Inner Heat
You ravish my mouth almost before the front door is even closed, tongue leading mine in a dance that needs no music. We both feel the heat, the fever, the need. You have me pinned against the door as your lips devour mine, hands cupping, then squeezing my ample breasts.

I love it when you go all dominant alpha male on me; I can't control my body's instant response. I almost purr in delight as my pussy gets wet, body readying for you. I know from experience, I'm in for a wild ride.

You follow me up the stairs to my bedroom, stopping me halfway up the staircase, you say, "bend over and stand still."

I'm naked under my sheer, short, purple robe, just as you like. My body, bared for inspection and invasion. You groan saying, "I love the hair." The last time we were together I was clean shaven, so this is a surprise to you.

"I know you do. I let it grow out specifically to please you."

Your finger slides easily into my pussy; I'm wet and eager for you. It feels so good to have my hole filled, it's been way too long since I last had a man; the moan that I can't hold back, echos in the stairwell. I want to move, but I'm a good girl and follow your instructions. You add another finger into my silky heat, my inner muscles cling as you invade the core of me faster and harder. As I get closer to release, it's a challenge to stand still, and yet my body obeys the inner command not to move, not to hump your hand.

Just as I'm about to cum, your fingers withdraw, stealing the orgasm that my body seeks. You tell me, "you can continue on." My shaky legs somehow propel me up the stairs and to my bedroom.

Reaching the room, you pull me tightly against your body, head descending slowly, teasingly towards me. When our lips finally touch, you devour mine in a kiss so volcanic it weakens my knees. Your mouth catches the moan I can't hold back, as your hands stroke lightly over my body. I shiver as your touch sends waves of pleasure coursing through me.

Breaking away from our heated lip lock, you turn me, pushing me up against the wall. Your hands take mine and raising them over my head, you place them on the wall. "Don't move," you say, your breath fanning against the back of my neck as you speak, makes my blood boil. Your body's pressed against mine, trapping me. The heat radiating off of you seeps through the thin layer of my robe, and I can feel your erection pressing against my ass through your jeans.

Slowly trailing your hands down my arms, I feel my robe open as the belt holding it closed is released. Your hands move up my rib cage to my breasts, squeezing them tightly, makes my nipples even more prominent, as you maddeningly kiss the back of my neck. You know how much I love it when my breasts are played with, and nobody really does much anymore, always so anxious to rush through the appetizers to get to the main course. But not you, you're smart enough, and experienced enough to know, the more excited you get me, the better it'll be for us both.

Moving my nipples lightly up and down the wall, the texture in the plaster makes them even more sensitive. Then your fingers do the rest as you pinch and tweak the hard pebbles they've become. I'm having the most difficult time standing still, pushing my ass more firmly against you is all I want to do. But I'm determined to obey your command, no matter how hard it is.

You take your hands away from me, and there is a rustling from behind. I hear one shoe hit the floor, then the other joins it. I'm thrilled to hear you're getting naked, I'm eager to feel your bare skin against mine!

Hot lips kissing up my spine makes me tremble, and I'm holding my breath in suspense to see what you'll do next, I'm sure it'll be pleasurable. Reaching my neck you lightly blow against me, then kiss it, which soon turns into sucking. I know I'll be sporting a hickey when I look. But that's alright, seeing the evidence of our time together excites me!

Slowly, your hand travels down my back. You are purposely taking your time, to heighten my excitement and anticipation. And boy is it working! My body is almost vibrating.

In a commanding tone you tell me, "spread your legs...wider...wider...a little wider. Now, stick that gorgeous ass of yours out."

I hurry to comply, your mastery over my body was established long ago, and has only strengthened each time we're together.

Your finger enters my dripping pussy, you stroke into me a few times, then add another digit. It's so hard for me to stand still now, and I moan. You get me so fucking hot!

Another command makes my deep inner muscles clench, "I know you're dying to move, my little vixen, so move. Fuck my fingers with that tight little cunt of yours...nice and hard now."

I moved my body back and forth on your fingers, taking you deep into my pussy. But it must not be deep enough, because you put your free hand on my shoulder and pushed down.

"Oh fuck!" I manage to get out in between moans. My breathing is fast and heavy, body tensing, gathering energy to explode. And just as I'm about to orgasm, you pull your fingers out of my dripping snatch.

"Not yet," you say over my disappointed groan. I know what you're doing, and know that when you do allow me the release I so desperately need, that it will be earth shattering. But that knowledge is small comfort when I want to cum so badly right now, not later.

"Turn around," of course I did. "Now, lick my fingers clean."

My juices glisten on your hand, a few drops fall off to land on my chest, which is right below you. It always excites me, you telling me to clean you. Something just seems so naughty about it, and that definitely appeals to me.

After I lick you clean you tell me, "since you've tasted your honey, now I want you to taste mine. Suck my cock."

Ohhhhhhh, I love having your dick in my mouth; your long, hard, thick rod fills it completely by the time my lips touch the bare skin at the base of you. I suck with intense force, my head moving back and forth on your cock. Your hands grip the silky hair on each side of my head, holding it still while you now fuck my mouth. Driving your cock repeatedly down my throat, your groans sound almost animalistic, as you pick up the pace. I think, MMMMMMMM he's going to give me a mouthful of his creamy cum. But just when I think you're going to explode, you pull out of my mouth with an almost pain filled cry.

Yanking me up, you throw me onto the bed. Spreading my legs wide, you put them over your shoulders, then fall on my cunt like a wild beast, licking and sucking, lapping up my juices as your teeth, lips, and tongue produce even more honey for you to consume. The ferocity of your oral loving is breathtaking.

My fingers tangle in soft strands of your hair as my body writhes below, your onslaught quickly catapulting me toward my release. My clit soon becomes your focus, lips sucking it into your mouth, then you lightly nibble on my bud. I moan, not bothering to hold it back, I couldn't even if I wanted to. Muscles are tensing, energy building as I'm about to orgasm, and you pull away.

"Oh, you tease," I groan out shakily. I can't believe you did that again. My body is screaming out for release now, and you keep teasing me.

You rise up, lips meeting mine to share my essence. It was smeared all over your mouth and face, now it's all over mine as well.

Spreading my legs widely, you settle between them, cock resting against my hard bud and soaked lips. Pussy juice is running down my ass, wetting the mattress below me, the sense of anticipation is building; we both know where this is ultimately leading and I'm anxious to get there. My moans are loud in the room, as you unexpectedly rub the length of your cock over my lips and engorged clit repeatedly.

You know exactly how to whip me into a lustful frenzy of want and need. Both of our breathing is fast and labored, the strain on your face tells me what an effort it is to tease me like this, and not give in to your body's own plead for release.

You keep stroking up and down my slit, it's driving me crazy. My hips are grinding against your shaft, hoping that maybe you'll accidentally slide into my hot hole. The tension builds again, my body reaching, grasping for what you keep withholding. I swear if you don't let me cum this time, I'll go insane.

"Please...please let...p-p-please don't stop! I-I h-have to c-c-cum! PLEASE!" My voice was hoarse from all the moaning and heavy breathing but still understandable as I begged over and over to be allowed to cum.

"Since you asked so nicely...CUM FOR ME!"

The words had barely left your mouth when my body explodes. The orgasm sweeping over me like a tsunami; I see little pinpricks of light, like fireworks behind my closed lids. My loud cry, turns into a scream as you ram your hard cock into my spasming pussy, and it closes around you like a bear trap, momentarily holding you still. Soon though, you start to move, driving your hips into me. Strokes so ferocious that they make the bed move, the headboard beats your rhythm against the wall like a drum.

The teasing you've done since we got here is paying off now, my body rocked with multiple orgasms; it's so intense, I don't know when one ends and the other begins, it's just basically one long continuous orgasm. My pleasure filled cries fill the room, hell, I bet even people walking by the house can hear me.

"Wrap your legs around your eyes...look at me...I want to see your pleasure."

I do as you say, feeling the muscles in your sexy ass bunch as you stroke into me. The expression on your face looks pain filled, but I know you're only trying to hold back and hold on for a little while longer. I wonder if I look the same?

You lean down to give me a long, passionate kiss, your tongue rubs against mine, and I wrap my arms around you. Our bodies now joined from our sex, all the way up. I love cradling you against me like this, while you continue to pump into my needy pussy.


I can feel your cock swell inside me, your cum forcefully shooting, hitting the depths of my greedy cunt. Your pulsation while pumping my pussy full to overflowing with your creamy load, pushes me to orgasm yet again. So with your last few pulses, my inner muscles milk you for every last drop you have. You keep thrusting into me until you feel the last of my spasms settle, then stop, cock still buried deep inside. Your body fully relaxes against me and is a welcome weight as I cradle you between my legs.

Our chests heave as we both try to catch our breath and wait for our racing hearts to come back to normal. When they do you turn onto your back, my head is resting peacefully on your shoulder, as my hand strokes idly over your chest.

You've led me through this passionate dance. Our inner heat is finally cooled...for now.
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