Is There A Guy To Help Me?
Please, I whisper. I'm naked, my body tense, muscles tight. I'm having trouble cumming.

I know why, I've been thinking about it so much. I talked to friends here, they gave me good advice. Cautioned me to take it slow.

Feeling so dirty, very wicked, I don't want to take it slow. My flame is burning hot, but it won't flare, it won't consume me, I can't cum.

My lips are soaked, my clit, my body twitches when I touch it.

Ready to scream! I can't cum! Is there a guy to help me? Please?

Lift my legs, place them over your shoulders. I want it this way, to see your face. Hands under my ass, fill my pussy first, its dripping with my cum.

Please? Fuck me.I'm here alone, rubbing my pussy, not being able to cum.

Be with me? I have two fingers in me, I'm close, very close.

I see a made up face as my dripping fingers slip in between my ass. You have the sweetest eyes, I see you don't want me to feel any pain. I whisper please, seeing my cum all over your hard cock.

Oh my! I want my finger to break my seal. But I want to wait for the real you too. I'm touching my tight hole, it feels good, in a little, oh myyyyyyy!

You are here, my legs over your shoulders. You see I'm a little scared, but how much I want you to.

My ass is spread by your hands. I lick my lips, my tongue tasting that large cap pressing my hole, it feels much bigger there.

My body arches as I rip, I mean that, I feel my hole rip open as your head forces itself in. I feel my vocal cords vibrate, am I loud.

Keep going! Your body press down my legs, my knees over my body. You rip into me, sweet pain flares in my ass as you push in.

I blush, pee squirts out, not much, but enough to splash you. You smile. it's so wicked, you like it.

Tears are in my eyes, it hurt's, but so fucking hot. I squirt a little more pee when you rip more of my ass open. I read your lips through teary eyes, that's so hot, you say.

Another hard push, I wanted this. I feel tissue deep in my body tear. My fists ball the sheet tight. How loud am I? I feel your balls on my cheeks, how huge they feel.

I squirt again, but this time it's my cum. I feel it hitting my thighs as I finger my ass. It splashes you as you fuck my ass, balls smacking my cheeks hard. I feel you swell deep inside me.

My flame is burning, my finger in my virgin ass, fingers rubbing my pussy, pressing my clit. I'M CUMMING! So are you, somebody tell me what it feels like, a hot cock in your ass, cumming as I cum, my fingers soaked as I squirt harder then I ever have before.
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