Is this a Fantasy?
Is This Really A Fantasy?
I am now getting within spitting distance of 70 years of age.
I don't feel my age, compared to others I see around me close to, or at my age. I don't think I'm unattractive. I do have less than a "six pack" above my belt. But I can still see my shoes when I look down. Not really a gut....I still wear 36 waist jeans. . Yeah, I've lost the hair on the top of my head..shit happens. But I'd rather use the ten-grand it would cost (and that i don't have ) on other things than a hair transplant.
My mate, whom I thought was the last woman of my life, decided soon after I moved us to her home on the east coast, that because she was now a grandmother, she was no longer attractive. This translated into a cessation of sex between us. And she IS very attractive. Very fit. Body of a 30 year old. Of course this drove me nuts. And, eventually, drove me here. My fantasies had never entered into our relationship anyway, as they had nearly destroyed my previous three attempts at a long term relationship.
So, I gave up. It had become too much work, for little or no return. My attempts to ensure my mate that she was beautiful, and seduce her were met with utter failure.
I have retreated into a world of fantasies, and fetish lust, which has gone unrequited, as well.
So, my question to the throng of you all here is... does anyone ever find another with whom they can share their desires, as they are described here, at any level?
Is it even probable, much less possible to perhaps link up with a person of the opposite sex who may have similar if not the same desires and lusts? Someone one can trust with their desires, and can be entrusted with someone else's ?
If something like this is not possible. . . I hesitate to continue looking for someone, or even writing about my fantasies.
I know my 'bent' is monotonous to some, but I try and encompass "regular" or "normal" sex into many of my stories as well as my fetish-lust. Sometimes the desire for my particular fetish is overwhelming though, so they dominate my stories.
Has ANYONE been fortunate to, by virtue of expressing themselves here, or somewhere else, actually met someone to share this "Hidden Life" with? Or, is all whole life since I was a young man, just a fantasy that was once, for a brief time, a reality, but now merely lust-filled dreams?
I am not a young buck. But I hope, that somewhere 'out there', there is an attractive woman, maybe close to my age, who, like myself, is seeking a partner for true intimacy. Unbridled sharing without fear of judgement, or blackmail, or mental abuse.
Exploring each other's deepest desires should be part of a truly intimate relationship. The satisfaction of those desires can only help to keep one happier, and, in the end a better person, does it not?
Is this truly just a fantasy?
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