It's all in your mind
This is an excert from the book that i am trying to get published, I hope you enjoy!

Sida furrowed her brow and her tongue slid out between her lips to wet them, her teeth gently drug against her bottom lip. "What is it?" her voice was barely a whisper now. He was so close, looking so confused and the look in his eyes made her feel dizzy and the urge to comfort him overwhelmed her.
When Sida started to chew on her lip, Mica felt a hammer pound into his groin. He wanted to take that lip into his mouth and nibble and tease her senses. When she spoke, he noticed that her voice had grown husky, sensual. He knew he should go away, right now, before he lost control. But he couldn't move. His body was hard and painfully aroused. "Leave," he said through his teeth.
Sida stood her ground, "Make me leave, if you want me to so bad." Her defiance only added fuel to the fire. Within a split second, Mica's mouth had closed over Sida's, his lips and teeth working together to tease and tempt her. He swirled his tongue around hers and moaned at the way she tasted; a taste that he wanted to never give up. If it was possible, his hold tightened around her waist, making her breasts press up against his chest. The heat of his skin burned right through the thin fabric of the dress which was rubbing against her hard nipples. She wanted it off; the fabric had become scratchy and uncomfortable again.
Sida delve her hands through his hair, and gasped when she felt Jewels' passion rise to meet her own. Mica let go of her mouth and started to kiss down the column of her throat. "I can feel David and Jewels. It's like they're right here with us, what's happening?" Mica's voice was almost trembling now, and when he felt the heat rising from the other two couple only increased his hunger for Sida.
"My only is when Jewels and I have sex...oh; we usually have a hold on the person's mind. With you and David, we- I mean our bond strengthens tenfold, especially since we are both aroused, it's hard to control," Sida was moving restlessly against Mica, the way he was nibbling her neck was making her want to go wonton. Everything I'm feeling, she's feeling, everything she's feeling, I'm feeling- oh, that's feels amazing." Mica had moved his lips from her neck to her chest, and was gently dragging his teeth against back and forth across the top of her breasts.
Two doors down, David was pulling the straps of Jewels' dress off of her shoulders. "So, I can feel everything Mica feels?" David cupped her bottom and lifted her up against him, her legs wrapping around his waist.
Jewels nodded her head and captured his mouth, raking her nails across his back, which made his erection painfully harder. Mica felt invisible nails drag across the skin of his back, and felt his cock grow.
Mica's grip on Sida tightened and without meaning to, he ripped the bothersome dress right off of her. When Jewels' gown fell to the floor in rags, David stiffly walked to the bed and laid Jewels on the soft mattress. "Remind me to thank Mica," he said before he took one of Jewels' breasts into his mouth, suckling hard on one, and massaged the other.
In the other room, Sida was fumbling with Mica's belt, "I want, I need to..." Sida felt Mica wrap his hands over hers' and felt the belt buckle break into pieces as he pulled at it, the golden rings around his eyes were glowing brightly as he laid her down on their own bed. Sida gasped as she felt a mouth clamp around her breast and a hand massaging her other. Sida twined her fingers through Mica's hair, " I need to feel you- we need to feel you."
Together, Sida and Jewels could feel everything times two. While David was suckling Jewels' breasts, Mica was kissing his way down Sida's stomach, swirling his tongue around her hip, and nibbling on her thigh. When he dipped his tongue inside her moist entry, both girls gasped in unison with pleasure.
Then, when Jewels wrapped her fingers around David's stiff erection, Mica almost fell off the bed in the shock of the feel of soft hands stroking his aching erection. Moaning, he slid his finger inside of Sida, feeling her hips buck restlessly, and heard a moan escape from her lips.
Together, David and Mica moved their hips into the cradle of Sida and Jewels, and gently eased their shafts in, both of them moaning in the tightness of their sheaths. Every roll of the hips, every arching of the back, every thrust was being shared between the two couples.
Staring into Mica's eyes, Sida started to feel her thirst rise, and her fangs lengthen. When Mica saw her fangs, he thrust harder into Sida, and heard two more moans, in his head. He placed his hand behind Sida's head and cradled her head against his neck. "Drink," he pleaded.
Sida grasped shoulders and sank her fangs into his hot skin. Mica's senses started to swirl as he felt her small tongue lapping at his blood. When David felt Sida's fangs go into his friend's neck, he cried out a plea for Jewels to do the same. Eager to oblige, she teased his neck, scraping her fangs back and forth gently before she sank them deep into his flesh. The rhythm of the sexual quartet increased rapidly, moans of pleasure were erupting throughout the house and heat poured from the two rooms.
Sida released her hold on Mica's throat threw her head back as she rocked with her orgasm, "Mica!" she cried. Jewels quickly followed suit after she felt Sida's orgasm and cried out David's name. In unison, the two men unconsciously pounded their hips to a roaring crescendo, as they both came to their own orgasm.
Mica collapsed on top of Sida, unable to grasp what had just happened. He was actually trembling at the force of what had just happened. Sida was staring at him intently, searching his face for any signs of regret, almost wishing for it to show. She too was shaking, still immersed in all the fresh sexual energy. But she wished she wasn't. Then she could get up, say that that was fun, but she really needed go now; but regret was nowhere to be found on this man's face. Pure satisfaction was there instead. As well as a look of possession, as if to say that no other man could ever touch her like that again. Even if she wanted someone else to, she doubted they could come to par.
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