Irresistible Temptations
When Jim and I spoke for the first time, I liked the sound of his voice but he was very quiet. I was a 32-year-old advertising executive and my presentations to clients kept me verbal enough. During my off hours, the last thing I wanted was to have to control the conversation. He was history, I decided.

My close friend Ellen had given him my telephone number and told me to expect his call. Ellen had tried to fix me up with several men even though I constantly told her I was happy being single. I had been divorced for a couple of years, had no children and got my fair share of sex. In fact, I had some sexual experiences that would have made Ellen go pale. My marriage was loveless and became sexless. What I had never suspected until near the end was that my husband was still getting sex, just not with me. Now I was free to have sex whenever the mood hit, which was often enough.

Ellen refused to believe I was content with my life. She said Jim was perfect for me. I had heard those words from her before in her other matchmaking attempts and I had begged her to stop trying. Did she listen? Never.

Jim asked me out during that phone call and I refused. That would be the end of that or so I thought. For some reason he wouldn't give up; he kept asking me to meet him over and over again for weeks. I couldn't wait to get rid of him. I just had to figure out a way.

One day when I was totally unkempt after having just moved, he asked again. Perfect, he'll see me at my worst and then he'll never bother me again, I thought to myself. I would do anything to get him and Ellen off my back. "I would love to meet you," I sweetly told Jim. He probably fell off his chair from shock when I said yes.

We arranged to meet outside the local coffee shop, conveniently located a couple of blocks away from me. I didn't want him to have my address just in case he would have trouble accepting my declining a second date, as I anticipated would happen.

I walked over to where he stood, pleasantly surprised by his appearance. Actually, that's an understatement. He was a hunk and my body heat rose at the sight of him. His muscular tall frame and dark wavy hair with deep blue eyes, made him undeniably handsome. He smiled broadly as I approached. I quickly regretted that I had chosen to make a bad impression. He seemed pleased with my appearance despite my attempts to downplay my looks.

After barely saying our hellos, this man of few words reached over and gave me an exalting kiss. I felt his tongue lock with mine and though it's a cliché, I really grew weak in the knees. Never had a kiss affected me like that. Breathing heavy from his kiss, he asked if I was ok. Stammering, I replied I was alright. I knew this man, this stranger, was someone I wanted to get to know more intimately.

We moved away from the coffee shop. He gently brushed me up against the side of the building and leaned over me, giving me another kiss. I could feel his chest rubbed up against my perky tits. I wanted to feel his manhood so my hand reached down to touch his dick. I rubbed his cock up and down with my skilled hand for a few minutes. His bulging member made me want to tear his pants off right then and there. I was considering doing just that when Jim suggested going to my house to "talk" since he had a male roommate.

My mind realized the riskiness of bringing him to my home but my aroused, aching body overruled it, silently urging acceptance of his request. My mother was visiting so I knew the repercussions when I said "Sure let's go." Reluctantly I let go of his pants, which now had a spot of wetness from the pre-cum that obviously leaked out. We decided he would pick up his car later since it was already parked. He reached for my hand and held it firmly in his as we walked over to where I lived.

Jim opened up a bit about himself during our walk and apologized that he wasn't warm on the phone. He liked the personal touch. With Jim, so did I. He was an ambitious 37-year-old man who despite having earned a legal degree and had a law practise for several years, had decided to switch to medicine. I was impressed. He was back studying at school so he had a roommate to save on his expenses.

Jim had never married because of the time he spent on getting his career in order. His friends, including our dear mutual buddy Ellen, had been encouraging him to date before life passed him by. Ellen had told him that he shouldn't let me slip by his fingers. I told him I was glad he persisted.

When we got to my house I introduced him to my mom and asked for a few minutes to freshen up. Off went the clothes that should be given to the Salvation Army, if they would take it. On went my sexy black lace bra and thong and a short dress I saved for special occasions such as this. I sprayed some of my best perfume on me and went back to my guest.

By this time, Jim and my mother were chatting on the sofa. My mother, though a guest, liked to take over when she visited. She insisted that she wanted to be there for the installation of the central vacuum I was getting for my new home. She apologized in advance about the fact that she would have to leave abruptly to be with the serviceman when he arrives. My mother didn't seem to pick up on the fact I wanted to be alone with him. Either that or she didn't care. She sat across from us as I sat next to Jim on the loveseat.

Thankfully the Beam man soon came to install our vacuum system. My mother excused herself and went downstairs to be with him. Jim leaned over to me for another one of his great smooches. "Let's go upstairs so you could show me the rest of your house," he whispered in my ears, after my heavy breathing subsided from kissing the world's best kisser. "By the way, you look beautiful," Jim added. My body, fully aware that the grand tour he wanted was not of the house, tingled from the thoughts of what I hoped would be forthcoming.

I could feel his eyes looking at my firm ass as we climbed up the stairs to the upper level. After quickly showing him the other rooms, we lingered in my bedroom like I predicted. Before I knew it, Jim's masculine hands fastidiously unhooked my black bra. He helped me slip out of my dress and my bra was flung to the carpet. He began touching my voluptuous breasts. I moaned softly. Not knowing what to do, as the real possibility that my mother could come upstairs and catch us existed, Jim interrupted my thoughts. "Close the door," he told me and so I did; locking it for added security.

He urgently kissed me and when our tongues danced together, he knew I was putty in his hands. I hungered for him. I knew that my mother may catch us but no longer cared. I was consumed by the passion he had stirred up in me.

Jim resumed his fondling of my aroused tits and he bent down to lick and suck on my ripe nipples. They sprang up at the feel of his wet tongue. His hand began its slow descent down my body; mine did the same down his. I wanted to feel his hardness. I needed to feel it. Easing his eager hand under my panties, his wandering fingers circled my mound, before he hastily began removing my thong. My legs lifted quickly, one by one, to free myself from my already moist panties.

I unbuttoned his shirt and nibbled on his neck. He helped me take his shirt off of him. I licked his chest hairs with my wet tongue and lustfully moved my mouth over to his nipples. I sucked on them as he moaned. "MMMMM. That feels wonderful," Jim said. I continued doing that for a bit then edged my hands to his pants, unbuttoning then unzipping it. He lifted his legs, one at a time, to help get his pants off. Once it was removed, my hand reached into his boxers and pulled out his stimulated member. I wrapped my hand around his hardening cock as a prelude to my mouth taking its rightful place there. Gently I rubbed his growing prick for a minute before his boxers were slipped down and removed.

Lustfully perusing each other's now nude bodies, both of us hungrily wanting to explore the intimate passages of the other, our adventure continued. Staring at his stirring manhood that was so close and yet too far, I licked my lips, overcome with my desire to devour it.

I knelt in front of it, to worship at my worthy temple of desire. Stroking, licking, sucking this splendid specimen of mass proportions, his moans of delight made all my prayers come true. His hot rod engorged, his pulsating veins and swollen cock head, his heavy balls ready to burst with a rush of pure release; I was shocked at how much lust I felt for this lover-stranger.

"I want to fuck you baby," Jim said, as my mouth let his dick loose so he could have his way with me. He pushed me onto the carpeted floor and with masterful strides proceeded to spread open first my legs then my moist large protruding lips. His glorious tongue eagerly darting in and out of my wet pussy followed by his mouth sucking hard on my swollen clit, worked my cunt into a frenzy of explosive passion.

The thought that my mother might be able to hear us momentarily crossed my mind. That worry was quickly dismissed as Jim's fingers entered my starving pussy and continued his pilgrimage into my wet slit. Skillfully he continued his rhythmic sojourns in my cunt, in and out, faster and deeper, as my orgasmic screams reverberated throughout the room.

"Fuck me," I begged, as his lascivious tongue teased my soaked pussy mercilessly, followed by his cock rubbing against my cunt that grew harder during each press. He was just about to fuck me when I heard a noise. My mother was coming up the stairs.

"What should we do?" I nervously asked Jim. My mother called out to me that the repairman was done and she was going to be in her guestroom; the guestroom was next door to my bedroom. She must have assumed I was elsewhere since I could tell that she was upstairs and calling downwards.

"I think we better stop since my mother is in the bedroom next door," I said. Jim obviously saw a different solution. Jim's erect hot rod thrusted deeply inside my honey pot. His quickened pace of erotic jaunts against the walls of my pussy, made me bite my tongue to keep from moaning loudly, exhilarated from my heightened pleasure.

When I felt the rush of his sticky hot cum filling my cunt, I shook from my own intense orgasm. I could feel the cum dripping out onto my sheets.

"How did you meet grandpa?" Molly my 7-year-old granddaughter repeated, rousing me from my private memories of how Jim and I got together. Three kids, 6 grandchildren, and 35 years together hadn't dulled my vivid images of our first time.

"My friend introduced us Molly," I replied. "Later we went out for a nice dinner and a movie," I lied. Satisfied, Molly returned her focus to her dolls.
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