Infinity Smiles
Its weird the way it seemed to happen, it was like I was seeing myself from high above and was powerless to move or even think, all I could do was watch as I faded away into oblivion.

It seemed like yesterday, but it was a long time ago and the candle still burns at both ends, I still turn and wonder why, wonder when I will see you again.

Your words left me breathless that cold December morning, my actions were careless, your reactions fearless and our hopes all faded of us together in soul and spirit.

I still look down at the scenario today and now I am basking in a warm glow above a crashing surf, there is no one but you on the beach. Suddenly I am down to the tranquil ocean, beyond the crashing waves, beyond your sight or reach. I realize I am being pulled away by an undertow.

I know I can swim parallel to the shore, do easy sidestrokes, keep the shoreline in my sight. But for some reason I don't do this. I watch you as I am pulled away. You unknowingly look right at me and smile, I try to wave but my arms are like stone and I just relax and soak in the view of you as I slip away toward the great beyond of the horizon of this infinite pool.

I smile as I am almost lowered over the precipe
of infinity and my soul is warmed to know you smiled at me, not knowingly but you smiled and that made me so happy.

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