Into A Different World: Part 3
This is strictly fantasy. I will base what happens on previous conversations and reality. It is written in the past tense purely for ease.

Since my simultaneous breakup and new bond; we've gone out with a friend from work just for dinner and drinks, and with each other. I didn't go to the club much except for the holiday parties because of my course work and everything else going on. The next one, was Valentine's. He texted me the time of the party and I planned my dishes according to the one simple rule I was given: cook for man children. I made crock pot chicken wings with a buffalo sauce, and my much beloved stuffed sweet peppers and jalapenos. Into the oven the peppers went, and I started dressing. The timer dings and I just have the makeup to go. I put everything into their containers, and finish getting ready. I applied my eyeliner, black and grey eyeshadow, then put on my heels. This time, I wore a v-neck halter that plunged to my stomach, a black skirt, and pumps with an ankle strap. I kept the jewelry simple because I was planning on not distracting him away from my exposed chest and making my neck fully available for anything placed against it. I threw on a coat and was on my way. There were a good number of people there due to nobody wanting to face the absolute maddening traffic and crowds. It was much easier to come to the club than get a reservation and wait over an hour for anything.

I get my stuff and walk in. Matt's watching the door for the first part of the evening. I give him a peck on the cheek and the guys starts swarming around wondering what I brought this time. I tell them and they excitedly hurry me to the back room and clear places to set the containers down. I know by now to get out of the way. I greet the other ladies and we complimented each other's outfits as we're getting eyerolls from the men. I grab a beer from the bar and return to the back. I catch up with Matt on my classes and with a good friend of ours about his Valentine's night plans after the party which; I was sorry I asked. He's a great guy, but there are a few things I regret asking him on occasion.

We all three grab our plates and start nibbling as we go back to the table up front. Of course, this is the friend who often deejays, so we didn't have very long before he had to change up the playlists. Matt and I weren't really the kind of people that planned too much in advance. There was the party and that would suffice for now at least; as far as he knew. I planned going a little further than just a smooch on the cheek. After all, I did streamline the process with not wearing a bra and putting on a skirt that went above the knees. Much like his plan at Christmas for finding out what my, "deal" was, our individual plans usually worked out well. After talking and chowing down, the friend leaves. We talked and got ready for the games they were about to play. They lasted about 40 minutes and then broke out the shots. The person who made these shots prided himself on how phallic you had to be in order to consume the gelatinous concoction. Matt loved it when I had the shots because I had to take my finger and put it into the mixture and ream it around in order to loosen it, and then I flipped the tiny cup back with my head and gulped it down. I could feel him looking at me; so I would look over and smile after each one. I made sure to bring my finger around slowly, and do it about 3 times instead of the necessary one because being a tease much to our friends' chagrin is a specialty of mine. The friend liked women who were very forward and flung themselves at him. I then acted coy because Matt didn't women that tried too hard. It was natural and he loved it.

I go to the bathroom and wash my hands after tossing my plate and bottle. I come back and he's standing up stretching. We go get more to drink and stand in the back of the room watching the crowd grinding and swaying along as we sung along and laughed. Neither one of us can carry a tune.... We lose it every time. He offers to take care of the garbage, and I go back to the table. I grabbed my jacket and asked him to come out to the patio with me. He follows me out and we both situate ourselves on the picnic table. It was chilly, but not uncomfortable for my bare legs. I sat there looking at the stars for a minute and I could see him looking from my open coat down my crossed legs out of the corner of my eye. He asked what was on my mind in a careful tone. I just said, "Nothing; it's a nice evening and I wanted to get away for a bit." He asks, "really? Get away from what?" And put his hand on my knee and went up to grip my thigh lightly. I replied, "it's Valentine's Day, I'm wearing this, and it's not terribly romantic there. Don't overthink it." I chuckled a bit, scooted very close, and pulled him to me with one hand on the edge of his club vest. We started kissing and scooted me close enough to where our chest barely touched. Our tongues started going deeper as I felt his left hand wrap around my skirt and his right slid slowly over it and up the base of the opening of my shirt. One swift slide in and he had the whole breast in his hand. My hands were busy wrapped around his right arm helping keep my back arched and my left had the fingers barely stroking the shortest part of his beard. He massaged it for a while before pulling it and dropping two fingers down to close on my nipple. He gently sucks my tongue while his playing gets more intense. He rubs his beard across my cheek and down my neck. I giggle at the feel of it tickling me and he asked why. I told him it tickled, and he laughed. He put both hands on my breasts and held me still as he rubbed his chin up and down my chest. After a few strokes, he returns to my neck. My coat is starting to slip down my arms as he nibbles on my ear and neck. I put my hands on his and tilted my head back.

I hear the music get suddenly louder as the door opens and quickly shuts. I knew someone saw us and was being gracious by not taking an adjacent seat or lighting on up. He pulled at both of them and they quickly hardened. He kissed his way to the middle of my throat and then I felt the shirt slide to both sides. I looked at his face and he was mesmerized. He and his friend joked about seeing them before and imagining what they looked like. He said, "I didn't expect them to look like this. The nipples and skin around them are so round and pink. Thank you!" I laughed as he took them and held them together and let out a long, satisfied sigh. He played and then bent down to rub his face in the cleavage. He made sure to rub his beard on them side to side making me giggle. He rubbed it on each nipple, then would give a firm suck. He alternated and then went back to locking our tongues. A breeze came and I had to close my shirt back up and my coat partially. Suddenly, the door burst open and we hear cheering and clapping. We both stopped and looked at the small crowd shouting his club nickname. We were embarrassed and just flipped them off through the whistling and obscene gestures they were making. They went inside and we talked about that spectacle for a minute before returning to our passionate kissing. His hand started back at my knee, then went into my skirt. He rubbed the outside a few strokes before saying his hand was cold and pushing it between my thighs.

It was difficult to go much farther because the skirt was already so tight and his hands were large. Neither one of us seemed to mind. I don't know how long we were out there, but it definitely was almost freezing. We decided to stop and go back in. Once again, we were greeted by cheers and whoops and commentary until we left. I was asked for a game of pool and threw my coat off. He went off to answer his little new fanclub's questions. We stayed for another hour and a half before leaving. He had to work, and I had class the next day which fortunately; didn't start until 11. As usual he helped me gather my things and we said our goodbyes. He told me they wanted the anatomical details and he tried to shrug them off and say very little. The number one comment was him getting, "action from a girl my age", naturally. I put everything in the seat and he came up behind me grabbing my hips. I stood up and hugged him back as we kissed goodnight. I get home and message my other friend from work all about it and anticipate her ragging on him about it this weekend.
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