips I watched as she pushed the thong over her hips and down her thighs to pool at her feet. I felt as if I had become my cock, all of me was hard, hot and ready to exploded and then do it all over again. Kitten shifted on the ball of her feet that were bare against the stone of my walkway causing her breasts to sway in one direction as her hips moved in another. Swinging her head to one side cause the massive mane of curls to shift allowing me to see her face now bathe in the light of the moon. I realized that in my next breath I was lost and I was found as she walked toward me a sway of moonlight and darkness. Reaching out to her with both hands and moaning softly when my hands came in contact with her skin, the warm and silkily smoothness of it made me want to bury myself even more in her...if only for a short time. I placed my face in the space between her belly and breasts as she sunk her fingers into my hair and held me to her. For a while we didn't move just enjoyed the closeness and warmth of each other, inhaling each other's scent and putting it all to memory for those time when this will be all that we have. That thought rocked me; it was not supposed to be my thought. I moved back from the warmth of her body to look in Kitten's face only to have it silence me; even my actions were brought to a halt. Her mouth partly open as if breathing through her nose was not enough and her eyes heavy with something more than just lust. I knew that if I could see my face, it was the mirror of hers
"Damn! Kitten you have unhinged me...," the rest was lost in her mouth as Kitten crushed it against mine. My shirt was all but ripped from my body by her hot, demanding little hands as she rubbed her naked body against me.
Cupping her ass in both my hands I held on to her as she undressed me with her hands, mouth, and body. In the process, I almost forgot how to breathe as my role of the seducer was pushed to the background, and I became the seduced. Sliding down my body taking in my nipple she sucked hard to the point that is was in that space between pain and pleasure as a hand invaded trouser to take prisoner my cock. The very touch of her small hand around the staff and her mouth on my nipple had me fighting not to come. It was only the cool rough surface of the stone walkway that brought me back to some sense of control. Wrapping her in my arms and with one hand grabbing a mass of her thick curly hair I pulled her mouth away mouth from its perch at the base of my neck. Pulling her hair until I could look down into her face locking eyes with Kitten's I could now see the hunger in her. For that moment we were so close, we could feel each other's heartbeat, heat, and desire. My dick ached to be inside of her, and I am sure that she thought the same as she broke the trance to slide down my body to my cock, which was wet hot and throbbing between us. Closing my eyes, I let her have her way...for the moment as I wanted my cock in a soft moistened and warm mouth. Using her lips Kitten massage my cock starting at my balls after I had set down on a low patio wall spreading my legs wide for her pleasure and mine. My little kitten loved playing with her toys, my balls and cock, between licking, sucking and the fantastic fucking crazy massaging with family jewels between her lips had me cumming and cursing. I came with a roar and spraying cumming into her mouth that dripped down her chin on to her breasts adding to the glistening sheen of sweat. I shook hard and ground my teeth as I move my head from side to side cursing her and me. The latter was because I had no intention of cumming so soon, but that was ok we still had time. When I could open my eyes, I realized that I was now laying on the flat of the stones of the courtyard in the waning moonlight. I looked up at Kitten as she approached me on her hands and knees. The lower half of her face wet with a mixture of my cum and her sweat. Dripping from the corners of her mouth as she even now was swallowing the remains of my release. To me, at that moment no woman had ever looked so desirable and wanton as Kassie Huston aka the Kitten was at this moment or would ever to me.
"Come and sit on my face," I whispered not needing to speak louder as her face was just above mine.
Kitten said nothing other than to kiss my lips lightly as she placed one knee, on each side of my head, before lowering her juice, fragrant pussy on to my face and into my mouth. It was my turn, and I returned the favor, and I fucked her hard, slow and almost mercifully with my mouth. At that moment my tongue was the extension of my dick and fingers. There was not a fold, or valley of Kitten's pussy that I didn't visit and her clit a bit larger than normal was my new favor sucking toy. My Kitten came screaming and begging me to fuck her... to fuck her blind and some other stuff, I wasn't paying attention as I was too busy enjoying my snack. Juice was a mixture of sweet and lightly salty wine that drunk down all that I could and licked at the rest that hadn't gotten away and pooled underneath my head. I let Kitten's now shaking body slide off my face only to curler onto herself still moaning and saying my name.
"Oh my Kitten, we... are... not ... finished" I said as I got to my feet, the hunger in me was now beyond control, and I wouldn't stop until I had truly fucked Kassie Huston into my submissive Kitten. I picked her up on my way to my bedroom hold her close to my chest like a sleeping child. In my bedroom, I placed her on my California king size bed and went to lock my bedroom door. No one was going to disturb us until I was finished. I could feel her eyes on me now, looking at me from the dark cloud of her hair and I noticed that her body had stopped shaking, her orgasm maybe no more the breath. Walking toward the bed, I stopped to pick up the clothing straps that I left on the table by the door that I had brought with her in mind. Luscious her body but diminutive her height, cuffing her ankles and wrist with her on her back legs spread wide and her pussy open I stood there looking at her, wanting her more than now and knowing that it was not possible, after all, I had made a deal.
The Kitten we are now going to play my way... a little bit until it time for you go, I murmured in the dimly lighted room with the scent of her of us filling the air.
She moved her arms and legs slowly as if testing the straps and finding them ... ok? Moving her head side to side, Kitten moved her hair out of her face giving me a clear look at the face that I had come to ...
"Fuck me..."
I let the thought drop, before allowing it to enter my mind.
"Fuck me..."
My cock hard-on and balls started to feel heavy with want and heat. I could feel my breath getting heavy in me.
" Fuck me...fuck me... fuck me ... fuck me ... PLEASE,"! a plea riding on the back of a moan escaped her lips.
So I did, in the next breath I fucked, my soon to be step daughter, in her tight pussy that had me screaming right along with her and then in her tight little ass strapped to my bed. We came so hard that I saw stars and Kitten passed out.
With the scent of sex on her a mixture of us I took her home and put Kitten to bed in the room down the hall from Moreno's who was dead to the world thanks to sleeping pills. I went home and showered until my skin was wrinkled and red from the water and temp. When I finally relaxed, I did so in the guest room knowing that I could never sleep in that room ever again... not without her.
In the next 24 hours a few things took place, Kitten had left maybe an hour or two after I had left her. She didn't leave a forwarding address, but I know that she had found what I had left her, a check for a sizable portion of her father's estate.
I got married to Morena and walked down the aisle reflecting her joy.
It's been five years now and there isn't a day that Kitten doesn't walk through my mind whispering her presences, but then I look at Morena or she touches me and Kitten drifts away. But its late at night that I dream of her in my bed alone even with Morena there I am alone. Then I close my eyes and in my next breathe she comes....
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