Insane Train
The Insane Train
by Miss Anonna

The train was crowded so I found myself a seat and began to fumble with my phone. It wasn't long before people started crowding in and before I knew it there were so many people smashed together that I couldn't even see a window. It didn't really matter because I was engaged with my phone.

The next stop brought even more people to the train and I watched as the doors closed on a woman that just barely made it through and she looked relieved. I moved my feet for a man directly in front of me who looked like he needed more room even though he was standing. He reached his arm around the woman before him to grasp the same pole she was hanging onto and I watched as she looked down at his arm and then tuned again to face forward. Her ass was right above my knees and I wondered how people could do this every day. She had on a business suit, the man was wearing sweat pants and with the two in front of me, I could see nothing else so I sat back in my seat and played with my phone.

I looked up moments later and he was pushed right up against her rear as the two swayed together synchronized to the movement of the train. I could see she was a little annoyed with him bumping against her but he seemed to be enjoying every moment taking place, in fact it looked to me like he was beginning to sport an erection.

I watched as she put her hand behind her as if to protect herself from the brief violations but he seemed to take on the challenge with a more aggressive approach. He pushed his crotch into her hand at the next forward lunge and then he backed off a bit. I noticed he continuously looked down at her hand and after pushing himself into her hand again he watched as her hands seem to be grabbing at him. My eyes widened with surprise and I now found myself engaged in this interesting relationship as it was obvious these two people did not know each other. I watched as he once again engaged himself against her hand and remained there for a moment as her fingers began to wander across his growing crotch.

He backed away from her slightly and I watched as her fingers began to feel for something that was no longer there. Slowly he moved toward her wanting fingers and when the two met the woman's fingers slowly wrapped around what looked like the head of a cock pushing into the material that covered it. I watched as they rolled around the tip that became more prominent as she squeezed it slightly.

I sat up and scanned the area around me. No one was seeing what I was seeing as everyone's view was completely blocked and with my phone in my hand I leaned forward into the scene that was taking place before my eyes. Her hand slipped downwards onto what looked to be a cucumber in his pants but I'm sure it wasn't. I watched her fingers wander all over it like she was nonchalantly petting a cat and I moved in a little closer to watch and block the view of anyone who might want to put an end to this little escapade.

The train lunged slightly and he pushed himself against her but as he backed away I saw that she had gotten her whole hand around his shaft and as he pulled away from her she was pulling his cock out in front of him but eventually let it go. His hand moved to the elastic band of his sweat pants and began to tug and pull it down and as I scooted up a little further on my seat I found myself inches away from raw interesting activity.

The woman's fingers seemed to be searching again for the feel of this man's shaft and as he moved forward I watched the elastic band on his sweats slowly reveal a thick, glistening cap to the monster behind the sweatpants. This was getting very interesting and soon he rested the head of cock against her hand but she didn't jump, instead her fingers wrapped around the tip and slowly caressed it. Her middle finger made its way to the very tip and by the way she rubbed her fingers together, I guessed that it was a touch moist.

The man shifted his weight and turned slightly toward me while her hand slid behind his cock and pulled it down and out of his sweats. It was quite thick and dripping from the tip as she bounced it against her thigh, squeezing it between her fingers. He pulled himself closer to her and as she groped and squeezed his cock it began to point in my direction. I was mesmerized by this thick tool and felt my nipples hardening and my panties getting wet while I gazed deep into the mirroring effect of the droplet at the tip of his tool. Subconsciously I was getting closer and closer to the wonderful toy in this woman's hand when the train began to round a turn. Everyone began to sway with the forces of gravity and centricity and though the man attempted to cover up his perverted public affair, the two swooped in my direction and my face met the back of her hand and the tip of his member left that little droplet on my upper lip.

When we all got our bearings back I looked up to see them both looking down at me in amazement and wonder of what may have happened. I glanced at his erection leaning against her leg and then glanced back at him. I could see a look of despair but I lifted my hand to my face and with one finger I swiped my lip and sucked on my finger while muttering a slight, naughty laugh. I watched the woman and the man glance at each other momentarily and then she turned to face the front again. He grabbed the pole next to her and stepped slightly to her side. I noticed she had never let go of him and his cock was growing harder.

I watched as each pulse of his tool got him more and more erect while she stoked him, squeezed him and groped the thick head in her hand. I felt his eyes upon me as I inched closer and closer to his pole and with each sway of the train I could tell he was trying to get his dick near my mouth. The woman's hand moved down to the base of his cock and she twisted it around in her fingers until it was no more than several inches from my face.

The train bucked a little and as he attempted to enter my mouth I noticed the droplets were spinning a thread of liquid that began to head toward the floor. I smiled and the train began to turn again sending his cock toward me. The air compressed around me and the sound of the train grew intensely loud when all of a sudden all the light was gone from around me. The train whipped into a tunnel and I began to look around but could see nothing; however, I could feel his cock against my cheek and a slick trail of liquid that made its way to my ear as we all bobbed around in the car.

I kept my cheek against his stiff cock and guided my mouth up to the tip and yes, I slipped my lips over the tip of his dripping head. I kept still and let the rocking of the train send his thick shaft in and out of my mouth and soon I felt her fingers against my chin, then over my lips and around my face. Another turn of the train sent his cock into the back of my throat which made me cough and pull away. I felt her fingers enter my mouth and then guide his cock back to my lips. I felt my mouth filling up with the head of his cock and then I felt the cream squirt onto my tongue. The train moved again and his cock drifted out of my mouth despite my attempt to keep him there. I lunged forward and once again his cock found my mouth but instead of entering my lips his tool swiped the side of my face. I could feel her fingers against my face and she was frantically jerking him. I felt a big mess of wetness on the side of my face and guided my lips back onto his throbbing stick. I held him there for a moment and felt him quivering and leaving more cream on my tongue while her fingers continued to bump my lips. He pulled himself from my mouth and stepped back just as the train was exiting the tunnel and in the dim light I watched her let him slide out from her fingers. She reached out to me and wiped the side of my cheek with her finger and then brought her hand to her mouth and nonchalantly put her fingers in her mouth.

As the train slowed down and approached the station, I reached into my purse and grabbed a towlette. My eyes darted around the car, glancing at all the passengers anticipating their stop while I wiped down my face. I could not believe that had just happened but I laughed to myself as I looked down at my thigh where a long pearly streak of semen lay. I quickly wiped it up and sat back, watching all the people move toward the door. I smiled at the lady as she was exiting and she smiled back. The man followed the crowd but turned and sat down in the seat across from me and smiled. I grinned, licked my lips, got up and exited the train to the profound smell of New York.
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