Into A Different World Part 2
This is where things start to happen. My next story, will be how I plan on making the magic really happen.

The New Year's Eve party was the best event yet. I picked up a few things from the grocery store for the pot luck that night. I played around all day until it was time to cook. I made 2 dishes, then got ready. I wore a red low cut top with a fake corset design, and trimmed in black lace and flowing sleeves. Of course I was in my jeans and black boots. I put on my heavy eye makeup that he loved, and a black beaded Victorian style necklace with my heavy black motorcycle jacket accented with zippers. I took my food, grabbed my purse, and it was time to have fun. After the worst year and semester, I said screw it. Whatever happened tonight, happened. My parents were away for the weekend visiting my family so I placed up a little just in case. I arrived and was greeted by Matt first. We took my dishes to the back and set them with the others. I talked to some of the guys and they started digging into what I brought. One of the things that really give me joy is cooking and others enjoying it. I cooked for my boyfriend dishes like stuffed bell peppers, beer battered fish with chutney, and other things that involve effort. He appreciated it, but not enough to keep him around really. They went crazy over the pan fried flautas and stuffed sweet peppers. I was satisfied they all loved it.
I grabbed my plate, a beer, and went to sit down with Matt and start the new year off right. We were interrupted by the call of jello shots which I gladly tried for the first time. It hit me rather hard and the beer loosened me up. I told him I had the house to myself for the weekend and both of us raised an eyebrow. I was serious about him coming back with me. He took a deep breath and once again asked about my status and I just told him everything. I was completely done with pretending this was viable. I cooked, got myself ready and made sure he had hours of hot loving. I waited for him to come back from a long trip, all of that. I never nagged him about working that much. Matt just said he was a bastard and didn't know what he was ignoring. He started talking about why he never settled. The women always tried to make him give up the club, his bike, and mold him into something else. I took him the way he was. I loved the camaraderie and nature of his world. The fierce loyalty he had to his family and friends and now, to me. We looked at each other and smiled, then started talking and eating with other friends. I get up to throw my plate away and grab another bottle and shot. I took the shot, then went over to finish the beer with him. I wasn't feeling a buzz and I needed to just have a solid moment of feeling a little numb from the hellish past few months. I chugged the whole thing in less than two minutes and he just watches in total amazement. It takes me a long time for it to hit now. I stand right next to him and crack up at his amazement with me just doing that. We listened to the music, and he puts his arm around my shoulder. He waits, and then asks if that's ok. I found that adorable. I said that I'm very ok with it, and he says alright. It felt very much like a high school move, but I ate it up. We just hung out like that for a bit before he started rubbing his fingertips on my shoulder and playing with my hair. He pulled me closer and I laid my head on his shoulder. We didn't talk for a few songs. People sat and drank, yakked about nothing, and we felt perfectly content.
Some games were starting and we sat down to watch them. He hurt his leg and back some time after me so, it was a joke that we were a jinx for each other. It was still aggravating him so, there was no going back to my place. I was still happy though as he pulled up another chair and sat it between his legs with the back faced to the side and gestured this was meant for me. I sat and propped my feet up on another one. I felt his hands on my shoulders again, go up and down my arms, then as the evening went on, down to my waist. When his hand went back up, I felt him wrap his arms all the way around my chest and shoulders, then pull me back to where I laid on his chest and stomach. My head tilted onto his left bicep and with the feel of his cotton shirt and breathing, I realized after 30 minutes I could've gone to sleep even through the blaring music and conversations. I felt him gently lay his chin on my head and kiss it. He brushed the hair away from my right cheek and laid his against it. The beard tickled, but I didn't tell him to stop. As it neared midnight, his hands made their way down to my ass. He grabbed and massaged it and made his way up my shirt. He only rubbed up and down my back, then he curled his hands around cupping each breast. He nuzzled my ear and sighed as he squeezed them. I rubbed his thighs as he slyly slid his fingers into my top. He barely pressed and slid them around until he made his way into my bra. One guy walked past us and was very shocked to see him like that with a woman. I alerted Matt to our observer, and he smiled. The guy walked away when I twirled his beard and combed my hand through it. We just rubbed on each other and cuddled until the countdown in Time Square began. We all shouted our countdown from 30 seconds. The ball was about to hit and everyone shot up and hit the floor with their wives or girlfriends. The singles stayed seated and so did we because we were comfortable. The last few seconds passed and we all shouted, "happy new year!" One person walked up and announced, "happy 2017! Now grab your sweetheart and dance and give them a smooch!" He hugged me on the top of my stomach tightly and said, "I have my sweetheart right here".

We watched the other couples kiss make their circles slowly on the floor while we smiled and enjoyed acknowledging our newest step. People randomly walked around hugging and wishing each other a happy New Year. We had to unfortunately give up the position and stand up to return the favor. Some started to leave shortly after and I had some members that didn't speak to anyone else the whole night hug me, ask if I was his girl, then remark that they liked me very much after looking at what was wearing. It helped too that the average age range there was 36-46 and I was younger. After this big group left, the rest pulled tables together and started a game of dice. Matt and I sat back and watched as we had no desire to be crammed into a series of smoke filled tables and elbow-to-elbow with the others. I sat next to him and leaned across the table as he put his arm around me. We watched them throw, pass money, swear and celebrate. Even though I was curious and wanted to play, it was much more cozy and peaceful with him. His leg was bothering him and I was ready to go home anyway, so 30 minutes later we gathered our things. He helped me set my things in the car, then just stopped to look at me a minute. I wondered what would happen next. He kneeled down to my level and gave me a big hug around my waist. This seems like nothing, but it was the equivalent of getting a long, fondling kiss. I took it and went home with a feeling of satisfaction. I got home around 2 and slipped into bed. I still smelled like smoke and perfume mixed with his cologne. It was always intoxicating. He applied it light enough to where you could get close to him, but it was just enough for you to sniff gracefully. My sense of smell has always been the strongest so this plays a big part in choosing a mate that isn't too foul when he sweats or puts too much scent on. I had much difficulty going to sleep because I kept replaying everywhere his hands went and how each move made me tingle. There was a perk to getting involved with slightly older men and it was that they knew how to touch you.
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