In the saddle
Adele rode back up the green track towards the stable and spotted Jon standing smiling
"Hi" He said
"What are you doing here" she replied
"Thought I would surprise you" he grinned.
As they walked he placed his hand on the back of the sadly running his finger against her ass making her giggle. He pushed his hand between the saddle and her ass stretching his arm until he knew he was touching her pussy through the tight jodhpurs, he wriggled his finger making her moan
"Stop someone may see" she muttered nervously looking around, this only made him grin and wriggle his fingers more.
Riding almost always made her horny and she couldn't help but wriggle until his fingers were in the right spot, leaning a little forward she let out a gasp, taking this as a sign of encouragement he moved his fingers faster.
"So being in the saddle does get you worked up" he smiled convinced his fingers could feel dampness through the fabric of the jodhpurs as she squirmed She lifted herself in the saddle a little and felt his hand move beneath her, as she settle she could feel he had turned it over, he curled his finger making her cry out, as it pressed against her clitoris. Adele gripped her knees tight against the saddle her body trembling the movement of the horse and his finger forcing her to bite her lip.
Jon looked up staring as she moaned , he loved the way the tight jodhpurs made her thighs and ass look, his cock was hard & aching he slipped his left hand into his pocket giving it a rub as his finger worked her up into a frenzy. He couldn't wait until they got back to the stables so he could find a quiet spot in the barn and take her, he was so lost in his thoughts his finger was pressing harder and faster he got a fright as Adele shrieked and he felt her legs clamp against the saddle startling the horse.
Adele could feel him rubbing faster with increased pressure, her stomach lurched and she screamed as her pussy convulsed and she came, this was different as she clamped her legs together as her body convulsed she felt the wetness on her pussy and the top of her thighs. She felt his finger stop as her body calmed, she slid onto the ground shaking, he kissed her cheek , looking round he ran behind a wall so no one could see, unzipping his pants he freed his cock Adele stared as he grabbed it stroking faster and faster, suddenly he groaned and his cum spurted onto the air as he dropped onto his knees. Adele walked over to him and kissed him her knees still a little weak, she knelt and kissed his softening cock tasting his cum smiling.
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