Inspired By A Chat
I began a chat session one day last week with a member on V9 from my office at work. During the casual chat he asked me a personal question about having sex with another couple. I thought about it and told him about an evening I had with a female. Actually I started to tell him and then had to shut down the chat as I was interrupted. I decided to post the events of that evening for everyone to read.

It was an unexpected gift from my husband. I had no idea where we were going that night until we arrived at a fabulous 5 star hotel just miles from our house. We parked the BMW at the front entrance and the attendant took our bags and escorted us into the hotel. We checked in and went directly to our room. The room was over the top with amenities. Fireplace, jacuzzi, big screen TV's, a loft bedroom with a wooden spiral staircase. It was gorgeous.

Following a little freshening up we went back down stairs to the restaurant to have dinner. As we waited and had a couple of drinks my husband let on that he had special surprise for me. Really I asked? who is she? he laughed and just said, you wish.

When we returned to our room I pressed him more about the surprise. He began to fiddle through one of the bags that we packed and pulled out a pink blind fold. He laid out a blanket on the floor right at the bottom of the stair case just feet from the gas fireplace.
He told me that I was about to get the most erotic massage I had ever had. Oh my god, so awe sum... I needed this so bad. I began to undress until he stopped me, nope, leave your cloths on he said. Really I replied, yep he said, they will come off in time.

I was wearing a pair of jeans and a button down blouse. Not exactly what you would want to get a message in. I figured I would play along for now. I laid down in front of the warm heat from the fireplace and let him place the blind fold around my head. As I got comfortable I heard Stephen stripping the clothes from his body. There was silence for a bit until I felt the cold steel of the hand cuffs click around my wrist. OK I thought, he's in a kinky mood.
I then realized the cuffs were attached to the rail at the bottom of the stair case. oookk.
Ah Babe I called out, anything I should know here? No he replied, just going to give you a great massage.

Stephen began by removing my shoes and massage my feet, I was dozing off as the warm heat from the fire place and the talented hands of my husband had me relaxed enough to melt. It was the knock on the door that brought my senses back to life. Oh shit I remember saying, let me up, who the heck is that. Oh relax he told me, it's the masseuse.
Your kidding me, ah, let me up. I began to panic. He ignored me and went to the door. I heard the door open. I tried to reach the blind fold to remove it from my head but it was impossible. I couldn't reach my head with my hands. I laid back down thinking he would just get rid of whomever was at the door.

Well, he didn't, I heard a female voice speaking to Stephen, they were standing right over me. My god, your wife is gorgeous she said. She had a very soft sexual voice. Yes she is Stephen replied, take really good care of her. She is very stressed out.

I think it was the tone of her voice that made my brain switch gears, I had always wanted to do something like this. It was almost like I got paralyzed and couldn't talk. For the next few minutes she was like a delicate surgeon slowly undoing each button on my blouse. Her hands were much softer and smaller then what I was used to. She was gentle and her fingers gently stroked me as she undid every button allowing my blouse to fall to the sides of my body.

Her soft voice and smooth hands had my nipples standing to attention and my wetness was already beginning to soak my panties.
She messaged my shoulders, stomach and face for several minutes. I wanted her to touch my breast so bad, I was aching for her to touch them but she was careful not to.
Unexpectedly my breast were free from my bra as she cut the strap with a scissors. It spooked me for a moment but quickly turned to excitement.

I was in a high state of arousal as her hands began a soft massage of breast. She had added a few drops of warm massage oil for enhancement. My nipples were so hard they hurt. I turned my head to the side trying to hide the pleasure I was feeling. She knew though, she knew exactly what she was doing. She was taking me to a new state of arousal. I thought at one point she was going to lick or suck my nipple but she didn't, she just got close enough with her mouth for me to feel her hot breath on my nipple but never touched it.

The masseuse then began to unbutton my jeans. I think I was visibly shaking at the thought of her removing my pants. Lift your but honey, Lets take these pants off of you. There was no hesitation. My pants were off in a second. I again became very embarrassed as to how wet she had made me. I felt her fingers press against the wetness of my panties, I nearly came right then and there. Sliding my panties down slightly she continued messaging my hips stomach and thighs. On several occasions I nearly came as her hands just brushed across my vaginal lips. Any pressure on my clit would have thrown me over the edge.

Next she removed my soaked panties and pushed my legs apart as she crawled up between them.
She began gently licking around the wet opening. I wanted to hold her head and trust my body into her face but my hands were still cuffed to stairs. She licked and sucked my clit faster and faster. Then her finger slid through my small rosebud opening and I lost it. I was moaning and screaming. I'm not sure what I said but it was loud. My legs were shaking as the contractions grew stronger and faster. My hips bucking trying to release every last bit of orgasm from my body.

When the contractions finally stopped I took a deep breath and regained consciousness. She removed the hand cuffs form my wrist and removed the blindfold as she placed a gentle kiss on my lips. She was a small petite girl half my age with long blond hair. No one I had ever met before. I looked around the room and saw Stephen sitting on the sofa, he had enjoyed the show. She's all yours now the girl told him as he got up and walked toward us.

The masseuse then took her place on the sofa as Stephen took his turn with me. My pussy still ached as his hard cock slid inside. It was only minutes before I began screaming again as his cock plunged deep into me. I started yelling to the masseuse, you like watching us fuck, you like watching us don't you, you like watching his big cock slam into me. I wrapped my legs around Stephens waist as my body released another mind crushing orgasm. I was sweating. The masseuse began yelling. Don't cum in her I want to see it, I want to see you cum. Stephen pulled out just in time to shoot his load across my stomach as the masseuse positioned her self for a better view. We played a bit more that night with the masseuse. Stephen told me she was a masseuse he went to one time with a gift certificate. He had heard she was bi and one thing led to another.
I know the story is kind of short but I thought I would post it.
Hope you enjoyed it.
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