In the woods
The best times I can remember have always been in the woods. As a child my parents and I have always been close to nature. Camping and hiking have always given me peace. I've been planning this latest trip for weeks, my boyfriend Matt and I were going to have a whole week to spend enjoying the sights, hiking the trails, swimming in the lakes and enjoying the star lit nights.

Now I will be making the trip on my own. It will be good, I can use the time to decide what to do about he and I. My jeep was filled with everything I would need. I had books for the long nights, not to mention a few toys now that I was on my own. A woman has needs, for some reason mine seem to be much stronger then other woman. That was one of the reasons Matt gave me for needing some space. He couldn't keep up with me. He actually told me I want sex to much, he really said that! I didn't think a man would ever tell me I want sex from them to much. He says, "He never felt like he was pleasing me." If I was still there and wanting to have sex doesn't that mean he was pleasing me? I thought so. There was never a complaint from me that I wasn't getting enough. That must have been all him.

Two days later I was packed up and ready to started my drive out to the state park, the day was sunny, the white fluffy clouds showed no signs of rain. There was only the trees lined up for miles, as I drove I could feel the stress melting away. Leaving everytthing I had been dealing with at work and of course all the stuff with Matt on the miles of road was a real releif. The road had very little traffic,I made it to one of my favorite sites in no time. It was out of the way and very private. I liked it cause I hardly saw other people out there, it was freedom. Just me, my books and my thoughts. Well and maybe a few fuzzy little animals looking for a meal. Coming up on my site, I gasped as I saw the view. It an amazing show of nature, the river down below and the sloping hills, the faint roar for the waterrfall in the distance. I loved this site.

The Jeep was unpacked and supplies store in thirty minutes. It took no time to set up camp. I was done way before it started getting dark. I gathered up plenty of wood and kindling for the fire, hauled up some water from the stream that branched off from the main river and started setting out supplies for making my evening meal. And with all that not a soul came by, just the way I liked it. So I started perparing my meal, building the fire in the pit I made was process, but it was always sure to have a fie going within twenty minutes or so. Once that was done the cooking wouldn't be hard, I enjoyed this using fire to cook. The large stones keep the flames and embers where they were useful and the small ones at the bottom allowed the air to feed the fire.

When I'd finished my meal, I did my clean up. Keeping everything tidy was something I learned early. After that bear cub came into camp when I was camping with my parents as a child. I learned about keeping food secured and the importance of covering up scents to not draw animals into camp. My cooler was air tight to keep the food store scents in. All the dry goods where in sealed containers. I didn't want any unwanted visited in camp. This area was home to a large number of wild life, but you don't always see the larger animals, its the smaller ones that don't seem to be afraid to come into camp. Just to be safe I always packed as if the big ones were always around.

I could rest when everything was secured. I climbed in my sleeping bag naked, as this was how I always slept, set a dim lantern ready to get lost in an erotic story. As I read how Steve grabbed Amber forcing her to the bed and spreading her legs wide. My nipples started to react to the warmth that was growing between my legs. The next passage went into hot detail, Steve tied Amber's hands above her head, his extra long thick cock pushed between her enormious breasts, precum dripping from the huge head. Steve pushed forward parting Amber's lips filling her mouth with his manhood. She gagged taking his length deep down her throat. Pulling back he let her get a breathe before thrusting forward again. Sliding his cock down the length of her body to her derinched pussy. Before putting it in he rubbed that huge head against her swollen clit. She was begging him to push in as she moaned in pleasure. When he felt she was about to cum, he push in deep and hard. He was thrusting harder and harder. I loved it. Thinking of his cock pushing into her deeper and deeper.

My fingers were as deep as I could get them. I needed more. I reached for my backpack looking for the biggest dildo I could find. Once I had it in hand, I pushed it in as I had read. Thrusting it deep in me, bring my juices out with every pull. Oh god it felt good. I kept cumming over and over again. This dick had a warmer inside so the heat was making the walls of my pussy twitch as it stretches me open wide. My nipples grew harder as my sleeping bag fell open and the cool air reached my skin. I kept the rhythm going as I got all I needed from my toy. I was glad my moans were heard by only me. As the story went on the pumping increased making my hips rock as the toy touched the top of my uterus, I moan each time it reached it. The cum flowed out of me as I finally pulled it free from my sore pussy. I cleaned myself and slept very well the rest of the night. Getting up early the next morning I felt refreshed.

That release was one I really needed. I took my backpack to the stream to wash up and get dressed for the day. The water was cool as I stepped into the deepest part of the stream. I left all my clothes on the bank hanging on a tre branch. The sun shown off the rippled water as it slowly flowed passed. I keeled down dipping my hands into the water, scooping up the clear liquid and letting it fall over me. The morning air was warm, the water a few degrees below the air around so it was an pleasant rush against my skin. I took out my bar of natural non toxic soap and began lathering up myself. My body felt good, letting myself get lost in what i was doing. My bath lasted a bit longer than I intended but I was clean. I finished up, still enjoying the feel of it.

I turned when I heard movement on the opposite bank. I scanned the shoreline, there was slight movement of the trees. But nothing that would cause alarm. I continued my bath, enjoying the feel of both the sun and the water drenching my body. I stayed in only a few more minutes. Made sure to brush my hair and teeth. After dressing, I walked a short distance to pick wild blueberries that grow a ways down the trail. A great way to break my fast.

When I reached the patch where the blueberries grew, I could see that someone or something had collecting the fruit not too long ago. Some of the branches were freshly broken. I looked around, as before there was nothing out of the ordinary to see. Getting back to the harvesting, I gathered enough for breakfast and some for a snack later in the day.

My walk back to camp was very enjoyable. Popping a few berries in my mouth as I went along. I thought about how my life would be different when I returned home. It was just me now, I could do anything I wanted to do. But what did I want? I'll think about it more after breakfast, I still had a few day here to relax and enjoy my surroundings.

The plan was to hike to the waterfall today. I made sure I had my camera to get some moving images of nature. That was another hobby of mine. Taking pictures of anything that caught my eye. Snapping photos as I went, getting closer to the waterfall and I still hadn't seen sign of another camper. These were going to be great shots of the falls. Still about a mile away I was a descending the hill. I stopped to take a picture. Dropped the camera in my pocket and started down the hill. I heard the rusling behind me , so I turned to take a look over my sholder, I could swear I saw the outline of someone, so I stopped and looked carefully up the hill. There was nothing, I think I just wanted some one else to be near, no one really like being all alone all the time.

Making it to the waterfall, I started snapping away. The way the trees and rocks where placed you would think someone had designed the perfect image. The large rocks were great for laying out. I put down my pack and reached inside for some water and a few berries. Sitting by the falls was my form of therapy. With my eyes closed I soaked in the sunshine. A sudden noise made me open my eyes and focus on where the noise came from. I saw nothing again. There was a chill running up my spine, very uneasy feeling despite the heat from the sun. As if I could feel something looking at me, but couldn't make anything out.Heading back to camp the feeling followed me. I was letting my imagination get the best of me. I tried to let the feeling go. Lord, I could feel someone near, but all I saw was trees, brushes and rocks. That was a sign in it self. Once I made it back to camp, the feeling eased. While resting from my hike back, I reviewed the shots I took. When I looked at the falls shot there was something I hadn't seen while taking the shot. Something standing up right near the treeline. It was hard to tell what it was from the shot. It had to be some kind of animal. But standing? I told myself it must be a shadow.

Finishing my evening routine, I grabbed my book. Damn, I was so restless. Beginning were I left off it didn't take long for me to start rubbing my swelling clit. He was filling her ass with his thick rock hard cock as she pushed back to take more of him in. She was telling him that she wanted it harder. I had always wondered what having a woman's body against mine would feel like. Sucking her nipples till they were hard, smelling the sweetness of her skin, letting my hands glide between her creamy thighs. Oh god, I was so wet. I had never let myself find out for real. I was just curious if it was all they make it out to be.

Again my fingers found their way inside my hot pussy. Moans escaping my lips, while I dreamed of them covering her clit. I wanted it to be her fingers in me. Her playing with me as I eat her juicy cunt. I was just getting into it when I heard something outside. The fucking continued, but I listen to make sure the animal kept moving on. My climax was building fast. Oh my God, that release was good. The flow was hot and the scent was pure lust. Slowing my breathing down, I could swear I heard someone having a release of their own maybe fifty yards out. The breathing was heavy, what ever it was it was large. The sound of the thing cumming shot fear in me. I killed the light and stayed very still. My heart started racing when the movement grow closer. There wasn't much I could do my clothes were in the corner of the tent, and something was moving into my camp.

It was smelling the air taking deep breaths. I wanted to mask the smell of my still dripping sex. Covering myself slowly with my sleeping bag, was all I could do. It was right outside now. The tent the only thing between us. It was looking around the tent, maybe looking for a way in. It was going to get in. Okay, maybe it was only looking for food. It would sniff around a bit then move on.

The tent tearing shot fear up from the pit of my stomach. It was in. It moved inside. I didn't want to see, I kept my head covered. I wanted to scream, but for what? There was no one around for miles. It was over me, it's smell was wild but not unpleasant. There was a heat coming from it. It touched the sleeping bag lightly. It was the feeling of a large hand runningg the length of the bag. Was this a man? If so it was a extremely large man. It was still taking deep breathes, it was looking for my scent. And the moment the sleeping bag parted and exposed a bit of my legs, a lusty moan came from the creature.

I stayed were I was, still not moving, praying it would leave. Instead it touched my outer thigh. I flinched before I knew it. It grabbed my leg and dragged me from under the the cover of the sleeping bag. It held me up by my leg, my body totally opened to it. I felt it breath on my belly as it sniff my pussy. It's tongue licked me from my clit to my ass in one long lick. I couln't help it my body reacted, dripping and filling the air with the thickest scent of sex.

I had never felt such heat on me. I struggled to get free. It pressed my body against it's big heavy body. The muscular body I was against was covered with a soft hair. Still hanging upside down my pussy was against its mouth. It licked me again. This time slower. I could feel that it had a erection growing. My fear deepen, it was getting excited by this interaction. Even with that my pussy was growing wet, I could smell the scent growing thicker. I didn't want to think about what was going to happen next, the thought of an animal fucking me had never come to my mind. It continued to eat me, my legs hanging open as it held me tight and inserted it's long tongue all the way in me. I heard myself let out a light moan. That couldn't happen I can't be enjoy this, I told myself to black it out.

I couldn't think. From the blood rushing to my head and the fear in my heart. There was no good out come. Just then it righted me , the motion so quick it almost didn't register. Its hands on either side of my waist, my feet not touching the floor. It's hands were so large its fingers easily reached my breasts. It rubbed my breasts with its fingers. It was so dark I couldn't see its face. Part of me wanted to see it, it pulled me close and it's erection had reached its full length. This was the thickest dick I had ever felt and it was pressed against me, I couldnt feel the base but the length reach from my pussy well past my belly button. It wasn't hairy, it felt smooth and very thick. I could feel oozing liquid running from my belly button, it must have been coming from it. The fear and musk was all my nose could smell. IT WAS GOING TO FUCK ME.

It's thick dick pushed my legs apart, it lowered me on to it's massive cock. My pussy spread to take it in. The scream I let out as it spread me farther than I have ever been spread seemed to excite it more. It slid me up and down along it's full length. My pussy was burning from the heat and pain. I was nothing but a toy, for it sexual pleasure. The sounds it was making said it all. It was enjoying tearing my pussy up. Its head fell back my pussy massaging it dick with tight sliding, it just kept going. The hair on its stomach didnt hide the eight pack it had. Even with the hair rubbing my body, it was soft and felt like a fine fur cassessing my body. The sound of my pussy being forced to take such a wide cock was surprising. I had never heard the low squish it was making, maybe it was the wettness I was giving out or it could have been from it. My God is it ever going to be over.

My body was limp from the assault. It laid me down on my stomach. I was still, hoping it would leave. It lick my ass and spread my legs open. God please not in my ass. I dont know but I think I was bleeding or covered in my own cum. My prayer wasn't answered. I screamed as it went in. The fit was very tight, so it took it's time fucking me. It roared at the complete insertion of its dick. I swear I passed out from the pain, but when I came to It was still fucking my ass. Its breathe finally sounded as if it was getting close to coming. How long had it been? I had no idea. The camp site was so far out that no one was going to be comimg by. I swear this could go on all night. The force of the thrusts were pushing and pulling my body all over the tent floor. Was I going to make it through this? Hours had passed. The thrusts started coming faster, I know it was coming to its end. When it's climax was about to come, I felt it's erection swell inside me. A roar came the moment the hottest cum I'd ever felt came gushing out of my ass. It kept cumming, running out of me and coating the floor and my legs.

I felt Its massive cock go down a bit, then it pull itself free of my ass. It stood and walked off back into the forest. I felt like crying, but nothing came out. I don't remember much after that. When I woke the sun was up and no one or nothing was around. I could barely move. I cleaned my sore body in a small bucket I had near a tree. After I managed to dress and take down my camp. Packing the Jeep with everything. Stopping at the ranger's station to report an attack. I was sitting in the Jeep asking myself what to tell them? But I had to tell them somthing happened. After an hour of trying to explain that I was rapedd but some big hair creature for hours, I drive home hoping it was a dream. The soreness told me other wise. It would take a week to get back to normal. I haven't been camping since.

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