In the End
The very thought of you after all these years of waiting to be finally being in your arms again feeling my addiction of you growing stronger with every breath almost blows my mind. My heart beat is the music that feeds my memories lowers all of my boundaries and burying my regrets as I slid your cock into my mouth. I moaned with pleasure from the back of my throat that reverberated around the throbbing flesh in my mouth that sucked and massage with my tongue. At that moment, I was in heaven, and you were in hell, but it didn't matter, not to me.

Gripping your hips as I sucked more of you down my throat, feeling your cock throbbing as I did so. It fueled my desire to taste you; it had been so long since the last time. Funny you had other ideas. You pulled your cock from my attentions and pulled me to my feet. I found that I could barely stand my body was riding the whisper of an orgasm, and it was about to rob me of my ability to way that or so I thought. Pushing me up against the wall, ripping what clothes I had left on, the black lace thong and matching the bra. I laughed at your haste as I watched your cock glistening with my saliva bounced stiffy between us. The laughter died on my lips as my mouth watered and my pussy joined in. With your hands in my hair, you told me what a naughty girl I was. I reached for you wrapping my hands around that throbbing treat and stroked it lightly caressing the staff and fingering the head all still hot and wet from my early attention. Keeping one hand on your cock and the other went in search of your balls that were warm and thick in my hand. Closing my eyes I floated between the two, enjoying the pleasure of hold them both. The look on your handsome face said so much and yet...

"I fucked you then, and I will fuck you now," you say eyes dark with lust and your kissable mouth set in seriousness.

"Yes, you fucked me," I said releasing you treasures and moving out of the reach of you.

Walking across the room naked not caring that large window of your office exposed me to all that could see. Turning to face you, I took a seat on the top of your desk, pulling my knees up to my chest and crossing my legs at the ankles. Then as you walked toward me, I leaned back and spread my legs wide to welcome you.

You said hello with your mouth as you buried your face in my honey pot. At that moment I was your whore, and you were my slut. My body tingled with the thought and your attention. Pussy open wide, wet, hot and throbbing from the worship of your mouth talent I felt my control slipping but not yet I wanted more from you.

"Damn!" he said between clenched teeth that as you slid your cock, my suck toy into me without as much as "here I cum".

Arching my body again to meet and greet the pleasure that you continue to give to me I released a deep soul felt moan of pleasure into the air as you moved in and out of my body. Eyes locked we looked deep and knew that there were no secret or boundaries between us. Not about, not about now and not about us. The only sounds that could be heard verifying that was the sound of wet hot skin coming together with a passion that seemed endless. I am lost in you as you squeeze my tits, ramming your cock in time to the rhythm that now appears to be the beating of my heart. I am your whore, and you are my slut at this point in this place what better can we be to each other than that?

Pushing my legs up high and over your shoulders you shoved yourself deeper as if to pound me into the desktop. Oh God, I love it!! I lifted my body to meet yours driving us both past beyond reason or care. We are a fitting show for those who watched from the other side of the panoramic glass windows behind us.
The orgasm ripped out of both of us, each in our way and together. I lose my awareness of you lost in the pleasure that you have given me. Then I feel the almost steaming hot of added wetness on m y breasts, tummy, and thighs. I gasp at the vision of you and how you decorate me with your release. Closing my eyes, I fall back into the orgasm and you...I surrender.

Later as we lay in bed hot, sweaty and sticky in the after -glow, we listen to the chiming of the church bells and the sounds of fireworks going off. We kiss softly looking into each other eyes, and I feel your cock twitch inside of me.

"My darling, in the end, all that matters is what we have between us. The years and life events have kept us apart, but we are here now," I whisper into your mouth as my lips form a kiss.

You start to move in and out of me at a pace that was slow and thoughtful. I tighten my grip on you like use your body to tell me what I need to hear. I weep just a little.

Then I set to remind you in the same way that you have always been mine from the moment we met, and I told you my name... Charlie. You smile at me from around the lust, desire and want of and for me.
I release you cock from my pussy and slide down your body to recapture it with my mouth and as you cum and I drink you down. I drink down an essence of you, all salty and sweet, and know that with every thought of you in the years to come I will remember this place and time and will glow with the memory.

My darling, HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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