It Happened
The notice read to report to Ms. Thompson for college entrance exam counseling. Ms. Thompson was a prim and proper member of my high school faculty. I always liked her because she was still so stylish and carried herself so dignified. She was the kind of woman I wanted to be. I knocked on her door at the appropriate time, and a cheerful voice said, "Come in, please."

As I walked into her office, I immediately noticed the dark suit she wore, along with the new boy cut she had gotten for her hair. She did look quite stunning. Her white blouse did not button to her neck, but it did hint at the openness of her chest I had always thought she had skin problems with why she covered up, but the skin she was showing was quite clear and tanned.

"And how are you today, Carol? Please sit down. I sat in front of her desk. The chair was situated where Ms. Thompson, good get a full view of me. When I crossed my legs and pulled my skirt down, she pretended to be looking at some papers, but I thought she was looking over those papers and watching my legs. With these uniform skirts so short, I wondered how much she saw of me.

Most of my girlfriends saw a lot of each other every day. From the community shower after gym class to changing in front of each other, it was kind of familiar to see up each other's skirts. We all knew the size of each other's bust and if we were bare or hairy. This was different. This was an older woman, at least to me. To be looked at like that was kind of exciting.

I tested the waters one more time and uncrossed and crossed my legs. The same thing happened. This time it was more than a glance. I acted like I was nervous and kept repeating the uncrossing and crossing of my legs. I even held my legs further apart during the uncrossing. The way Ms. Thompson was acting, I knew she liked it the way she never missed an uncrossing of my legs.

"Carol, it says here that you are interested in college. What degree are you seeking?"

"I am not sure, but I was hoping you could help me with what I would be good for me, and what college would help me with that."

"I hope you are not going to college to party, or just to be around young men to marry."

"No, no, I want an education that will be with me for life. What college did you attend? Because I would not mind doing your type of work."

"Carol, it is more than work, it is a career. I went to an all women's college. Bradford College in upstate."

With the uncrossing of my legs, she no longer bothered to pretend she was reading a paper but just looked. She seemed to be at east doing it.

"Carol, with this warm day, and the air conditioning doing its usual thing, would you mind if I took off my jacket? You can take off yours too if you are warm."

"No, go right ahead, and I think I will follow your lead."

With her jacket off, her breasts pushed against that white blouse. Ms, Thompson had been hiding a lot from all of us. With my coat removing, she was staring at me as I was of her. I unbuttoned a few of my buttons on my blouse. She looked at me and did the same. She unbuttoned until cleavage appeared. Whatever bra she was wearing, her breasts were pushed together, giving more cleavage than natural exposure.

"Would going to school at an all-woman college, bother you?"

"No, not at all."

"They can be fun too, like the party schools. My time there was entertaining as well as learned. Young men were invited from nearby colleges for those in need of that company."

"Well, I find that most of the young men are only interested in one thing, and I don't care to have their baby."

"Carol, I am with you. There are a lot more ways of being satisfied than be used by a man."

She kept fiddling with her buttons on her blouse, and conscientiously or unconsciously, she unbuttoned them. When she stood up to get a book from her shelf, her blouse looped open, and with her white bra exposed, her large soft-looking breasts stood out only being held in by the white bra. She walked to the shelf, and the skirt was far from business attire. The skirt was well over her knee, almost to mid-thigh. When her back was turned searching for the book, I unbuttoned two more of my buttons on my blouse. I was definitely showing more cleavage.

Great legs walked back to her desk. She sat on the edge of the desk facing me. One leg was over the corner of the desk, her other leg straight on the floor. Her skirt had no place to go but up. My view was perfect. The black hose she wore were lacy top thigh high hose. Her bare tanned thigh was exposed. I moved to see if I could get a better view, but she moved before I could check out her panties. She got off the desk and came to me. She put her hand on my shoulder, and I knew to look down at me. She had the view she wanted. I purposely breathed hard to make my boobs go up and down out of my bra.

"Carol, I am only allocated one hour per student, and I am afraid our time is up. I do have a yearbook of Bradford at home if you would like to see it and discuss things further."

"I would really appreciate it."

"How about this evening when we all get done with our chores?"

"But won't your husband mind?"

"Carol, a man, only enters my home when I need something from him. I am not married."

She gave me her address, and I went on my way, buttoning up before I left the outer office. The secretary winked at me, and I hoped it was not that obvious. All the way home, I was trying to decide what to wear. I knew she had ideas about me, and my only experience was talking about it with other girls at school. I did choose to wear a short leather skirt and a leather vest with nothing underneath it. I knew that my breasts could be seen from either side of it, but I thought it was sexy. I had worn that combo to a non-adult supervised party and wound up blowing a guy outside by their pool. I did like to wear heels with it, but more importantly, I was going to wear a lacy thong under that skirt.

I knocked on her door, and when she opened it, I was disappointed in what she was wearing. She was completely covered in a kimono. I could not tell what was underneath it. She led me to her living room, and I sat down on her sofa while she went to open some wine. A small tray of cookies sat on her coffee table. When she walked to the kitchen and back, the movement of her body beneath that kimono was alluring.

"Carol, I adore your outfit. I wish I could wear something like that," she stated as she handed me the wine, "I did find my college yearbook, and we can go through it if you want."

"That would be awesome," I told her. I went to take a cookie.

"Be careful, sweetie, those are loaded. A holdover from my college days, but if you are into that, feel free to have as many as you want."

I took one, and Ms. Thompson seemed pleased. I indeed agreed with her they were loaded. In no time at all, I was floating. As she sat across from me in an overstuffed chair, I totally forgot about the uncrossing and crossing my legs. With the cookie, I looked down, and my legs were slightly opened. I am not sure what she saw, but her gaze had not changed since I had the cookie.

"Let's take a look at this yearbook," she said, and with that came and sat next to me and put the yearbook in my lap. She opened it, and I felt chills as she nuzzled next to me to turn the pages. Each page turn, led her hand close to my covered pussy because she was not turning the pages by the top, but by the bottom. When she reached for a page, she leaned heavily into me, and my breasts were pushed to one side of the vest. After one massive push, my nipple came out of the vest. She acted like she didn't notice, but I knew damn well she had seen it. With all her goings-on, she was making me horny as hell. She offered me another cookie, but I turned it down as I was thinking of nothing but sex. My pussy started to ache.

"Nowhere is the sorority I had pledged. A great group of gals. We had some great parties and a lot of those pictures you would never find in anybody's yearbook. I still have them."

"Would you show them to me?" I asked. I was so makeable at this point it didn't matter what she did to me.

"Of course," she said and got up to go to get the pictures, "would you mind if I changed, I am so warm."

"Go ahead, no problem."

I stupidly had another cookie. She walked back in with a box. The kimono was gone, and she was in a sheer nightgown. God, did she look beautiful. Hints of decoration covered her most private parts, but with the moment, they easily could be observed. Gorgeous nipples pushed against the sheer material. I could tell when she walked, the covering would move, and her cunt was as bare as mine. I liked that.

She stood in front of me, her pussy at my eye level, and said, "I hope you like what is in my box." A fucking double statement that had me soaking my thong. The first pictures were just a bunch of young women nude, but then there were men on women, and women on women, all tasting and fucking. Ms. Simpson right in the middle of it all.

"Ms. Simpson..."

"When you are here, call me Jo."

"Jo, would you mind if I took off my thong, it is soaked, and it is uncomfortable."

"Of course you can," she said, "no need to get up, I can do it for you, just lift up your up your skirt." I did, and she slipped the thong down my legs and on to the floor, "My, you are wet!"

She did not stop there but unbuttoned my vest, and my tits were free of the hot leather. The skirt was next, and I just lay there in a dream world.

"Carol, have you ever had your pussy made love to by a woman?"

I mumbled a weak, "No."

"Would you like me to do that and let you feel the wonderment of a woman giving you so much pleasure, you'll never want to give it up?"

"Jo, it would be an honor."

Jo kissed me, driving her tongue into my mouth. When I offered her my tongue, she sucked on it like a Popsicle. I felt her hands on my breasts, working herself down to kiss my nipples. I was on fire as she ran her tongue down my tummy. The moment of glory came when I felt her face on my pussy. She tongued and sucked each one of my pussy lips, teasing my hole with her nose. When I felt her reach that magic spot with her tongue, I screamed, "Do it, Jo, do it. Please, fucking do it." And did she, I thought my asshole was going to turn inside out, as the pounding pleasure racked my body. I then realized, she had her finger up my ass, teasing the contractions as I came.

Jo did not stop, and I wanted her as my nerves were raw. I yelled, "Stop, stop!" but she just kept going, and the surges returned. Once again, I came, but this time, my nipples were being manipulated. Little sensitive rocks sat on the tip of my breasts. I was being kissed, and I licked my wetness from her face.

I wanted to do the same to her, but she stopped me and wanted to wait until next time. I dressed, and she put on her kimono. She kissed me and said, "Come to my office tomorrow." I kissed her and promised I would. "Remember, there I am, Ms. Thompson," she stated. I went home.

I lay there a long time, and when I heard my mother and father fucking in their bed, I masturbated thinking about Jo. My mother and I hit the jackpot almost at the same time. Both of us went to sleep happy.

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