It's in her DNA
She's just built that way. Through the years, it's programmed in her head; she's seen and experienced her share, but she knows what she likes, and she knows what she wants. And when it comes along, she seizes the moment and now it's image is burned in her mind forever.

That cock. That glorious appendage that hangs between the male's legs. But this one in particular has her attention. For some reason that she can't explain, it's built just the way she likes: she likes them big and it would definately fill her and stretch her tightness, and, uncircumsized, the velvety head and defined ridge sends shivers down her spine. So she's found it and it's for her. Tucked away in her special file on her computer, she stares at it. She just ACHES for it. Just to feel it, to wrap her hands around it, to imagine what it would feel like penetrating inside her. But no, first, what she's really much so, is to orally experience it. To put her lips on it, around it, and pull it into that wet, warm mouth of hers. She thinks about it as she walks down the grocery isles. She thinks about it as she waits in line for something, and she thinks about it as she works, although when she really likes to think about it is when she has the opportunity to pleasure herself as she stares at it, in her privacy. She has snuck a finger or two against her moist pussy as she's driving; her leg hiked up alittle as she nonchalantly moves her finger under her shorts leg, only to find a very moist panty crotch. She's so turned on on how her pussy is reacting to her thoughts before she even touches herself. She has to pull her fingers away as she tells herself to focus on driving. She's found herself touching her clit in the women's restroom as she sits on the toilet to pee...or was that really just an excuse to get herself in a private stall-and to be able to finally touch herself as she thinks about it?

So you see, that cock is what she thinks about, what she pleasures herself with in deep thought. She's so turned on with that creamy white substance that oozes out as she sucks it. And when she first tastes it, she tingles as her cheeks flush, her neck warms, her breasts that long for a caress, those butterflies in her stomach, and, finally, that warm pull of lust that clearly lets itself be known inside her swollen lips. That white cream HAS to be inside her mouth, and eventually in her stomach, where, in fact, it would be a part of her dna. That's where she wants it. It belongs there, and if she had her way, it would rival any amount of food that also goes that way.

Will she ever actually have it? Maybe. Maybe not, but, she has the images, in all different angles and situations, but there's never too many. She loves the thought of having it all day, and all night. Of course she'd make love to it as it's deep inside her, fucking her. She's never had anything anally there, but, she knows thats the one that goes there. This brings out who she is, that deep down desire thats been slowly burning all these years. It's now giving her multiple orgasm's as she plays, so intense at times she simply convulses and gushes her own creamy milky white substance from far deep within her wet canal, coating her loving fingers. Life is simply too short to turn her head from the reality, because she's found what makes her happy, and what finally really stimulates her.

I smile as I wait for the next time to talk to her.
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