Into the Forest
It is an excellent day. The sun is bright and high on the sky. There is a lovely heat. Really good for the purpose. We have agreed that I will show you the forest and that we meet at my place.

My doorbell rings.
I'm almost speechless, as you walk in the door. You look amazing. Your hair is down and encircles your astonishing beautiful face. You wear a short floral summer dress. Your arms and shoulders are bare. A neck opening reveals your gorgeous breasts, covered by a black lace bra. You have long black boots, which completes the picture of you in a perfect way.

I put my arms around you, give you a big hug and caress your back.
It is the first time that you are here, so the situation is a little awkward for both of us. We are holding each other for a long time. We soon find pleasure in our closeness, and in a short while, we find each other in a long tender kiss.
"Nice to see you. You look great," I say.

I ask you in and offer you something to eat and drink. I put a few things on the table. We chat about all kinds of things, while I admire you. We talk, as we've known each other a long time.

I'm curious to know if you have followed my orders, so I leave the room. I send one more SMS to you, as I have done several times the last few hours.
"3, 7 min."
I wait a while before I go back to the room.
I am really excited to see if you have used the egg, I gave you a while ago. The egg can be controlled remotely via SMS.
"3" is the vibrational pattern out of ten.
"7 min", meaning that it vibrates in seven minutes

You sit with your back to me, and I can clearly see that you fidget in the seat. I smile. You didn't hear that I entered the room, and it gives you a start when I bend down and kiss your shoulders.

I whisper: "Shall I show you the forest?"
"Yes," you answer.

I pull you up at the shoulders; take hold of your arms and forcing them to your back where I handcuff you. I put a jacket over your shoulders, which hide the handcuffs. I hang a bag over your shoulder. Then we go.

There is quite a distance to the forest. Even no one can see that you are handcuffed; it excites me to know, that you have them on.

While we are approaching a bus stop, where some is waiting for the bus, I send you a text:
"6, 11 min."

As we pass the stop, I clearly see how the guys turn around and follow you with lustful glances. I put my arm around you, and we walk closely together, I feel your body against mine. We both have thin clothes on, so the heat from our bodies quickly mixes

We have come to the forest. The beech fresh blossom, bright green leaves are everywhere. In between we see small fir trees with bright green buds. There is a scent of spring and early summer.
We go deeper into the woods. There is no human voices, no cars, only the chirping of birds and the leaves rippling.

I stop you, remove the jacket from your shoulders, turn you around and kiss you greedily. I tie a rope to your handcuffs, pulling your dress up so your lap and butt are exposed. I slap your buttocks a few times with a flat hand. So it turns a bit red.
I send another text message: "8, 10 min."

I hold the rope and ask you determined to continue further into the forest. While I hold onto the rope, I follow after you and see your amazing naked ass. I smile when I see that juices are running down your legs.

We come to a small clearing where there are some fallen trees after the last storm.
I remove the rope and handcuffs. Pull your dress off. Loosens your bra, kiss your breasts and lick your nipples. My hand slides down over your stomach and down to your lap. My fingers glide in between your labia and I rub your clit. You groan. I remove the egg. I command you to take off your boots.

There is a large tree trunk that is broken It lies with one end on the ground and the other resting on top of some other trees, so the log is pointing diagonally upwards, like a giant cock.

I push you toward it. Order you to stride over it and sit as high on it as possible with your head down towards it.
I tie a rope around each wrist and ankle. I press your upper body down toward the log. Your chest, your breasts and your pussy is pressed against the rough bark. Your head is at the bottom. I peg four plugs in the ground beneath the log, and tie your arms and feet to them so that the body is pressed harder against the log. I gather your hair to a ponytail and tie a rope to it and throw the other end around a branch above you. I tighten it so your head is lifted backwards. I take a gag ring, put the ring in the mouth and buckle the strap behind your head.

I break a few beech branches of a tree with soft green leaves. Let them caress your back and buttocks.
The first slash with the branches hit your buttocks, which immediately gets red stripes. Then another slash; followed by gentle strokes with the leaves. Again a slash, and others to follow. Within short time, your wonderful ass looks like a painting of red stripes.

I unzip my pants, and my hard cock pointing straight up. I stand in front of your head and push my cock through the gag ring and into your mouth and thrust back and forth.

I remove the gag, so you better can use your tongue and lips. You lick my balls, up the shaft and let your tongue run over the head before your lips press around the head and you suck my dick into your mouth until it reaches your uvula. I push a little harder and hold your nose for a bit. I let you catch your breath and repeat the action again for some time.

I kiss your face, your neck, shoulders, down your striped back. Small, loving and soothing kisses and licks, followed by the soft caresses. I continue down your red and swollen buttocks. I separate them from each other and let my tongue lick around your tight hole and moisturizes it.
I let my index finger caress around it before I slowly press it inside. I leave it there while I still kiss your buttocks. Slowly I start to move my fingertip up and down and then move the finger back and forth and slowly press one more finger in.
I replace the fingers with a butt plug.

I loosen all the ropes and order you to stand up. I lead you to a tree.

I spread your legs, command you to bend forward so your hands lean on the ground. In this way, you can get your feet further back and around the trunk. I tie your ankles together with a rope behind the trunk.
I lift your arms up and help your upper body up so your back is pressed against the stem.
Your hands are placed behind the stem and I tie your wrists together. I take another rope, make a knot to the rope between your wrists and throw it over a branch behind the trunk, so I stretch your back. Your sore buttocks are now pressed hard against the trunk, as the butt plug is too.

I kiss you long and deep. Our tongues are playing a wonderful game where it is difficult to decide on their common playground; is it in your or my mouth?
I kiss your neck, chest, your breasts, your nipples, and suck them into my mouth and bite them.

One hand slides down over your stomach, the mons and pass over your labia, which I spread and rub my fingers into your wet slit up to clit, which I massage. I press two fingers into your warm and wet pussy and start to fuck you.

I feel that you are close to come. I tell you not come before, I give you permission. You are fighting against your desire, while I fuck you faster with my fingers. Just before you come, I stop.
I walk slowly around you and admire you, while I dress of.
I press again two fingers into your pussy and after some time a third. I fuck you again.
"Do not come," I say firmly. Suddenly I stop again, just before you reach the climax of orgasm.
I repeat this action for a while.

I lay out a blanket on an extra soft spot of the forest ground.

I kiss you avidly and whisper that I want you.
I lead my hard cock to your pussy and press it against the opening. Your juices are running from you. I fuck you hard.

Again you are getting close to the orgasm that I have not yet allowed you to have. I thrust more slowly and shortly after increase the pace again. You are so close.
I feel your pussy contracting; your body begins to quiver.

"You can come," I whisper.

We both explode in the most amazing and wonderful orgasm. I feel that your pussy with unimaginable force pushes my cock out of your warm inner and spray jets of juice, while I still shoot hot cum over your pussy, which immediately mixes with the cascades of juices from your pussy. I hold you close to me, until the most severe shivers of your body have slowed down.

I loosen all the ropes. Hold you closer to me. I lift you onto the blanket. I lie close to you while I kiss and caress you. We stay like that for a long time. In between we slumber and sometimes we chat a bit.

After some time, we dress on and head, closely entwined back to the apartment.

You whisper: "Can I come back another time?" You say it in a teasing voice and smile.
I clearly understand the duality in your question.

I smile, kiss you and say, "I will be very happy if you come back."
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