In The Morning
In The Morning
By: Rockin Rach

It was a night of lurid, nasty, no bars held, and very raunchy sex. We had consumed each other in every imaginable position and some that were not imaginable. My body ached from the strain of the contortions that my body endured from your savage taking of my orifices. My breasts, left with red bite marks and I am need of hydration from all of the nectar you consumed last night. My thighs tender from you between them slamming your weight against my pubic bone as you buried your wonderful hard cock into my greedy and hungry pussy.

I marvel at how hard your penis becomes, so thick that it stretches my tight vagina and so long that I frequently feel the throbbing head on my cervix on your hardest strokes. Each thrust making me groan, whimper moan and often times squeal before demanding that you fuck me harder. I wrap my legs around your waist, squeeze trying to force you deeper in my needy cunt. Your heavy balls spanking my silky, engorged labia as you saw in and out of my very slippery love hole and I am wanting, waiting for you to fill me with your alabaster man seed. To feel your cock stiffen, then flood my cunt with your hot cream flowing over the edge of my vessel and down my trembling thighs to rest on the crumpled sheet.

I can't leave your salvo of cream go unanswered so my kitty is gripping your hot, hard cock, I arch my back pushing my mound against your pubic bone grinding and painting your turgid cock with my nectar adding to our carnal mess. I hear you groan loudly, before retaliating and you try to bury your balls in my pussy. My mind a blank and only my lust for you is all that I focus on, Just you and your wonderfully hard cock that is buried in me.

The night has faded and the morning sun is peeking out of the sky and you sleep next to on your back completely oblivious that I am awake and horny. I look at your languid, flaccid cock resting in your thigh. No longer hard and incapable of inflicting the intense salacious pleasure upon me that it had had just a few short hours ago. Now dormant, it lies there with folds of soft tissue concealing the majority of the head of your dick. The eye of your cock now dry had just a few hours ago had filled me with your scorching seed. The shaft is now thinner and much shorter that when aroused. The bulging vein now lay below the surface of your shaft, barely visible, no longer the prominent feature that I enjoy so much. Your scrotum is wrinkly and empty with your previous contents either in or on me with the remainder on the savaged sheets.

I marvel on how a few inches of flesh can give us so much pleasure. How this small insignificant organ can create such wanton pleasure; triple in size, girth and become as hard as a diamond. How this marvelous thing called, a penis, can make me crave it to it fuck my pussy. Softly I touch it and lightly run my fingers along the warm flesh. Exploring your manhood in its natural state; but is the natural state actually erect and filling a woman's vagina, hmmmm? I lean closer, my warm breath on your shaft and my lips lightly touching the pliable flesh, my tongue darts out and I can taste the leftover nectar from our night's sex clinging to your shaft. A butterfly kiss or two on the now flaccid shaft, it is so different that when it was hard and fucking my mouth, when I could feel it in my throat.

You lay there, seemingly oblivious to my lips kissing your very soft and sensual penis as my lips touch the rotund bit of flesh. A cock is an amazing organ that in a flaccid state is perfect for traveling, nestles neatly between your legs, and is always ready to stand tall and deliver an unbelievable amount of pleasure when called upon. My head is on your hip and I can feel you stir a bit as I continue my in depth exploration of your sex. I can smell the stale aroma of our sex during which I did my best to drown your cock with my cum. You were so hard, driving deep and hitting all my sweet spots and you made my kitty clinch to your shaft as you fill me with your seed. My body flushes; I am warm and now I am reconstituting the dried reside of our lovemaking. With great patience, my tongue licks the hairy orbs that dangle between your shaft and I hear you groan when I take them into my warm wet mouth giving them a tongue bath. You are no longer in a deep sleep but you lie there as I enjoy the pleasure of your flesh. I can feel a throbbing as I suck on your balls. Your shaft stiffens, swelling in girth as my fingers tickle the underside of your prick.

Your balls pop out of my mouth dripping with my saliva and I draw my tongue along the prominent vein of the swelling appendage between your legs. Dancing on the gossamer surface of your darkening head of your cock and a small clear drop of fluid rests in the eye of your cock. It is a temptation I can't resist and I purse my lips and suck the delicacy from it resting place. With that I can't resist anymore and I open my mouth, just enough to take your cock in and wrap my tongue around the juicy head. My tongue glides over the silky head as I take more of your cock. My thumb and forefinger grasping the base of your root and my head begins to bob on this wondrous shaft of flesh.

I can feel your cock swelling in my mouth as I suck on it, moving my head slowly on your erection you are definitely becoming harder. You are completely awake now your legs splayed wide and you are watching me engulf your erection. I can feel your velvety head in my throat, gliding back and forth, as I try to swallow your pulsating manhood. You cock has grown hard in my warm wet mouth filling my mouth with hot flesh; I can taste your tangy-sweet juice oozing from your cock.

My hands pressing on your hips, I am on my knees now and I am consuming your thick shaft with my lips touching your swollen balls. It is kina cute, ironic even, how your hands are now clutching the sheet, your body arching to feed my hungry mouth. Last night it was me who was ripping at the sheets while begging you to fuck me harder. My mouth dripping with saliva that runs onto your pubic bone, matting the fine hair when your cock strains. It is intense, this time more than previous times when I have given you head. Deep in my throat, which constricts as your prick swells to deliver the payload that I have been craving. I can feel you pulse and fill my mouth with your creamy seed. Long thick strands of alabaster cream propel from the tiny opening in the head of your juicy cock gushing into my throat. The tangy strands fill the void as I raise my head and now your man cream dribbles from the corner of my mouth. My chin has rivulets of your succulent cum and I wipe them with my hand. It is a new day and you deposit another sweet rope of cum in my mouth, which I twirl with my tongue as I lick your thick shaft and you are now fucking my face.

I can tell from this exquisite morning, we will have great sex the rest of the day as I now want you to take my ass before we shower.

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