Into a Different World: The Attraction
This is a real story. It's long, so I'm having to chop it up into different parts.

There's this guy I've worked with for some time now. He's quiet, on the moody side, and for some reason; we get along when many others don't with him. At first, he was apprehensive about training me. I didn't understand why until I saw the turnover in that place. He first tried playing off the fact he's a bigger guy (6'3) with a stocky build, bald, and with an interesting beard accented by two piercings and these rich, chocolatey eyes. He's 10 years older than me; in his mid-thirties. I told him he wouldn't scare me off and he gave me an alarmed look after laughing very hard. What made him far more intriguing, was seeing his bike in the parking lot which is a black Harley with silver accents. He is a part of a club where they require you to ride a certain number of hours, have a sense of loyalty and brotherhood, and of course be involved in operations. I did admire it when I left for lunch or pulled in. It was straight up sexy. I dated a few guys with one before, but they never took me out for a ride. They were always too busy with work or the weather was bad. After a few months, we became friends and bonded over the fact I thought his way of life was neat.

One day I was complaining about having to walk around and trying to get customers to sign up for quotes. I always went to him when I felt excited, upset, or just bored. His very dry sense of humor and quick wit made me feel better. He joked that I should undo a button and I may get more people to sign up. I shrugged and let one loose. His whole head immediately flushed crimson and he developed the most awkward little grin. It was very funny and flattering. He tended to flush and grin when I did certain things which I never saw him do with anyone else. The day when he was grumpy and our friend came over from another department to try and cheer him up made me certain it was me and not just any woman who showed him attention in a certain way. Our friend said, "Matt needs hugs!" Then wrapped her arms around him on his right side, and I took his left. At that second, he went tomato red and there went his grin. He let us cling and laugh longer than I thought, then shrugged us off saying, "get off me silly women.... Coming up and hugging." He wasn't a fan of anyone touching him. Naturally, I had to relentlessly mock him for this.

It came to be October, and his club was having a Halloween party. He spoke to me about the club and why he invited only me from work. He said that I had the look of someone that might fit in with my gothic jewelry and the fact I work dark clothing. He mentioned the fact that I didn't talk too much as an homage to two girls specifically. He thought I was intelligent, sarcastic, and would get along with them. I was a little scared because he mentioned that if he brought the wrong person, that even as big and intimidating as he is, they would beat the shit out of him. I worried about if I would embarrass him because I tended to be a bit of a nerd and wouldn't know how to fit in. He assured me once again that I would be just fine. Another reason he wanted to bring me was because there's a guy in the club who keeps bringing around these really skanky women to get him lucky. He refused them because they didn't take into account how deep he is and that he wasn't desperate enough to go to bed with women as he said, "would make him rather chop it off than hit that." I agreed to go to keep the women away from him and to get that guy to end this nonsense. He shielded me from the managers and various coworkers, so I gladly repaid the favor and it would be the first time in a while I was invited to go out with anyone. I told my best girlfriend about this while we were working on a project together and she told me she thought we had chemistry. She said the way that I talked about him and my tone said I felt something towards him and that it was good we were finally going out in some way. I never told her about the first day I saw him walk into the break room with all of his gear on. He had on a bandana, some roughed up jeans, a dark tee, and his vest and shades. It was very appealing and I couldn't help but stare and comment how cool it all was.

The nerves from what he told me about the club quickly became the least of my worries, as I hurt my back the week of the party and wasn't sure if I could attend seeing as the only time I felt comfortable was sitting in a recliner or laying in my bed. Thanks to intense chiropractic sessions, and pills, I did end up going; but not until I was screamed at and questioned heavily by my mother (that I lived with along with my stepfather). He didn't say much other than I should drive safely and try to be observant. There was no convincing her I was only going talk and just sit and not do any drinking. I was on some medication so it wouldn't have been a good idea anyway. Eventually, she let it go and I finished dressing, then left.
I get to the place and there isn't much to it, but still thought it was fabulous. There is one larger room with flags, banners, and signs everywhere surrounding the bar and stage. There's a small bathroom and then another pool room with a large sofa. I greeted Matt and he looked at what I was wearing. I had on A black tank with some tight jeans, and black knee high studded boots. He looked up and down and when he got to my boots, his eyes bulged and he said, "wow". I guess he was really turned on by them. We walked around to the back. I mentioned what was up with my back, and we talked for a bit, then sat down. His friends were cool. I couldn't do much and I was afraid I was perceived as very stiff and uncomfortable even though it was just because of my back. I still managed to talk to everyone and play a little pool even though the lack of motion made me miss a few shots. As we were sitting there, I met the guy who brought the women around, and I met the one woman who had her eyes on him for a long time that he kept rejecting. She asked if I was his girlfriend and simultaneously he says, "yes, this is Ashley" and I say, "we met at work". She had this look on her face, and then walked away. I looked at him and asked what that was about, He explained she was the one that was after him. It made me laugh since I was concerned if he thought we were really together. I was dating another guy at the time and even though it was rocky, Matt respected our relationship. He asked if we could take a picture together, and I accepted. He put his arm around my shoulder and I got my phone out. We snapped one picture, and he asked for me to send it to him. We exchanged numbers, and the picture. I knew what he was doing, but went with it anyway. We then stood up and went to another part of the room. There were fake cobwebs all over the place along with other Halloween decor. The webs were sticking to the bottom of my boots. I couldn't balance very well and almost fell over. He put his hand on the small of my back and asked if I was ok. It was so gentle I felt surprised in a good way. He promised he would watch over me while I was there, and indeed he did. After watching a game and meeting more members and guests; we both sat down again and just had fun talking about anything and singing along with the hilariously bad karaoke going on at the stage.

I bent down to fix my jeans, and I caught him looking down my top. He wasn't embarrassed in the least. He asked if I was wearing a red bra and yes, I was. It was barely peeping out from the top of my shirt. He just said, "alright" and looked back out over the room. This made me laugh pretty hard because he was just so nonchalant about it per usual. Towards the end of the night around 1 A.M., by back was really hurting as my medicine was wearing off and I wasn't in the recliner. He admitted after a long moment of doing nothing but singing along once again, that he thought I was very sexy and he'd been attracted to me for quite some time. I didn't know what to say because I was still taken, I didn't want to make him feel awkward, and I didn't want him to think I didn't feel an attraction towards him as well. For a few weeks, I wondered about what we would be like together. I figured that I should just focus on school and figure it out slowly. He walked me out to my car and we talked for a few minutes with one of his friends. The friend just had to make a lovely awkward little comment about us going off on his bike and viciously making out somewhere which made us both blush and laugh. He eventually went away leaving the two of us. We both admitted it was quite fun and he loosely invited me to future events. I made it home and went to bed happily even though I was terribly sore.

In the following weeks, we texted and unfortunately didn't get to talk because I was taken to the register. This was devastating because I was so energetic and I couldn't stand in the same place for hours and not talk to the few people I really became close with. Other than lunch or dinner breaks, he would pop by and say hi for a minute here and there. I went to the other end of the store one night and was stuck there until closing. I haven't had a customer in an hour, and I was losing my mind. We joked earlier about him making the journey to come and see me. I look up because I heard a footstep, and suddenly, there he was. It made my night knowing she cared that much. He had to go back after 15 minutes and fortunately I only had a few more to go until I went home. He made it a point to visit me a couple more times to break up the monotony. By Christmas, I no longer worked there. We stayed in contact and It was time for the party a week before. I was at my wit's end with my boyfriend. If he let our Christmas plans fall through, I was going to end it with him. All year we spoke about the two of us going away for 3 days. I bought new lingerie for him, planned a menu where I would just cook and he could relax from always working 80 hour weeks, and we would have a lot of much needed sex after it being 3 months since. This time I was at the club party and just arrived. They were in the middle of dirty Santa, so I took my seat quietly across the table from him. A tagalong of one of the members sat next to me at another table and immediately began hitting on me. He kept saying I was hot, showing me pics of his bike, and asking if I was taking. I was uncomfortable and look to make sure Matt was aware of what was going on. This guy was drinking for a bit so I wasn't sure what he would do next. He was looking at this guy and me quite intently in case I needed him. Fortunately, I manage to shake the guy off without intervention for the rest of the evening. It came in handy being the fake girlfriend of such a scary and respected person there.
After dirty Santa, I had a few to drink while I munched on some goodies. Matt asked me about Christmas and if we had our plans. I told him all along about the crap being pulled with him stalling and not telling me where we were going. I said he was doing this because he wasn't planning on taking me anywhere. He was going to stall and just not talk to me, and then say something afterwards. He got this look on his face after I finished explaining how I will end it if he doesn't see me. It was hopeful curiosity and contemplation. He listened some more and it morphed into pity that I would put up with such. Another fun evening of cutting up with Matt and his friends, and I'm getting to understand he's serious. 3 of them told me about how he normally sits there quietly and doesn't say much. I started coming around, and he‘s laughing and talking more than ever. They said verbatim they thought I was something special. He walked me to my car, and this time we hugged. It was a big deal because again, he hated hugging. He seemed less reluctant to hug me though.
The remaining week of Christmas, I didn't hear from my boyfriend. I knew that surely enough, he planned on just working himself to death. This was the point where I had it. All he planned on, was working his life away. Even though we got along famously and were very much the same, it just wasn't meaningful having someone by his side. Matt texted me and we spent Christmas with our own families. He helped me through so much and this was no exception. We talked about our presents, stories and food. By this point, I was only waiting for my boyfriend to say anything so that I could end it with him. It wasn't until 2 weeks later on New Year's Day when he finally did....

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