In the closet...
It was just a stupid prank, my friends said. All you have to is go into the girls locker room, grab a pair of underwear, and get out. It will be easy they said.

Oh, fuck those guys! Now I'm stuck in a closet while the girls get dressed!

There has to be at least 25 girls out there, and if they catch me, this fucked up schools "Zero Tolerance Policy" will get me expelled! All I can do is sweat bullets and hope none of them need the items in this closet!

The conversations are scattered and echoed by the room, but I can hear some small pieces.

Then the dreaded voice can be heard. "Hey, did you see what happened to my underwear?"

The blood drained from my face, as I looked down at my hand. There was a pair of lace panties.

I peeked through the door ever so slightly, trying to see why suddenly things had gotten quiet in the room.

I was met by a spread scene that only could be duplicated in a porno.

The girls were sitting on benches, standing near lockers, and walking around, but so many of them were either topless, with a large range of boobs, some A-cup to huge DDs. Some had their butts in the air, looking for items or digging in lockers, but they didnt have underwear on, revealing their pink pussies. Three had their butts to me and I could only stare at the female flesh before me.

But I knew if i stared too long i would be busted. I closed the door and waited for what seemed like an eternity. Soon the footsteps made it apparent that the room was emptying.

But the voice called out over the din. "I'll see you later. I gotta find those panties."

Dammit! There still could be trouble. But I had to get out of here!

I open the door and peek out. The room has emptied alot, and the panties owner is nowhere to be seen. I slip out, and slowly start moving, trying to keep my footsteps as quiet as I could.

It wasnt enough. "Is someone there?" The girls voice called out. I didnt know how she had heard me, but she had and i had to leave right there and then.

I rounded a corner, my eyes shifting around as much as i could. The door was just beyond the row of lockers, the only way out. I moved fast but quiet, but as I neared the door, she rounded the corner into the aisle. The impact dropped us both to the floor.

I shook off the daze, and put my hands down to try and get up. They rested on something soft, squishy but firm. A flop sweat broke out, and I slowly looked down. My hands had planted on each of her firm, handful sized breasts.

Panic instantly gripped me. I knew it was gonna happen. I knew that i was gonna be expelled. This was it. I am so gonna kill those assholes!

The reaction that came from her was not what I expected. "So, do you know what to do with those?"

Panic became shock as I looked back at her. She had smiled and put her hand on mine that was gripping her right tit. "You gotta do this," she said, moving my hand around, massaging her.

I could barely speak as she held up my other hand, still clutching the panties. "You wanna earn those?"

Shock had taken my ability to speak.

She stood up and pushed me onto the bench seat, then dropped down on her knees.

I could only mumble, "wha...what....but..."

She smiled and started working on my pants. "I knew what was happening. I prefer to make guys work for my panties. And now, you have to also!"

She used the last word to pull down my pants and reveal a hardon fueled by her nude classmates. "OOOOHHH! Wow boy! You are huge!"

My eyes locked on her, now slowly working my shaft. She was licking her lips and almost hypnotized by my cockhead.

She quickly engulfed my shaft in her mouth, moving up and down, the feelings of her lips got a moan out of me. She worked with passion, almost loving the taste of my cock. Her eyes were closed and i swore i heard her moan every time she bottomed out on me.

Soon she popped off my cock, licking the head a little. "God, your big!"

She stood up, her pants off her hips and hand on her pussy. "I have never seen one as big as yours! Can you get it in here?" She spread her pussy lips, it seeming so small.

I still had no clear thoughts.

She pointed my cock at her tight slit, then began a slow drop. The head slowly entered her tight hole, and she froze, sweating and panting.

"God, the heads only in, but its so huge! This is unbelievable!" She slowly starts back down, her panting becoming heavy and labored.

She finally settles on my lap, and her breath sounds like shes in labor. "Fuck...oh fuck...never....had one...this big!"

I didnt know if she was serious, all I knew was that her pussy now had a tight hold on me and as she tried to move it felt like a gripping fist on me. I could feel every contour and bump on her pussy walls as she slowly started humping me. It was incredible watching her pussy move up my shaft slow, then suddenly drop, taking me fully in her.

Her movements were limited to this, but the feeling of tight pussy wrapped around me was almost too much. I grabbed her hips. "Lie on the bench."

I dont know why she did, but she lay, face down, on the bench, spreading her ass wide. I took the opportunity to slip back into her vice tight vagina.

I start fucking her faster than she was. All she could do was panting and moan, an occasional squeal escaping her lips. "Oh god! Its too fucking good! Please! More!"

I obliged, moving faster in her. Any thoughts left our minds as fucking became our main goal.

Soon that all too familiar feeling started. I was frustrated, but knew it was inevitable. "Im gonna cum!"

She got off me, whirled around, jammed my cock in her mouth quick enough to get a full load of cum in her mouth. Each shot packed her mouth, and after i finished her cheeks were full, with white drooling out her mouth.

She swallowed it all, then picked up the panties, after wiping her wet cunt with them. "Enjoy big boy." She looked outside, then helped me escape.

My friends found me later. I told them i didnt get any. I wanted to save these for myself.
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