In Service
"Congratulations you've got the job if you want to take it I do hope that you will enjoy your time here and that I haven't scared or offended you in any way" he smiled

Standing my body still trembling my breathing had returned to normal and my head still buzzing from the wine, I blushed no not at all I would like to take it ,

He showed me a bathroom so I could tidy myself and then led me to some rooms above an old stable block that had been modified to become a small flat.

I walked to a window and looked out at an amazing view as I looked out at the view I felt his breath on the skin of my neck his cologne smelled so good, suddenly the zipper on my skirt slid down making me jump, his voice telling me to enjoy and I stood almost naked in front of him. He looked me up and down then his eyes fixed on the damp patch on the Black silk of my panties "Put your hands behind your back he said"

I complied and as I stood with my hands behind me I looked up at him, he smiled then reached out pinching and twisting my nipple making me squirm and gasp. He cupped my chin with one hand lifting my face as he slipped his other hand slowly past the waistband of my panties I closed my eyes as his fingers slipped over my skin until he found my clit circling and exposing the tip I cried out in pleasure.

Parting my legs he curled first 1 and then a second finger past my wet lips up into me deeper until I pushed up onto my tip toes, I cried out as his fingers pumped, the pad of his thumb on my clit I was so very wet my vaginal muscles quivering and clenching around his fingers.

As I cried out he pressed his mouth to mine kissing me deeply pushing my head back against the window pane, penetrating my mouth with his tongue as his fingers penetrated my pussy.

He looked at me smiling
"Such a horny girl, aren't you Natalie! Did that get you aroused, getting down on your knees and sucking your new master's cock? Getting your breasts covered in his semen? Did you like that? Is that what got your vaginal secretions flowing?"

My body shivered uncontrollably at his words

He fucked me harder with his fingers, pulling me towards him from inside, massaging me firmly and deeply with his fingertips, while his thumb explored my clitoris, moving side to side, round and round, the room filled with my moans and cries as I begged for release

The sound of his voice changed "Now here's your next instruction from your new boss. I want my new maid to come. I want to feel you climax. Orgasm on my fingers. Now. Do it. Good girl!"

He squeezed my breast as he slid his hand up to my neck, holding me against the window, his fingers pumping faster and deeper making me shake and tremble, I pushed down against him crying out his hand squeezed my hip and he pulled me closer .
The sound of my cries filled the room my breasts quivered and shook, I could hear his voice but couldnt understand what he was saying

The smells of his cum and my juices filled my nostrils making me fuck his fingers faster and harder, gripping him in me, suddenly I heard him tell me to cum, his hand slid to cup then squeeze my breast firmly before giving my nipple a twist my head tipped back and I moaned.

My body spasmed and I clamped my thighs together as I gushed over his fingers my knees buckled and he caught me in his strong arms, my hips jerked uncontollably, I panted trying to catch my breath, as the orgasm faded I released his hand feeling my juices coating my thighs, he stepped back to admire his handy work as I leaned against the wall for support, he scooped me into his arms and carried me to the bed he lay me down then kissed me smiling he whispered we will have such adventures.
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