It's All Cumming Back To Her
When Chris told Art all about her marriage, how terrible it was, he was dismayed at how rotten people could treat others. He never doubted her word, till she told him how long it's been since she was with another person. That, he could not comprehend. He almost called her a liar when she told him she never touches herself. Hell! Art whacks off if the wind blows right.

She wasn't exaggerating though. Art gave himself the mission of showing Chris that sex was still good. It was a very tough mission.

It took an hour of closed lip kissing before he could touch the tip of his tongue to her's.

Chris was battling her inner demons, gross images of her husband, smelly, slobbering all over her body, only caring about his relief. His favorite was oral, in her mouth, his cum putrid tasting. She dreaded him.

Her husband emotionally scarred Chris. After their divorce, any thoughts, whether with another man, or the touch of her own hand made her physically ill.

Art is different, he is very kind, makes her laugh. He's quiet, he listens to her, makes her feel good, but, still her inner demons rise.

The image of her husband making her gag, his cock dirty, sweaty, it smells of pee.

"Give me more time."

"Of course."

It's all cumming back to her.

I've waited long enough is her last thought.

A breath could not fit in between their bodies. Art unclasps her ponytail, her blonde hair fans out over her shoulders. Her blue eyes roast with her desire.

Clothes slide off their bodies, skin alive with goosebumps. Hair tingles on the back of Chris's neck. She squirms in Art's embrace, feeling the strength of him, also the softness of his fingers.

She weeps at his touch, all those years of loss over. She moves over his fingers, her mind spinning from his gentle strokes. Her pussy wraps around his fingers when they enter her, like a vine snaring the prey. She moans, deep, harsh, tears of joy run down her cheeks, his lips kiss them away.

Holding, grasping his body tighter, heat rising like a steam inside her, she cries out, biting her lip, biting down on his shoulder as she cums, her body quivering in his strong arms.

"OH BABE!" She moans forever, his mouth devouring her pussy, his tongue a wild serpent on her clit. Her thighs press tight on his head, his hair tickles them, they shake as she nears. She grips his hair, forcing him in harder, bucking into his mouth, feeding him her essence. Chris blushes as she squirts, the heat filling her cheeks with fire.

"You don't have to."

"I know, but I want to."

He smells so clean. He's big. It beats in her hand like a heart. She kisses the cap, tasting a trace of salt. She sucks the head, feeling a hot buzz under it. Taking more in, her tongue slides up and down the shaft, feeling blood racing through the veins. His balls are hot, the skin smooth. Taking more, not being forced, loving the jagged veins, like lighting bolts in the skin. A drop of cum melts on her tongue.

Her nipples ache till he touches them, fingers, tongue, teeth, a mix of soft and hard touches. Her nipples are a hot wire to her pussy. Chris rubs her swelled lips along Art's shaft, enough teasing, she reaches down...

Her body tenses under him, hands gripping his wrists when his crown enters her. Sweet pain! He moves in an inch! Her hands grip his hips, they spin, another inch! She squeezes his ass, it tightens to sheer muscle as another inch goes in. No more teasing.

Her inner flesh tears, ripped open, he sinks in, his balls, two boulders under her lips. Her body shakes under him, her orgasm swift, over too quick.

Math was never Chris's best subject, she lost count after one. Art's powerful legs forced Chris's up under her thighs. His arms smothered her into his chest. Her nails raked his skin on his back, his arms and shoulders, mostly his ass. Each long thrust turned his ass as hard as his cock. The sheet under her ass became soaked from her unending orgasms. His balls smack her ass, the sting wicked.

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