Into A Different World: The Trip That Finally Made it Happen
Valentine's was a hit for us, and our friends. He told me earlier in the year that they were planning a big ride to the beach and wanted me to come along. I gladly obliged as it was 3 years since I went thanks to school and work. It wasn't until April; just after my birthday which was a good and bad thing. I was ecstatic thinking about my first long ride, my first vacation not taken with my family, or when I used to go to church, or with the high school band. My mother was not thrilled at all about this trip because she knew anything could happen. I was thrilled because I would make; or let it happen. We celebrated once just my parents and I, then once with just Matt. We were set to leave next week and had to discuss where to leave my car, and who was bringing what.

The next weekend, I said goodbye to my parents and left. I threw my stuff in the bag of the chaser car and gathered with the rest of them. They planned on stopping in certain cities. They enjoyed stopping every so often as an excuse to, "stretch their legs" which, to anyone that was paying attention; meant grab a cold one. We were soon off with engines roaring and dogs howling in the nearby neighborhood. My helmet was difficult to see through, but I knew with that long of a ride; I would adjust. We hit the connecting back road, then the interstate and head South. Two hours and a few minutes in; we already made great progress. We stopped in this off-exit town which was really, just a bunch of farms, and three strips of shops. This place was just like the others we would encounter; small, dark, lit up by neon beer signs and empty. The bartender asked for my ID and shouted, "we just had a birthday girl!" and I rolled my eyes and sighed. As per tradition in the club; anyone having a birthday in that month is paddled. There just so happened to be one on the wall. I was asked to bend over, and declare who got the honor of the first whack. Of course, it would be Matt. He just looked for a minute while everyone yelled unfortunate encouragement. I got one good swat; then our friend asked if he could. There was no saying he couldn't. After finishing my drink, I have to get back on that hard, back seat with a sore butt and vibrations not making it any better. We stopped at 3 more and a burger joint before finally reaching Panama City.

It was almost sunset and the traffic was heavy for 4:30 p.m. We made it to the hotel and checked in. We found the car and grabbed our bags; then headed to the elevators. It took a little while for them to come down, but we all crammed into the two boxes and counted our way up. Most were staying on the fourth floor, but we were on the fifth with one other couple. We get off and make our way into the room. It was surprisingly cute. There were the stereotypical pastel colors, fish and shell pictures, and two Full beds. I threw my bags on one and took off my boots, socks, and jacket leaving my tank and jeans. I looked out of the sliding doors and instantly felt relaxed. We went out to the balcony and just looked for a while not saying anything. My head was leaning on his shoulder and I took a deep breath in to familiarize myself again with the salty air from my childhood.

It wasn't long before his phone buzzed and we told there was a place just down the street where they were going to eat. This time, the elevators were more empty. We all made our way down taking our time; then walking as a pack a few hotels down. It was a neat little joint right on the ocean with ample outdoor seating and a live band. They pulled some tables together for us and we sat as one big happy and rowdy bunch. I sat next to Matt and one other lady that I really liked who was the girlfriend of another member. We had two servers running nonstop for alcohol until the food arrived; then they could just barely slow it down. We all stayed to hear the band and let ourselves digest it before heading back. Matt and I held hands until we reached the hotel. We get in and just walk around, flipped on the tv, and stood outside. This time we hugged and listened to a few of them continue the party on the concrete below. I started yawning and told him I was going to take a shower. He gave me a look and I added, "alone" to the end of that with a terrible, terrible, grin. I gathered my clothes and my toiletry bag. I shut the door and I think about how I should work this out the first night. I wash my hair, body, and then get out to blow dry. I got the shaving out of the way that morning so I wouldn't take 45 minutes that night. I finally finished and put on my attire. I had on a blue lace thong and a semi-sheer blue nightie. It came down not far past my cheeks and you could see the outline of the underwear and minor detail even through the subtle floral pattern. I squirted some of my perfume in my hair that he loved, and brushed my teeth. After checking everything over, I walked out and flipped off the light.

I made my way over to the bed he was laying in and asked what he was watching. He didn't say a word as he looked me over. I sipped the water bottle next to my bed and turned off the light. It was just the flicker of the tv and soon the moonlight as I opened the curtains more. I stood by the side and told him to scoot over. He quickly did and threw back the covers he was under. I slide in laying on my back and covered up only to my knees. We watched about 1 scene before he rubbed my arm and said I was cold which was due to the air conditioning. I got under the covers some more and turned on my left side. I put my back against him. He rubbed my back with his hand and moved a strap down. He then rubbed his beard on it and stroked my hair back. He stopped and moved back. I flipped to my right and looked at him curiously. His right hand pushes my shoulder gently down as he gingerly lays on top of me. I fumbled for the remote to turn off the movie for a sense of ambiance and he waits. The second my arm reaches my pillow, he takes my hand and holds it while he climbs on with the rest of his body. I move my legs to the side and rub one against his leg. He runs his hand from the calf up and feels the thong. He flings back the covers and sits me up on my knees. He leans over my shoulders and looks down. I teased him before about my underwear and he could barely hold it together then. Now, he started panting and rubbing them while getting a big handful of each cheek; then, made this face as he started growing as I was rubbing him during his discovery. It was just bright enough to see what we were doing in the moonlight. I continued rubbing him very slowly and leaned into his ear. I whispered, "I love being spanked first, then I love going down.... Giving and receiving. I love biting, being bitten, near constant nipple stimulation, and some light hair pulling. One thing that I've always wanted to do; is be spanked while I suck."

His face was ecstatic and he panted so hard he had to calm down a second. He took both hands and pushed the gown up and over my head. My breasts flopped at as it came past them. He takes his shorts and boxers off and I laid across his lap. I wrapped my tits around his cock and push them up and down. Occasionally I'll give his head quick sucks going down. He watched as I let them go and grabbed it with my lips and twisted my head. I felt one hard smack and yelled out as I was surprised and it stung just a little. It felt fantastic and I told him I wanted more. I grabbed the shaft and went back to sucking the head. He smacked me again only this time; it was lighter because he didn't want to risk me biting. After more smacks and me reaching the base, he ran his fingers down my slit and pushed a finger in. I was throat deep as he twisted and started pushing harder. I sucked a little faster and he reached down to pull my hair up. He took the hand that wasn't still in me and used it to pull me toward him. He leaned me over the bed and slipped the thong off. I felt him kiss my lips and then lick as his beard scratched the inside and then outside of them. I squealed as the hairs brushed against my sensitive skin. As he sucked each lip, I felt him move on the carpet repositioning himself. I grabbed my pillow just in time as he found my clit. He flicked it with his tongue and then rubbed his beard some more. It was my first time having anyone with facial hair down there and I knew I missed out by not doing this sooner. More flicks; then he sucked. It quickly intensified and I started writhing around. He buried his face in more and between the pressure on my clit and the pricks of the hairs; I started panting like he was earlier. I couldn't help but sit up and my legs started shaking. I looked down at him and he looked back up. He stopped and then put my legs together and placed my heels on his right shoulder. He leans down to give each nipple one good pull with his teeth, and then shoves in. I haven't had sex in several months; so I tightened back up enough for him to need to open my legs and then push. He didn't, and gently pushed with small strokes until he was comfortable going faster.

He stopped and then spread my legs holding my ankles out wide. I leaned up and ran my fingers through his soft chest hair and leaned against him as he continued pumping. He pulls out, takes my hand, and escorts me to the glass doors. I feel him press me up against the glass with his body facing the ocean and rub his crotch firmly up and down on my ass. One hand goes up and pulls my hair while the other helps guide him back in. I'm feeling my nipples harden back up between being knocked into the pane and the cool condensation. I'm leaving prints where he's pressing me into the glass and heavily breathing. I feel the hand in my hair run down my head slowly and gently wrap around my neck while the other reaches around and shakes my pussy. He jiggles it with his cock still going and my knees buckle as he holds me up and suddenly stops and gives a big exhale. He still has me against the glass as he pulls out and I feel strands of cum leaking out. Finally he backs off heading for the bathroom as I stay leaned against the glass trying to regain the ability to stand.

We managed to get washed up and go to bed. It didn't take long to nod off after the long drive and our night. We woke up to the sound of thunder and rain. We managed to get dressed and drag ourselves down to the breakfast room. The second we entered; our group was the only one left. The other guests finished and found other activities. Just like in the club that one night, we were cheered and he was patted on the back with shouts of, "good job man!" The rooms beneath and to one side were occupied by them. I forgot how thin the walls and floors of a hotel can be sometimes. We grabbed our plates and filled up. The hungry jokes never stopped until we were done. Any plans to go out in the water were shot until further notice, so we stayed in there and talked to the others for a while. It continued to pour on and off all day; so we found a mall nearby. A few hours and a late lunch in the café on the other strip, we headed back for a nap. It wasn't until the lightening hit something in the distance that we awoke. Neither one of us were hungry and I was ready for more of him. I wanted to get all I could before going back to our busy schedules. We listened to the rain and played on our phones until I decided I was bored and the urge to take him grew too strong. I pulled out some more lingerie and put it on the counter. I came back out and told him to give me 10 minutes and strip down to his underwear; then sit on the end of the bed while I change. I walked back into the bathroom and repeated my routine of the previous night. This time, I had a black and white bustier, black lace boyshort panties with tiny bows on top, and fishnet lace stockings that went up to my thighs.

I came out and this time he growled as I walked up. I took my finger and traced his beard as he grabbed the little bows. I leaned in within an inch of his face and asked if he would like a little lap dance and bite my lip. He put a hand on top of the trim of each leg and I parted his more, then I rubbed the brazier against his face and stopped at the top. I pressed my chest against it and then went back up. I turned around, straddled his thighs, and bent over. I stood there and flipped my hair back as he spanked me. I rubbed my ass on his chest and went down; then up wrapping my arms around his neck. I got up, turned around, and sat on his lap. I kept my hands around his neck as I bit and sucked his lip. He reached around and unzipped me, then leaned me back. He bought my legs up and rubbed the stockings while slowly peeling them off. I turned back around and rubbed my hands through his flap. I pulled his head out and rubbed. He leaned back a little and watched as I made him hard, then pushed quickly on as he held the thong back. I grabbed his knees and started bouncing. After several minutes; I'm starting to lose my breath. He sits up, moves my hair, and bites my neck. His teeth were sinking in as he held me in place by my underwear and one hand on my hip. It felt incredible him releasing his primal side. He was branding me and I felt my second wind. He let go and I pushed him back to the headboard. He was laying on it as I climbed back on. My rhythm was steady as I steadied my hands on his chest. His hands slid beneath me to cradle each cheek as they hit his thighs. He watched me the entire time with every move. He stopped me and then flipped me over. He pushed my knees out, grabbed his wet, stiffie, then pulled my thong up. I bent down to give him greater access; and he went in full length. He held me up with one hand and held the inside of my thigh and kept pushing so vigorously the headboard cracked the finish on the wall. He stops, pulls out, then I feel his hand slip off and shoot all over my ass and thighs. I straightened my legs as he continued sitting in the same place. I asked him what he was doing, and he just said, "mmmm looking at this." He rubs both calves, then sighs and lays back. We laid there for a while just looking at each other until I asked him if he wanted to shower with me. He rubbed and gave me a peck, then went to start the water. I got in first with him stepping in behind me. He stood towards the back and watched me soak both arms, turn, and run my fingers through and wet my hair. I washed my hair, then grabbed the bottle of body wash. He grabbed the bottle from me, and rubbed the gel all over. He did it so smoothly and methodically. He grabbed me around my waist and kissed me. The water was running down my back and his arms. He let go and I repositioned the showerhead to allow him to scrub up. I watched him as I finished scrubbing and we both just looked at each other content.
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