Interstate Rest Area
I flicked the switch that turned my blinker on as I carefully maneuvered my car into the exit lane leading up to the interstate rest area. I glanced into the rear view mirror. Not to check for traffic, but to check my reflection. I quickly took in my loose flowing hair that framed my face. My eyes were bright with anticipation as I reverted my eyes back to the road as my car wound around the twisting path and into the parking lot. MY glance darted around the parking lot to look for your car, but the lot was totally empty. I pulled my car into a parking lot and pulled my keys from the ignition. Opening the door I slid my legs out of the car and stood beside my car. I smoothed my short skirt against my tanned legs as I shut the car door. I leaned back against my car and watched the entrance road. I quickly tapped out a message to you on my cell phone and waited for your response. Very quickly you responded and told me that you were running late but would definitely be there. I breathed a sigh of relief and told you to drive safe.
As I waited I began to walk toward the overlook that the rest stop boasted. The path to the overlook was shaded and quiet on this warm summer day. As I got to the overlook I sat down on the bench. The scenery was gorgeous as the sun set colored the sky in a multitude of colors. I sat there and allowed the beauty to transport me to a different place. My mind contemplated your imminent arrival. It was no secret what we were meeting for. Yes, we had a great friendship, but we were meeting today to ease the sexual tension that coiled inside us. I couldn't resist and allowed my hands to run up my thighs and under my skirt. I glanced over my shoulder at the empty pathway behind me. My body was already burning with a pool of wetness gathering between my legs. Throwing caution into the wind, I delved further up my skirt my fingers encountered the wetness of my feminine lips. I didn't stop there. My finger slipped between the soft lips and ran upward. I was already so worked up, that my body convulsed as my finger came into contact with my clit. There was no turning back. I brushed my finger back and forth over that hardened nub. My eyes closed as the burning sensation built within my body. I could think of nothing else other than my intense need to feel my body ripple as passion overtook me. My finger moved at a faster pace my eyes closed as I allowed the pleasure to wash over me. I was so focused on my mounting orgasm that I didn't hear the footsteps coming down the path. Your hands on my thighs were the first notice of your presence that filtered through my passionate fog. My eyes opened and you saw the hazy passion burning inside me. Not wanting to miss a minute you leaned forward and your tongue touched my inner thigh. The groan that ripped in the deserted clearing spurred you onward. Your tongue traced inward and finally slipped into the slit that was so wet and heated. I gasped. Your tongue was so hot, even against my heated sexuality. I grasped your head between my hands to hold you against me, even as my hips arched up. Your tongue began it's quest. Up and down the slit between my pussy lips, it probed and slide. Finally your tongue touched my clit. That simple touch sent me spiraling out of control. I convulsed and spasmed while you continued to caress my clit with your tongue.

Eventually you backed away from me. I lifted my head and tremulously smiled at you. I could see the passion in you. This was a passion that had you quaking with need. I knew what you wanted. I bent over and kissed you on the lips and then quickly stood and turned around until I lay drapped over the bench. I could feel your hands running up my calves and over my thighs. Your hands lightly brushed my skirt up and over my back. You moved between my legs, lightly pushing them apart and moving between them. I offered no resistance. I wanted you inside me as badly as you wanted to be buried within my warm depths. I felt your throbbing penis pressing against my moist pussy. You hesitated, enjoying the erotic sensation on your cock as it became coated with the moistness that dripped copiously from my pussy.
I turned my head to look back and you and whispered one word. "Please"

You obliged my request and slowly pushed your cock into me. I was not content to allow you to make the slow steady decent into my body. I pressed back against you taking you more fully into my ready body. You chuckled as my intense need was played out upon your dick. Your hands grasped my hips and pulled me back against you in time with your thrusts. I gasped as you drove into me with a force that had me moaning and cuming again. The sensation of my body tightening around your hard cock threw you over the edge into a full onslaught of intense pleasure.

When we finally pulled apart you hugged me tightly and we turned and sat on the bench. Our heated bodies slowly settled as we watched the remnants of the magnificent sunset. Your lips touched my forehead and I heard your whisper, "Watching you teasing yourself when I came up the path was ten times prettier than this sunset"
I grinned and nestled against you, satiated and happy with the passion we had just shared. "I'm just glad you arrived in time."
Your laugh rumbled from deep within. "ohhh I would have just missed the first time, but I'd have been here for what is still yet to come."

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